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November 2019 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on November 16, 2019 – 12:10 pm -

November 2019 SGNScoops Magazine

November 2019 SGNScoops Magazine

We are happy to present the November 2019 issue of SGNScoops Magazine. We hope you will enjoy the mix of artists that we are presenting to you this month, from Southern Gospel, to Christian Country, to Bluegrass Gospel music. This month, there is something for everyone.

The Troy Burns Family graces our cover this month, and we are thrilled to have the recipient of the Dr Jerry Goff Honors Award for 2019, Troy Burns, featured in this issue. Justin Gilmore brings us a delightful look at the Burns family.
More great gospel music families are featured, including the Hoppers and the Sheltons, as well as Jordy Hinson of the Hinson Family. We hope you will enjoy our look at Bonita Eileen, Allen Bibey, and the Vernon Alabama Gospel Music Weekend. We also have news and pictures from Creekside Gospel Music Convention and the 2019 Diamond Award winners.
All this and more, including radio charts, CD reviews, the DJ spotlight, the Publisher’s Point, and the Editor’s Last Word.
As you read through the pages of this magazine, many of you will be preparing to start the holiday season with some family time. We hope that your family takes time to thank our Heavenly Father for all of his good gifts. And we hope that you are a member of his Family. If not, why not draw closer to him today? Write with all of your comments and questions. Thank you for reading SGNScoops Magazine.
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Favorite Christmas Memory- Pat Barker, Guardians

Written by scoopsnews on December 14, 2019 – 6:04 am -

Favorite Christmas Memory

This will be an unusual Christmas memory but, stay with me. I was 15 years old. For as long as I could remember, there were 3 places we got our clothes.  Our family shopped at Sky City, Kmart, and the occasional yard sale. Don’t get me wrong.  We weren’t poor by most standards but, mom had to be careful when doing a lot of the Christmas shopping. If you shopped at Kmart, you may remember that their brand of jeans was called Rustler.  That’s what I wore almost every day. There was that one day I accidentally wore my sister’s Sunset Blues to school, but I don’t won’t to talk about that. Rustlers were not known for being fashionable or sturdy but, they were certainly affordable.

When I turned 15, Levis 501 blues were “the jeans” to own. It seemed like everyone had a pair but me. Much like Ralphie and his Red Rider Bee Bee Gun, I dropped some pretty obvious hints. I knew we probably couldn’t afford them but, I had to ask. Well, Christmas morning rolled around. Although mom couldn’t spend a fortune at Christmas, she made sure there were plenty of gifts to open. Opening presents would last for hours. The last box I opened was exactly what I wanted but never thought I would get.  31 years later, I remember the sacrifice it took for me to get that pair of jeans. It made that Christmas very special. This year, I’m asking Santa if he could help me fit into them just one more time. Merry Christmas!


Pat Barker

Enjoy this great song by The Guardians featuring Pat!

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Lauren Talley shares the gospel with United Nations ambassadors

Written by Staff on December 13, 2019 – 10:10 am -

Lauren Talley shares the gospel with United Nations ambassadors

Earlier this week, Lauren Talley performed at an interfaith luncheon for United Nations ambassadors in New York City.

Arden, North Carolina (December 13, 2019) — Gospel singer Lauren Talley shared the gospel with world ambassadors to the United Nations when she sang at an interfaith luncheon hosted by the Foreign Service Fellowship earlier this week in New York City.

The luncheon serves as an outreach to ambassadors of different religions and ethnicities with the hope of spreading the true meaning of Christmas.

“About 60 ambassadors from all over the world, of every religion, ethnicity and creed, gathered to celebrate the reason for Christmas and were so gracious as I sang ‘Jesus What A Wonderful Child,’ and ‘The Broken Ones,’” says Talley. “God is doing big things in our world!”

Talley calls the event the honor of a lifetime. “It’s a huge honor for me to proclaim Jesus to some of the most influential leaders in the world,” she says.

