Chapel Valley announces new “Upper Room” label

Chapel Valley announces new “Upper Room” label
Chapel Valley announces new “Upper Room” label

Chapel Valley is excited to announce their upcoming label “Upper Room,” which will cater to the pure driving sound of the church.

Producer Shane Roark is personally overseeing the new label’s development, and says, “Many artists have built their sound and ministry around the anointing of God and have stayed true to lyrics of biblical philosophies. I have wanted to get deeply involved with these artists for years.”

“We finally have that dream coming true.”

The first artist Shane will work with on the Upper Room label is Tim and Lana Chandler, of Greenfield, Tennessee.

Tim and Lana are joined by daughters Tiffany, 19, and Lyndsey, 14. Their new project, the first Upper Room project, is expected by the end of 2015. Tim said he and Lana write most of their music, and he expects the project to “take a step up” in production.

“We’re looking for bigger productions and better quality (with Chapel Valley),” Tim says. “We’re expecting great results and are confident that will happen.”

Shane says the Upper Room label is “one more piece of the puzzle that makes up Chapel Valley,” as the company is known for its wide variety of gospel music genres. The company’s other labels – Inspire, Church House, Sanctuary, Mercy Road and CV – cater to genres from contemporary to country gospel.

Tim says it was the company’s “family atmosphere” and “focus on ministry” that sealed the deal.

“Everybody at Chapel Valley seems to be real,” he says. “We’re excited about that. It’s not quite so much about how much money we can make. It feels like it’s about how we can get the greatest product both for Chapel Valley and the artist.”

For more information about the Upper Room label contact Shane Roark at 865-278-3681.