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Gospel Music Today For January 19th On

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 18, 2015 – 8:02 pm -

Gospel Music Today For January 19th

Gospel Music Today For January 19th

Southern gospel DJ Lottie Squires is the guest on Gospel Music Today for the week of January 19. Ken and Jean Grady host southern gospel news and concert updates. The Feature Group is The Purple Hulls, and Jean reviews new recordings by Sacred Harmony and Wilburn and Wilburn. An article from SGN Scoops online magazine is the subject of this week’s News Notes. The show features a new music video by Channing Eleton, exclusive video of The McCray Dove Band, recorded by Gospel Music Today’s cameras in Pigeon Forge, TN,, and a visit to the Gospel Music Today Archives for an exclusive concert video of Master’s Voice at Gospel Singing Time in Bixby, OK. In the news this week are The Lesters and The Griffiths and Ken and Jean wish a Happy Birthday to Jonathan Lester.

The show is on KWHB TV47 in Oklahoma every Sunday at 4:30 PM, and on Roku on FFE TV Monday at 8:00 PM and AllNations TV Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:30 PM. Check local TV schedule for Beaumont, TX, Tyler, TX. Atlanta, TX, and Morrilton, AR. The current edition of Gospel Music Today is online now at the Gospel Music Today website,

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A Christmas Feast

Written by Staff on December 16, 2014 – 3:02 pm -

sgnscoopschristmasheader3From SGN Scoops December 2012 – Compiled by Lorraine Walker

Christmas time for many is a time of being with family and friends, socializing, singing and enjoying treats we may have only once a year. We have gathered a sampling of favorite recipes from our SGN Scoops friends, fans and family. Special thanks to all who contributed their recipes and pictures, and to all of our readers who will enjoy making and eating these culinary concoctions. Have a Merry Christmas…and happy feasting!


Sandi Duncan Clark

Sandi Duncan Clark

Sandi Duncan-Clark – Features Editor, writer, SGN Scoops
My favorite Christmas Recipe is one that we enjoy from the first of November through the New Year Holidays. This delight is good as an appetizer with dip, and as a snack with eggnog and Hot Apple Cider. And it’s great just to munch! I always make two batches in the beginning, since I know they will disappear quickly. Merry Christmas Everyone. May your Holiday be the best ever.
1/2 cup (1 stick) butter or margarine, at room temperature
2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese, at room temperature
1 1/2 cups cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper (more or less, according to your taste preference).
Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.
In a food processor, add the butter, cheese, flour, salt and cayenne.
Process until a smooth dough is formed. Scoop it into your cookie press, fitted with a flat ridged tip. Pipe the dough in 2-inch strips onto a lightly greased cookie sheet.
(Alternatively, refrigerate the dough for 30 minutes and roll on a lightly floured surface into a 1/4 inch rectangle. Cut into smaller rectangles, about 2 by 3- inches, with a pizza wheel or sharp knife.) Bake for 10 to 15 minutes or until lightly browned. Remove to racks to cool.

Main Dishes


Joan Walker

Joan Walker – proof reader, SGN Scoops
1 1/2 pound ground beef
2 cans beans
2 cups salsa
1 can tomato sauce
2 tbsp chili powder
1 chopped onion
1 cup frozen corn
1 cup shredded cheese
Brown meat and drain. Add meat and remaining ingredients in slow cooker, except cheese. Heat on LOW 5-6 hrs, or HIGH 3-4 hours, add shredded cheese before serving.
Add fresh green peppers for a festive look!

Channing Eleton – artist, musician
My family started a tradition several years ago. After a month of turkey and dressing, sometimes you just want to do something different. One year, I suggested that we do a Mexican dinner for Christmas. Everyone loved it and we’ve been doing it ever since.
The most popular dish of these Christmas get-togethers has been Christina’s Chili Mexico. It’s easy

Channing Eleton

Channing Eleton

and quick to make and after one taste, you’ll see why the Eleton family loves it. Christina’s dish had become popular at Christmas-time; she was getting recipe requests and questions about what she called it. Up until that point, she didn’t have a name for it. I kept encouraging her to give it a name. Neither she or I had any original ideas that we liked, so I turned to my little girl for wisdom. I asked, “Chanler, what would you call Mommy’s dish that we love?”
Without hesitation, Chanler replies in her cute little five-year-old voice, “Chili Mexico”.
We smiled…it stuck…and that’s what we’ve called it ever since.
2 – 8 oz. packets cream cheese
1 1/2 cups salsa
2 cups chili
2 cups shredded cheese
In a baking dish, spread out cream cheese first. Next, comes the layer of salsa, spread evenly. The third layer will be 1 cup of the shredded cheese. Now, pour in all of chili and spread evenly. Lastly, top it with remaining cup of shredded cheese – spread evenly of course. Bake at 350 F for 30 minutes. Enjoy with your choice of nacho chips! Read more »

