David Staton: One day a year is not enough for Mom

David Staton and his mom
David Staton and his mom, Geneva Staton

David Staton, monthly columnist for SGNScoops, writes this about his mom:

My mom, Geneva Staton, still lives in the house that my dad built in Hamilton, OH, and at eighty years old, she still pours herself into the lives of her children and grandchildren.  The doctors told my mom that she would never be able to have kids, but I’m one of five that call her mom.  I was fortunate enough for God to place me in a home full of love.  I had parents that loved each other, loved us kids, and loved God more than anything.  As a kid, at the center of all of that love was my mom.  She had 5 kids (I’m in the middle), and we all grew up singing together.  We learned to sing harmony at a young age.  I remember my mom getting in the floor and singing a harmony part in my ear loud enough that I would not be distracted by the other parts going on around me.  She could sing, but I never remember hearing her sing in public.  However, I do remember her and my dad driving us kids all over when we did.  She was always and still is an amazing cook!  Her dishes are legendary in southwest Ohio and northern Kentucky!  She always made sure that we had dinner together as a family, and she still loves to have all of her family together for meals.  When I was really young, her and my dad would always take us five kids to Levi Jackson State Park in London, KY with a pop up camper.  I still wonder how they did that.  I remember my mom along with the ladies from the families in our church that would go with us, getting up at 5:00AM to make breakfast, cleaning up until lunch time, cleaning that up until supper, and then preparing for snacks around the campfire.  For mom, it was anything but a vacation.  After years of doing this, I remember my mom telling my dad, that if this was all we could do for a vacation, she’d rather stay home.  I sure did not blame her.  That same year, there was a for sale sign that went on the camper and that was when we started going to the beach.  Thank you mom! When I think of all that my mom has done for her family and for the Kingdom of God, one day a year is not enough to honor her.  

Happy Mother’s Day Mom,

From your favorite son,

David Staton and family
David Staton

David (In case you forgot)

About David Staton:

Through the years, nearly every major artist in gospel music has recorded David’s music.  Artists like Gold City, Jeff & Sheri Easter, Kingsmen, Singing Americans, Dixie Melody Boys, Imperials, Dottie Peoples, Ball Brothers, LeFevre Quartet, Palmetto State Quartet, Priority, Trailblazers, The Greenes, Ivan Parker, Brian Free and many more have recorded music written by David Staton.  From 2005 to 2013, Staton was the Executive Vice President for Song Garden Music Group in Nashville, TN.  In recent years, the National Quartet Convention has asked David to be a part of an industry advisory panel to help artists who need assistance and training.  Not only has David made a mark in gospel music as an artist and a writer, he is passing on his knowledge and experience on to new artists which will influence and shape the future of gospel music.

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Thanks to David Staton for his eloquent tribute to her mom today. Would you like to tell us about your mother? Email me today at lorraine@sgnscoops.com

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