Earlier this year, Talley released two albums of music inspiring heartfelt worship and praise of the Lord. Each showcases her powerful and soulful voice. Loudest Praise: Hymns of Mercy, Love And Grace features beloved hymns, reminding of their timelessness and eloquence for worship, while Glorious God: Songs of Worship and Wonder captures the awe Christ inspires with some of today’s most loved worship songs.
About Lauren Talley
Lauren Talley is one of Christian music’s most dynamic talents and has inspired a generation of young people to serve the Lord.

Lauren Talley: Loudest Praise: Hymns of Mercy, Love And Grace.Born into a rich musical heritage, Lauren sang her first solo at age 2 when she toddled onto the stage, interrupted her family’s concert and announced she wanted to “thing.” Lauren went on to make her own mark on the gospel music world as a member of her family group, The Talleys, with whom she received numerous awards, including a 2015 Dove Award for their song, “Hidden Heroes.” Lauren’s lead vocals shine on eleven number one hits for the group.

She has recorded five solo albums, her most recent being the highly touted 2017 release, “The Gospel,” which displays her skills as singer, producer, and songwriter. She is also the author of “Songs In The Night,” a companion devotional book to her 2010 album of the same title. Lauren performs solo concerts and is a featured singer and speaker for many women’s conferences and special events across the country. She is frequently recognized for her appearances on numerous Gaither Homecoming videos and concerts, RFD-TV’s “The Music City Show” and “In Touch” with Dr. Charles Stanley. In 2014 she was awarded an honorary doctorate degree in Worship Arts from John Wesley University.

When not traveling or recording her own music, Lauren often serves as studio background singer and producer for other recordings and works with emerging artists as a voice and performance coach. Lauren is a busy lady but always finds time to cheer on her beloved Tennessee Volunteers, drink sweet tea and spend time laughing with family and friends.

“My job as a communicator is to give people the truth of the Gospel,” Lauren says. “I want people to know that Jesus is everything – He’s the Answer the world is searching for, He’s the solution to all problems and He’s the only One in whom we have real hope. He called me to give people His message when I was 12 years old, and fulfilling that call is all I’ve ever really wanted.”
About Crossroads:
Crossroads is a market leader in the Southern Gospel, Bluegrass, and Americana fields. Established in 1993, following the combination of Horizon Music Group and Sonlite Records, Crossroads now operates several divisions including Crossroads Label Group (Horizon Records, Sonlite Records, Mountain Home Music, Skyland Records, Pisgah Ridge Records, Crossroads Records, and Organic Records), Crossroads Distribution, Crossroads Radio Promotions, and Crossroads Recording Studios. Led by a strong executive team of Christian music and Bluegrass music veterans, Crossroads combines cutting-edge technology with creative innovation to connect fans with our artists’ music.

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Favorite Christmas Memory- David Taylor, KWFC Radio

Written by scoopsnews on December 13, 2019 – 6:03 am -

Favorite Christmas Memory

One of my favorite memories growing up was Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We were blessed to live near my grandparents, so my brother James and I got to visit and stay over weekends often when we were young. Christmas day at home was almost a let-down, because Christmas Eve was “where it was at” for James and I! We would be at their house all day “helping” get ready for the big night. (We were probably more in the way the anything.) Setting the big bench table for a smoked ham dinner garnished with Aunt Bessie’s famous plum jelly. Doing basic household chores having to walk 100 times by the beautiful Christmas tree loaded with presents STACKED in the floor well beyond the reach of its branches, spying which packages had our names and guessing!

The PRESENTS! Nothing against mom and dad, but the FUN stuff was given at grandma and grandpas on Christmas Eve! Fishing poles that we would use for years were unwrapped there. Bicycles were impracticably unwrapped there and loaded on top of the car to get home. BB guns- possibly the best gift ever – were given at grandma and grandpa’s house. The BEST memory I have are of these dear people that I have been missing now for the past 30 Christmases. The Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots, fishing poles and BB guns are gone, too. But, their love … that grandma and grandpa love remains … especially at Christmas.

David Taylor THEN

David Taylor, NOW

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Favorite Christmas Memory- Ashley Franks

Written by scoopsnews on December 12, 2019 – 9:23 am -

Favorite Christmas Memory

My favorite Christmas memory happened just a few years ago.

Josh and I are enjoying Christmas much more in recent years because our kids are old enough to get excited about what Santa brings!