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This Week’s Harmony Road Features Karen Peck and New River, Talleys, Channing Eleton

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on November 14, 2014 – 12:58 pm -

Harmony Road

Harmony Road

This Week’s Harmony Road Features Karen Peck and New River, Talleys, Channing Eleton Also includes music from Booth Brothers, Legacy Five

signal mountain, TN   November 14, 2014, This week’s Harmony Road TV program will feature videos from the National Quartet Convention’s final years in Louisville.  Videos include “On the Banks of the Promised Land” from Karen Peck and New River, Channing Eleton performs  “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”, and The Talleys with “Surely”.  The program also includes performances from The Booth Brothers with “I Played in the Band, Sang in the Choir”, and “Living in the Palace” from Legacy Five.
With an available reach of over 80 million homes, Harmony Road presents Southern Gospel music and video to viewers across the country, showcasing the best the genre has to offer.   Harmony Road is hosted by Les Butler, Singing News” veteran, award winning Solid Gospel Radio host and owner of Butler Music Group and Family Music Group.
The program can be found each week on The Heartland Network Sunday mornings at 10:00 Eastern. You can also watch Harmony Road on the NRB Network each Saturday evening at 8:30 Eastern.  The NRB Network is available over the air, on DirectTV, ROKU, online streaming and through their mobile app.  Also find the program on the WALKtv network (including ROKU) and several local affiliates and Cable systems across the country.
        Other team members include Roger Spears, Producer and Allan Rhodes, Technical Director.

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Channing Eleton Releases Hot New Video

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on August 2, 2014 – 8:52 pm -

Channing Eleton

Channing Eleton

Don’t miss out on Channing Eleton’s hot new video release in support of his fresh radio single “Big Top” which is on his new independent CD release, Fredericksburg. This song has been in the making for quite a few years. It gives a southern sound with Channing’s Gospel piano playing and singing causing it to be a smooth listen. The video will remind you of the old days when a big top tent and metal chairs were a sure sign of a tent revival where many miracles were expected to happen.

Eleton said “As you can see, I had a pretty vivid imagination growing up. I was fascinated with all the details of those old tents and camp-meetings I attended as a kid.” Channing continued stating “I actually began writing the song back in June of 2008. I had been invited to come play at a tent revival that was actually out ‘on the county line’ of where I live. It brought back all these great memories I remembered as a kid…the music, the preaching, playing in the sawdust, standing in line for cotton candy and ice cream… I could go on and on.”

Kim White

Kim White

Channing also commented “The people in the video are friends and family of mine. The Preacher, David Cummings, is a close friend to my wife and I. He actually introduced me to my wife 17 years ago, of which we’ve been married 15. This is a fun song and video that will have some reminiscing. For others, I’ll be introducing for the very first time this very unique slice of Americana.”

This magnificent video was produced and directed by Kim White of ViewFinders, Inc.




You can find more information about Channing Eleton by going to or

To book Channing for a church service or concert go to

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Channing Eleton Nominated For Singing News Fan Award

Written by SGN Scoops on March 24, 2014 – 8:45 am -

channingDalton, GA (March 24, 2014) What a way to start spring as Multi-Award nominated Singer/Songwriter/Musician Channing Eleton receives a nomination from the Singing News Fan Awards for New Soloist.

Speaking of the Fan Award nomination Channing commented “For my friends to recognize and support what I’m doing these days is truly an amazing honor. Knowing that I took a huge step of faith to present this whole other side of my artistry and ministry, makes it even more special. Thank you, thank you, thank you for nominating me for NEW SOLOIST in The Singing News Fan Awards.”

First getting noticed with Phil Cross, Channing propelled to prominence as the piano player for Gold City. Since then he has established himself as one of the most respectable solo ministries in the Gospel Music world.

The next round of voting for the Singing News Awards will be in the July edition of the magazine.

For more information about Channing Eleton go to or .

To book Channing E-mail him at .

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Channing Eleton Breaking New Ground

Written by SGN Scoops on November 26, 2013 – 2:48 pm -

Dalton, GA (November 22, 2013) Always trying to think “out of the box” singer/songwriter and musician channing25extraordinaire Channing Eleton is breaking new ground with a novel new idea.

In the secular world a fairly new concept is called “House Concerts”. This is proving to be pretty popular and successful for artists who dare to break tradition and try it. Eleton is taking this concept to an entirely new level by using the modern facilities of internet video.

