Song of a Lifetime Experience Scheduled June 27, 28, 29

songofalifetimesmallposterJune 3, 2013 (Chattanooga, TN)- Cross Music Group has announced the first dates for the Song of a Lifetime Experience to be held at the end of June in Chattanooga, Asheville and McDonough.  Phil Cross comments, “At the National Quartet Convention, we’ve been doing the Song of a Lifetime Songwriter’s Showcase and we have felt a leading that people across the country would enjoy songwriters getting together sharing their stories and most popular songs.”

Legendary songwriters have joined Phil Cross in putting together the Song of a Lifetime Experience. “We’ve started Song of a Lifetime with a core of writers, my two great friends Gerald Crabb and Mark Bishop,’ Phil explains. “The three of us have written a song together called ‘Song of a Lifetime.’  We’ve sung it together, recorded it, and even did a music video. The three of us are going to host the Song of a Lifetime Experience for the first year.  We will have a guest songwriter, Squire Parsons, with us along with Channing Eleton accompanying us at the piano for the first weekend at the end of June.”

Both Mark Bishop and Gerald Crabb are looking forward to the event. “I always stand amazed at the wonderful talent these songwriter heroes of mine have when I hear how God has blessed them with the messages in these songs,” Mark offers. “I hear their songs and I say to myself ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ But the truth is, maybe I did think of it but I just didn’t know how to put it in to words. That’s where the talent comes in. I know that everyone who attends these Song of a Lifetime concerts will be as blown away as I am how God can use a song in such a powerful way.”

Gerald Crabb adds, “It will be exciting to see five God-gifted men, though very different in expression, on the same stage together. The entire program will be a journey through song with the theme being “The Song of a Lifetime.”  The goal will be to exalt Jesus Christ. It is going to be a great event!”

Special guests Channing Eleton and Squire Parsons are looking forward to participating with the Song of a Lifetime Experience. “I am looking forward to being a part of this program, especially at my home church, TrinityBaptistChurch, in Asheville, North Carolina,” Squire says.

Eleton adds, “Believe or not, my passion is writing songs and then sharing those songs with folks.  I’m absolutely honored to be a part of ‘Song of a Lifetime’.  To say that I’m excited to be on the same stage with Phil, Gerald and Mark, and Squire would be an understatement.”

Four legendary songwriters all on one stage at one time promises to be an experience to remember. Each concert will be filled with classic songs along with the inspirational stories behind the songs.  “During the Song of a Lifetime Experience, we feel people will sing along,” Cross explains. “It is going to be unplugged, so to speak, using mostly guitar or piano. It will be spontaneous, not as performance oriented, but will reveal the heart and soul of the songwriter.  We’re going to share the songs that people have always loved, but hopefully they will love even more after they hear how they came to be.”

The kick-off weekend is scheduled for June 27 at TempleBaptistChurch in Chattanooga, Tennessee, June 28 at TrinityBaptistChurch in Ashville, North Carolina and June 29 at AvalonChurch in McDonough, Georgia.  For ticket prices, more information, and to schedule a Song of a Lifetime Experience in your area, visit or call 423-285-8755.

To view the “Song of a Lifetime” music video written and performed by Phil Cross, Gerald Crabb, and Mark Bishop,


Song Of A Lifetime Music Video from Phillip Cross on Vimeo.