Just about 2 years ago, Eli (then 3 or 4 years old) woke up before the sun on Christmas morning to go look at his presents! He tried to wake myself and Josh up, and we were attempting to come alive after just a few short hours of sleep.

He finally gave up on us and took off running to the living room, only to smack his head into the side of our dresser on his way out the door because he turned the corner too quickly.

It was not funny then, but we get a good laugh every now and again thinking about that day now!

Josh & Ashley with Priscilla and Eli

Eli Franks! Lol





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Favorite Christmas Memory- Gerald Crabb

Written by scoopsnews on December 11, 2019 – 5:00 pm -

Favorite Christmas Memory

I will never forget, I was maybe 5 years old, we lived in Louisville, KY. My Dad had been sick and out of work. It looked as if Christmas would be very slim at our house. A few days before Christmas some good people from a Christian organization showed up at our door with food, candy and gifts for all. It was a very special moment that left a real impact in life of this young boy. I caught the real spirit of Christmas that day!! It’s more about giving than receiving! Thank you Father, for giving us your Son!

Gerald Crabb

Gerald with sister Karen and Pony Pete

Gerald with sister Karen and Pony Pete


Gerald and his Dad having a cup of coffee…


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Sunset Gallery Music Reaches Agreement With Noted Songwriter, Donna King

Written by Staff on December 11, 2019 – 2:14 pm -

Sunset Gallery Music Reaches Agreement With Noted Songwriter, Donna King

Pictured l-r: Joel Lindsey (Sunset Gallery Music President), Donna King, & Wayne Hahn (Sunset Gallery Music Creative Director)

Joshua Tree, CA – One of Christian music’s most talented songwriters, Donna King, has reached an exclusive agreement with noted publishing company, Sunset Gallery Music. Effective immediately, Sunset Gallery Music will partner with King to begin producing musical collaborations for many of Christian music’s most popular recording artists from multiple genres.

Over the years, King has firmly established her place as a noted songwriter and producer. Her compositions have been recorded by many of the industry’s most talented musicians and singers and she has produced recordings for such popular artists as Tribute Quartet, The Taylors, The Erwins, and Mercy’s Well, just to name a few.
“I’ve known Donna King for many years,” Sunset Gallery Music President Joel Lindsey states. “I have had the privilege of working with her in many capacities. I have always loved how she brings such excitement and elegance to everything she does, so it’s incredibly thrilling for Sunset Gallery Music to partner with her in this beautiful adventure of songwriting! Her pursuit of excellence and her desire to craft great songs for the Kingdom is obvious. We could not be happier to welcome her into our family.”
For King, joining Sunset Gallery Music provides an opportunity to be a part of a writing team that has been honored by countless awards and accolades and years of songwriting excellence.
“I’ve always loved both the dedication to excellence and the family approach that Sunset Gallery takes with their writing team,” King shares. “It is a deep honor to be a part of that family now. I look so forward to all that the future holds.”
More information regarding Sunset Gallery Music is available by visiting Additional information regarding Donna King is available online at
Sunset Gallery Music Reaches Agreement With Noted Songwriter, Donna KingAbout Sunset Gallery Music
Sunset Gallery Music (BMI) – KeTone Songs (ASCAP) – Imperial Palms Music (SESAC)
Sunset Gallery Music was founded in 2002 in Los Angeles, CA, as an independent publishing and administration company for single copyrights. Since its inception, it has expanded to become the creative home for some of the music industry’s most decorated songwriters. Today, Sunset Gallery Music services and represents an impressive staff of writers including Val Dacus, Jeff Bumgardner, Gene Ezell, Ed Stivers, Rachel McCutcheon, Barbara Huffman, Scott Inman, Marcia Henry, Helga Kaefer, Adina Bowman, Randall Garland, Jim Davis, Jonathan Denney, Keagan Denney and Donna King. Sunset Gallery Music has garnered industry attention with multiple awards and chart-topping singlels from their highly respected roster of songwriters.

