Chris White Recuperating

Chris White
Chris White

It’s been eight days since we posted an update on Chris. With Chris and Kim’s guidance, we decided to hold off until there were some changes to report. We now have the update we’ve been praying for. Chris White is home starting his recuperation process. But who better to hear from than Chris himself.

“I just want to thank the thousands that stood by me and Kim in this very difficult time! When a trauma team of 8 doctors looked at Kim and said “we don’t know what to do next”…..God’s people said “We Do!!” I’m here today because of those prayers! It has made me want to be a new kind of prayer warrior for those truly in need. When there is a moment available, continue to lift me up through the recovery process. Thanks again to everyone!” Chris White
Crossroads would like to thanks the artist, fans, and industry friends who have lifted Chris to the Lord. You will never know how much we appreciate you all!

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