You’ll be able to watch and chat in real-time from the comfort of your home. He’ll be doing songs from his first record, ‘SUMMER RAINS HAVE GONE’, as well as a couple of tunes from his new record.

He even will have a special surprise guest. Make some popcorn, relax and enjoy. Wear your PJs if you want to. There are only a few tickets being offered…don’t miss out on this one!

In a special announcement Channing stated “My first ever concert is about a week away. (Sunday, December 1st at 4PM EST). It will be a live and interactive concert from my living room, (at my piano). I’ll be sharing some songs I’ve written, a Christmas song or two and a special surprise.”

Channing went on to say “You can watch from your house on your desktop or laptop computer.

You don’t even have to leave home. This will not be archived or recorded, so it will be a totally unique experience for those attending. Hey, you can even watch in your pajamas if you want to.”

Eleton will be doing a special interactive, live concert. There are 2 things you need to attend: First, your home computer AND 2nd A virtual “ticket”. Click the link below to purchase one. .

There are a limited number of tickets, so you might want to go ahead and get yours today. By the way, the ticket price is set at “pay what you can“. If you need any help signing up, email Channing here .

You can find more information about Channing Eleton at or .

Channing can be reached by E-mail at .

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September 2013 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on September 16, 2013 – 10:39 pm -

We are kicking off the fall season with a sensational September edition of SGNScoops Magazine! We are excited to present the Talleys as this month’s cover story. Also in this issue we highlight the ministries of The Greesons, The Mark Trammell Quartet and Karen Peck and New River. This issue also offers details of the recent Song of a Lifetime Experience featuring Phil Cross, Mark Bishop, Gerald Crabb, Squire Parsons and Channing Eleton. Staff writer, Erin Stevens shares the “younger perspective” with Christian Booth and staff writer, Rick Kiser highlights Christian Country Music’s Billy Hale.Rhonda Frye re-caps the first Patterson Promotions Anniversary singing and Lynn Mills re-caps the Mark Trammell Quartet’s homecoming. Enjoy Lou Hildreth’s Life, Love and Legends column, a devotion from Dr.Jeff Steele and Christian Fitness tips with Laurette Willis. We Welcome Sherry Anne Lints to the staff this month. Check out her column “Reflections with Sherry Anne.” Get the latest on the Creekside Gospel Music Convention and more in this edition of SGNScoops Magazine. Be sure to share the magazine with your friends, families and fans, We are always digital, always free and always good!

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Harmony Road Features Concept Videos

Written by SGN Scoops on August 16, 2013 – 7:34 am -

harmony roadSIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN August 15, 2013, This weekend’s special Harmony Road television program will feature some of the best Southern Gospel  “concept” videos from top artists.  These include Phil Cross with “You Do Not Owe Me One Thing”, The Browders and “I Fall on my Knees”, Channing Eleton brings us “Up On This Ridge”, and Heaven’s Mountain Band performs “I’ll Keep on Praying” which includes Harmony Road TV Host Les Butler in the role of the preacher.

Concept videos differ from concert videos in that they present the “concept” of the song, bringing the story to life.  These are becoming more popular with Southern Gospel fans and artists alike.  This program gives a sample of the great videos that have been produced over the last couple years. There are several more of these videos and Harmony Road strives to bring some to our viewers each week. Each of the songs also has an inspirational message and is sure to touch viewers of Harmony Road TV.

Hosted by Singing News Publisher and Solid Gospel Radio host Les Butler, Harmony Road can be found weekly on TNN/The Nashville Network and other broadcast stations and cable outlets, including the WALK tv, WATC TV57 in Atlanta, in the Huntsville area and more..  More information can be found at or

Southern Gospel fans are also encouraged to “like” Harmony Road TV on Facebook to receive program updates, exclusive videos, and be entered in exciting contests.  Fans can also make requests and offer suggestions.


Other members of the Harmony Road team include Gospel musican Cody McVey with interviews and stories from the road as well as Allan Rhodes, Technical Director.

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Song of a Lifetime Experience Is Underway

Written by SGN Scoops on June 28, 2013 – 10:18 am -

song of a lifetime chattanoogaCross Music Group, Chattanooga, TN {June 28, 2013} The Song of a Lifetime Experience kicked off with great success last night in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Four legendary, multi-award winning songwriters, Phil Cross, Mark Bishop, Gerald Crabb and Squire Parsons accompanied by Channing Eleton were well received in a packed out Temple Baptist Church. The Song of a Lifetime Experience continues throughout the weekend at the home church of Squire Parsons, Trinity Baptist Church in Asheville, North Carolina tonight and then moves to Avalon Church in McDonough, Georgia on Saturday night.