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Favorite Christmas Memory- Rob Patz

Written by scoopsnews on December 11, 2019 – 6:05 am -

My favorite Christmas memory is when I was six years old.  My mom and dad aunt and uncle and my little cousin Stephanie went out the first weekend of December to get Christmas trees for our homes. We got caught in a blizzard.  It looked like a winter wonderland. Mom had brought hot chocolate and cookies along which we enjoyed very much. We cut down fresh trees and by the time we got home with the trees, the area looked like a winter wonderland.  I remember Dad bringing the tree into the house and the snow outside looked incredible. This is a special Christmas memory of our beautiful tree, but it was the time with family, singing Christmas carols in the van as we came home, that I will always remember…

I hope you will take time to read each of these special memories that have been shared with us.  We will post some each day leading up to Christmas Day. Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.

Rob Patz, Publisher SGN Scoops Magazine


Here is a picture of me as a young boy with my parents.  And one of some of my favorite ornaments on our tree.

Rob Patz with Parents




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Favorite Christmas Memories… Starts tomorrow, December 11,2019

Written by scoopsnews on December 10, 2019 – 1:33 pm -

 We have been busy gathering Christmas Memories from some of your favorite gospel music peeps! And tomorrow…. be watching for the first posts.  We will be posting these each day leading up to Christmas Day……

Out first Christmas Memory is from our very own Publisher here at SGN Scoops, Rob Patz.
Don’t miss it!

Vonda Armstrong

VP Sales and Marketing


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Selena Day: Christmas Love

Written by Staff on December 10, 2019 – 10:27 am -

Selena Day - Christmas Love

Selena Day talks about Christmas Love

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I pretty much begin decorating right after Halloween. Because of our traveling schedule, Christmas is usually the only holiday I decorate for. During this time, it looks like Christmas regurgitated all over my house. I have the 1960’s Christmas cartoon philosophy to decorating.  


Romans 12:2 NLT “Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”


With the Christmas season upon us, the same old discussions of what is excess versus what is not enough, tend to begin to war in our minds as well as in the Christian community. Asking ourselves, are we missing the ‘real’ reason for the season by our rushing around in a fury of activity? Like Paul, I say, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you, not the media nor your church peers.  



chuck Day Selena Day Merry Chrismas

Chuck and Selena Day say Merry Christmas

I really hate how we tend to judge others, by what is either going on in our own lives or what is going on culturally in our society. The other night Chuck and I, after a very long day of work, went out to eat at a restaurant. Both of us had our cell phones out, checking our social media, e-mails, and just basically decompressing from our day. We were chatting about what we had seen on our Facebook pages, and I thought of how many times we judge others doing this very same thing. We are seeing them as not connecting, instead of what it was for us, our time to relax and reconnect with what was going on in our family’s lives.  


Gal. 5:1 MSG. “Christ has set us free to live a free life. So take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you.” 


Gal. 5:14 NLT. “For the whole law can be summed up in this one command: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”


I love what verse 14 says; for the ‘whole law’ can be summed up in this one command, love. Isn’t this what the season of Christmas is all about; God so loved us that he sent his son. And that son was sent not to condemn us but to save us. Isn’t this the very foundation for Christmas? We celebrate the birth of God’s Son into this world and how it changed the very fabric of time.


I have been meditating on Romans 12:2 lately. In that scripture, it tells us not to copy the behavior and customs of this world. What are the behavior and customs of this world? Jesus said to us that the world would know we are different because of our love for one another. What does that look like, practically, in your life? He also tells us that even the tax collectors, the dregs of society, love those who love them. 


Selena Day. ChristmasOur country is the most divided than I can ever remember it being. Now is our time as believers to stand up and love. Chuck and I have been married for 31 years. During that time, we both had had to choose to love the other, even when we were unlovable. Any parent will tell you that sometimes it is hard to love the child that may resent you or blame you for the pain and hurt they have experienced. You may love them, but being “in love” with them is a whole different experience.


Go on a search for love this Christmas season. Learn to love yourself again and allow God to help you to love others. So many people are in pain. Longing for someone to come along and make a difference in their lives. That difference just might be you. 


Someone, somewhere just might be asking God to reach out to them, and God may be asking you to be his hand extended. Think of the one person right now that brings up the most difficult emotions…do you have their face in your mind? Now maybe you need to reach out to them? Or perhaps they need your prayers right now? This is how we are transformed by the renewing of our minds. By changing the way you think about a person or a circumstance changes the brain cells in your brain, it releases healing to you.


