Danny Jones music to be featured in Secrets in the Snow (2012)

Raleigh, NC — Heartwarming artist, Danny Jones is working on the film score for Secrets in the Snow (2012).  His song “Dream Giver” off latest album Chosen to Dream has been selected for the film which is set to premier in Raleigh spring 2012. 
“Secrets in the Snow is like the Breakfast Club caught in a snowstorm.  It’s a wonderful movie shot in Raleigh, NC.”  Said Jones.  The film is produced by Brittany Goodwin Daniels. 
Danny Jones has written and composed scores for over forty major motion pictures.  In Nashville, he won the Crown Jewel Contemporary Christian Artist of the Year award (2011).  Recently Silver Starr Sargent, who is famous for his work as vocal coach and road manager to New Kids on the Block, has selected Jones’ song “Run” to record on his latest album. 
The Marengo, Indiana native is booked through his agent Pattie Howard.  Howard is notable for her work as a background singer for the late Whitney Houston as well as singing in The Preachers Wife and The Color Purple.  She also traveled with Dottie and Reba Rambo and recorded background vocals for Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” 
“I’ve went through a lot of hard times, but I’ve not given up on my dreams.  I think God gives us dreams when we are very young, and I’ve persevered.” Said Jones.  “I’m going to be taking my music to new avenues.  Not just Christian films, but also secular films.  It is easy to sing through the four walls of the church.  I have to go into these secular areas to ministry. If I don’t how will they know?”
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