“Last night was a dream come true,” stated Phil Cross. “It truly was amazing to be on stage with not only my friends, but songwriters I respect and admire. It was an incredible and moving experience as each songwriter shared their songs and some stories behind the songs.  Channing Eleton did a fabulous job at the piano tying everything all together. We appreciate the staff at my home church, Temple Baptist for doing an incredible job hosting the first Song of a Lifetime Experience and also the choir for doing a great job as well. We’re looking forward to more Song of a Lifetime events.”

Gerald Crabb added, “One thing that makes the Song of a Lifetime Experience special is that each songwriter has a unique personality, song of a lifetime chattanooga2musical style and songwriting style.  Being that we sang mostly with just Channing at the piano, the heart of the songwriter was revealed and the focus was on the message of the songs. The audience responded well to this approach and sang along with us. That was awesome!”

During the evening,  Cross, Crabb, Bishop and Parsons showcased house-hold favorite songs including “Please Forgive Me, “ “I Am Redeemed,” “Can I Pray For You,” “Sweet Beulah Land,” “Through the Fire,” “My Name Is Jesus,” “Champion of Love,” and  “He’s The Master of the Sea,” plus many more.  Some selections were accompanied by the Temple Baptist orchestra and choir.

The Song of a Lifetime Experience will be captured  during the McDonough, Georgia concert and DVDs will be made available at a future date. For more information about Song of a Lifetime, visit

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Song of a Lifetime Experience Scheduled June 27, 28, 29

Written by SGN Scoops on June 3, 2013 – 2:21 pm -

songofalifetimesmallposterJune 3, 2013 (Chattanooga, TN)- Cross Music Group has announced the first dates for the Song of a Lifetime Experience to be held at the end of June in Chattanooga, Asheville and McDonough.  Phil Cross comments, “At the National Quartet Convention, we’ve been doing the Song of a Lifetime Songwriter’s Showcase and we have felt a leading that people across the country would enjoy songwriters getting together sharing their stories and most popular songs.”

Legendary songwriters have joined Phil Cross in putting together the Song of a Lifetime Experience. “We’ve started Song of a Lifetime with a core of writers, my two great friends Gerald Crabb and Mark Bishop,’ Phil explains. “The three of us have written a song together called ‘Song of a Lifetime.’  We’ve sung it together, recorded it, and even did a music video. The three of us are going to host the Song of a Lifetime Experience for the first year.  We will have a guest songwriter, Squire Parsons, with us along with Channing Eleton accompanying us at the piano for the first weekend at the end of June.”

Both Mark Bishop and Gerald Crabb are looking forward to the event. “I always stand amazed at the wonderful talent these songwriter heroes of mine have when I hear how God has blessed them with the messages in these songs,” Mark offers. “I hear their songs and I say to myself ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ But the truth is, maybe I did think of it but I just didn’t know how to put it in to words. That’s where the talent comes in. I know that everyone who attends these Song of a Lifetime concerts will be as blown away as I am how God can use a song in such a powerful way.”

Gerald Crabb adds, “It will be exciting to see five God-gifted men, though very different in expression, on the same stage together. The entire program will be a journey through song with the theme being “The Song of a Lifetime.”  The goal will be to exalt Jesus Christ. It is going to be a great event!”

Special guests Channing Eleton and Squire Parsons are looking forward to participating with the Song of a Lifetime Experience. “I am looking forward to being a part of this program, especially at my home church, TrinityBaptistChurch, in Asheville, North Carolina,” Squire says.

Eleton adds, “Believe or not, my passion is writing songs and then sharing those songs with folks.  I’m absolutely honored to be a part of ‘Song of a Lifetime’.  To say that I’m excited to be on the same stage with Phil, Gerald and Mark, and Squire would be an understatement.”

Four legendary songwriters all on one stage at one time promises to be an experience to remember. Each concert will be filled with classic songs along with the inspirational stories behind the songs.  “During the Song of a Lifetime Experience, we feel people will sing along,” Cross explains. “It is going to be unplugged, so to speak, using mostly guitar or piano. It will be spontaneous, not as performance oriented, but will reveal the heart and soul of the songwriter.  We’re going to share the songs that people have always loved, but hopefully they will love even more after they hear how they came to be.”

The kick-off weekend is scheduled for June 27 at TempleBaptistChurch in Chattanooga, Tennessee, June 28 at TrinityBaptistChurch in Ashville, North Carolina and June 29 at AvalonChurch in McDonough, Georgia.  For ticket prices, more information, and to schedule a Song of a Lifetime Experience in your area, visit or call 423-285-8755.

To view the “Song of a Lifetime” music video written and performed by Phil Cross, Gerald Crabb, and Mark Bishop,


Song Of A Lifetime Music Video from Phillip Cross on Vimeo.

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