This is how our world will change. I love the scene in the movie Elf. They are trying to get Santa’s sleigh to fly, and they remember what Buddy the Elf said about singing Christmas carols and spreading cheer for all to hear. Christians have the power to spread Christmas cheer all year long because our Christmas cheer is about Christ and how he came to save us, and our world. 


Merry Christmas from Selena Day

Merry Christmas from Selena Day

This Christmas season, you can change the very atmosphere around you by bringing the love of God to those around you. Not the judgment you believe God has for the world, but his love. Scripture tells us that love is large and incredibly patient. Love is gentle and consistently kind to all. It refuses to be jealous when blessing comes to someone else. Love does not brag about one’s achievements nor inflate its own importance. Love does not traffic in shame and disrespect, nor selfishly seek its own honor. Love is not easily irritated or quick to take offense. Love joyfully celebrates honesty and finds no delight in what is wrong. Love is a safe place of shelter, for it never stops believing the best for others. Love never takes failure as defeat, for it never gives up. Let us become different, showing love for others, and being the change you want to see around you.


The world is waiting for you.

By Selena Day

Selena Day is a motivational speaker and is available to speak at your conference or event.  You may contact her at Photographs courtesy of Selena Day.

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A Southern Gospel Christmas: Christmas Memories from Your Favorite Artists

Written by Staff on December 9, 2019 – 6:46 pm -

A Southern Gospel Christmas: Christmas Memories from Your Favorite Artists

Santa is with Matt Fouch on his couch celebrating Christmas

It’s that time again. Christmas is a time when family and friends come together and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the greatest gift to humankind. While I enjoy opening presents, listening to music, and eating great food, I have realized more and more that none of that matters much compared to Jesus and family.


Over the years my family has struggled financially and experienced loss, but we always manage to have a fun and meaningful holiday season. I will always cherish being with family playing games, eating food, and going to look at Christmas lights. It is my hope that reading the following memories from your favorite Southern gospel artists will get you in the spirit of Christmas and remind you to cherish the time you have with family and friends. 

Merry Christmas…


Matt Fouch (Legacy Five): “Being able to now be the head of my family and read the story of Jesus birth on Christmas Day to my family.”




Matt Dibler (Inspirations): “My favorite Christmas memory was a tradition we had. Every Christmas Eve we would turn out all the lights and use only candles and the lights from the Christmas tree. We would sing Christmas Carols and read the Christmas story from Luke 2 and have family prayer. I think of it every year..”


Jeff Collins at Christmas

Jeff and Vickie Collins

Jeff Collins (Producer): “I have several great Christmas memories, as my parents made Christmas very special for my sister and I throughout our childhood. But there was one particular year that was extra special. I was around 11 or 12 years old and had asked Santa Claus for a minibike. After what seemed like years, Christmas Eve arrived, and I was hoping and praying Santa would make my wish come true. Lo and behold, on Christmas morning when Mom and Dad let us come down the hallway and around the corner to the living room, there sat my minibike. I was so happy. I was itching all morning to get outside to ride it, but first we had to open all of our presents, eat breakfast, and then finally go outside. 

We finally got the bike out in the carport and Dad says, ‘Start her up, Jeff.’ This minibike was a bare-bones kind of minibike with a basic Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine. Anyhow, I started pulling on it, trying to start it. I pulled until my arm was like Jell-O. No start. My dad pulled on it for another 30 minutes. A neighbor was there by then, pulled on it for 30 minutes. Man, was I getting frustrated. I should mention here that there is an on and off switch between the handlebars and the seat. We had it in the ‘on’ position. Another neighbor had showed up by now. It was getting close to lunch. He reached down and haphazardly turned the switch to the ‘off’ position, pulled the engine, and it started. Just like that. But finally… I got to ride my minibike. I was one happy 11 year old.”


Arthur Rice of SGMA

Arthur Rice

Arthur Rice (Kingdom Heirs): “In the fall of 1987, my dad had a brain aneurysm. I was with the Kingsmen at the time and they had folks praying all over the country. He came out of the surgery great and the only paralysis was his memory. He didn’t know who we were or what had happened. Just before Christmas he said it was like he heard a switch in his head go on and he started remembering us little by little. He was able to come home for Christmas and shortly after that all his memory returned. The Lord gave us 14 more years with him. It was a very thankful Christmas.”


Mark Trammell Quartet

Mark Trammell (Mark Trammell Quartet): “The year my dad and mom went without Christmas so they could buy my first bass guitar. I didn’t know it until years later. Priceless lesson in unselfish lifestyle.”


Brandy and Josh Feemster and friends

Josh Feemster: “I think it would have to be the last Christmas with my grandma. She was so much fun. This particular Christmas she stayed at our house. My dad, brothers and myself went to a Christmas event without my mom and grandma. She just wasn’t feeling well so they decided to stay home. This particular trip was memorable because of the sleeting going on during the drive,kinda rare in Alabama in December. Anyway, it was Christmas Eve and when we got back to our house Santa had already been there. All of our presents were out and Grandma convinced me that she helped him unload them. She was the greatest. We had a great time and I’ll never forget eating her chicken and dressing one last time the next day. Within a month she was in heaven. I don’t really remember what toys I got but I’ll always remember how happy she was to be with us.”


ChristmasLisa Williamson (The Williamsons): “When I was 16, my family and I were going through a pretty tough time. My mom had broken her ankle so our spirits were down. We hated to even ask, but my sister Rachel and I really wanted a PlayStation for Christmas. We didn’t want to get our hopes up, but we sure were hoping to see that thing under the tree on Christmas morning. A week or so before Christmas, Mom came into the living room on her crutches wearing a brand new tee shirt. The back of it had a very bright, colorful, and recognizable logo…PlayStation. We kept asking her where she got her shirt, but all she would do was smile. Needless to say, we opened a PlayStation on Christmas morning.”


Randy and Caroline Crawford

Randy Crawford (Formerly of The Kingsmen): “Not so much a memory as it is something I miss. My grandmother on my father’s side always used to have a “sock” for us grandkids. It truly was a sock. But it was filled with fruits, candy, and old fashioned peppermint stick candy. We used to cut a hole in our oranges and suck the juice out through the peppermint candy. I miss my grandmother so much, and love she put into our ‘socks’.”


Ben, Maria, Elizabeth Wolfe

Maria Kramer Wolfe (The Kramers): “My favorite Christmas memory, or tradition, is putting up the Christmas tree while listening to traditional Christmas music and baking Christmas cookies. I love family time the most, so getting together with family during the Christmas season is a rich blessing.”


Steve Ladd

Steve Ladd (The Old Paths): “My favorite Christmas memory is my first Christmas as a father. Christmas took on a whole new meaning to me since then… my children’s face and the excitement made me not care if I ever got another gift.”


November 2019 SGNScoops Magazine

November 2019 SGNScoops Magazine

Tammy Burns (Troy Burns Family): “My favorite Christmas memory was 1974. My oldest brother got married right after Christmas and our whole family was together for the last time on this earth. It seemed like it was the happiest time we had ever had with family and friends. That next year my little brother, Tommy, went home to be with the Lord after battling cancer for 12 years. He was only 12. I will always cherish that Christmas.”


Judy Nelon: “Rex and I had been dating a while. We spent a few days with his 98-year-old mom and his other family members in his hometown Asheville, N. C., during Christmas. It was the sweetest time. We exchanged gifts and it was interesting –  we gave each other exactly the same Christmas card, he bought his in Atlanta and I bought mine in Nashville. It said ‘Only You.’ We knew from the start we were a match. As he was driving me back to Nashville we stopped in Waffle House. He asked if I had expected a engagement ring for Christmas and I was honest and said. ‘Yes, I did.’ He said, ‘Okay then, will you marry me?’ He had plans for a ring but he couldn’t wait. He was the funniest, sweetest and most unique man. I’ll always love Rex Nelon.”


Butler Music Group 2019 Diamond Awards Top Five nominees

Les Butler

Les Butler (Butler Music Group): “Christmas 1971, I was nine. My parents bought me an upright piano. Little did I know that instrument would play such an integral part in my life.”


Riley Harrison Clark (Tribute Quartet): “Every year while growing up in Oklahoma, my family went to Silver Dollar City for Christmas. So many memories were made and even more funnel cakes were eaten. Going there is a Christmas tradition I will never forget.”


Stephen Adair (Dixie Echoes): “One year my dad was in the hospital after a series of strokes during the Christmas season. He was still in the hospital on Christmas Day, so my mom and I packed up all of the gifts that were under the tree and took them to his hospital room. We had Christmas there complete with hot chocolate, the Macy’s Christmas Day Parade, and the best hospital food we could find. We were together, and that’s what made that Christmas so special.”



Bob Sellers

Bob Sellers (Soloist): “When I was about 10 years old, my parents asked my sister and I to clean out our closets of any toys, clothing, etc. that we could live without (only good stuff), and we took it to this one room cinder block home where a family with about six or eight kids lived. My dad had cut them a load of firewood and we gave them that, plus all the stuff my sister and I had put together. I’ll never forget the look on those kids’ and their parent’s faces. They were about our same age, and although we were far from wealthy, they looked at us and my parents like we were angels or something. I guess to them we were, at least that year. I’m thankful for godly, loving parents who instilled the true meaning of Christmas in me.”


Nic Holland (Poet Voices): “Probably my last Christmas with my mom before she died, 2003. We knew she didn’t have long to live and enjoyed every second of just being together. I have no memory of one single present I got that year but my time with Mom I’ll never forget.”


The Oak Ridge Boys

The Oak Ridge Boys

Duane Allen (Oak Ridge Boys): “My wife gave birth to Jamie, our baby girl, on Dec. 13. Early on Christmas morning, Norah Lee slipped out of bed, dressed Jamie up real pretty, put her in her little portable bed and placed her under the Christmas tree. Then, Norah Lee came back to the bedroom, woke me up and led me to the living room to see my Christmas present.”


Scott Brand (Gold City): “I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to one. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. When I was a kid, my grandparents, along with my great grandmother, would come spend four or five days with us around Christmas. The Brand tradition was to cook a ham in Coca Cola all night on Christmas Eve. I can still to this day smell that cooking through the house. Just family getting together and keeping traditions alive would be my Christmas memories as a kid.”


Jordan Family Band

Randa Jordan (Jordan Family Band): “I was eight years old, and money was something we never had much of. I knew that Daddy and Mama didn’t have enough money to go out and buy me and my brother new toys, and yet somehow I was okay with that. I was a dreamer, and I enjoyed the most simple things that surrounded me. We lived in what seemed like to me the most wonderful apartment in downtown Rome. Two stories, hardwood floors, a screened in back porch, huge living room, and the front yard was next to the busy road where the town’s bus and trolley would pass throughout the day. I loved that apartment so much. The staircase was huge to me and I loved dressing up and and walking up and down them like a princess out of a fairy tail book. The morning of Christmas, 1989, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but my brother and I woke up, and at the direction of Daddy and Mama, we waited on the big staircase till they instructed us to come into the living room. Bubbling with joy and wearing my little white gown and house shoes, I walked into a living room that was covered in gifts. Clothes, toys, games everywhere. The couches and chairs were covered, items set up all across the floor and gifts under the tree. It was like a dream. Dad and Mom had went “yard sale-ing” and “goodwill-ing” and loaded up without spending much at all. That was one of the best days of my life.”


Sarah Davison (HighRoad): “When I was a young girl we had a huge snowstorm come through – probably 13-14 inches of snow – and it was so heavy that we lost power for several days including Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I remember Dad firing up the wood stove and Mom making homemade soup on top of the wood stove. We played board games and got some old hymnals out and gathered around the piano. It was the most quiet, peaceful Christmas I can remember and by far my favorite one too.”



Nathan and Amber Nelon Kistler

Amber Nelon Kistler (The Nelons): “My favorite Christmas memory is sitting around the table playing games with my whole family and grandparents at their house. Then eating the dinner my grandmama cooked …twice a year… Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Compiled by Justin Gilmore

First published by SGNScoops Magazine in December 2018

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