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May 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on May 10, 2018 – 8:52 am -

May 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

May 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

We are happy to present the May 2018 issue of SGNScoops Magazine. We are just on the verge of the outdoor concert season. Are you excited? We are thrilled that the Singing Echoes are the cover story for this month. The Eppersons have traveled many miles and presented their unique sound for several decades, but one of the main things people know about this group is their summer concert, attended by thousands. Please read their story and find out more about this fine family.

We hope you will open our pages and discover more about gospel trio the Sharps, and Conner and Bailey Hayes, the twins making their mark in the Mylon Hayes family. Craig Harris gives us many great images from the NQC Spring Break and Jade Harrison gives the inside scoop on Micahel Lee. We have special guest writers and our regular writing family within this issue, so don’t miss it!
All of this plus our Christian Country and Gospel radio charts, DJ Spotlight, CD Reviews and everyone’s must-read, the Publisher’s Point. We want to hear what you think of our issue and all of the articles. Please write to me at
We trust you will absorb some of the love of Jesus that we have poured into this issue. We ask that you pray for us as we plan each issue as we pray for you, our readers. Have a great month!
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Congrats To The SGN Scoops Top 100 Southern Gospel Songs/ May

Written by scoopsnews on May 21, 2018 – 12:25 pm -

(The Top 100/ May will be printed in the June Magazine)

Congrats Everyone!

1. Greater Vision- God Doesn’t Care
2. Bowling Family- I Believe He’s Alive
3. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound- Clear Skies
4. Kingsmen– Cost Of The Cross
5. Mark Trammell Quartet- Go Show John
6. Lore Family- Asking, Seeking, Knocking
7. The Old Paths- Broken People Like Me
8. Hyssongs-I’ve Seen Enough
9. Tribute Quartet- When The Prodigal Comes Home

10. Gold City- If Church Pews Could Shout

11. Karen Peck &New River-Gotta Be Saved

12. Taylors- For What I Don’t Know

13. Kingdom Heirs- Heroes Of Faith

14. Williamsons- Jesus, What a Wonderful Name

15. The Steeles– Psalm 113

16. Guardians- Woke Up This Morning

17. Jason Crabb– Washed By The Water

18. Ivan Parker- A Little More Like You

19. Canton Junction- When I Lift Up My Head

20. Matthew and David Browder- Man I Am Today

21. Whisnants– He’s Never Moved

22. McKameys– Living For Eternity

23. Mark Bishop- The Refrigerator Door

24. Collingsworth Family-That Day Is Coming

25. Hoppers- Song Of Moses

26. Talleys– Look Up

27. Brian Free & Assurance- He Can Take It

28. Tim Livingston- Waiting At The Top

29. Jonathan Wilburn- Calvary’s cross

30. Amber Nelon Thompson- Grateful

31. Debra Perry & Jaidyn’s Call- Rock Of Ages

32. Poet Voices- Extraordinary

33. Joseph Habedank– Jailbreak

34. Triumphant Quartet- The Cross Is All The Proof I Need

35. Wisecarvers– Somebody Here

36. High Road-Christ My Hope, My Glory

37. Georgia- I’m Getting Restless

38. Surrendered- His Tomb Is Empty Now

39.  LeFevre Quartet-Sun’s Gonna Come Up

40. Bibletones– That’s Why His Grace Is Amazing

41. The Bakers- Why Should I Worry

42.Wilbanks-You Are Good

43. Soul’d Out Quartet-Run On

44. Day Three – I’m Not A Failure

45. Jay Stone Singers- Just Receive It

46. Chronicle- I’ll See Him

47. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver-He’s Everywhere

48. Isaacs- Yours Amen

49. Lindsey Graham- But God

50. Pruitt Family- Love At First Sight

51. Ben Mcgalliar– Clouds

52. Mercy’s Well- Who Do You Know

53. Inspirations- I Know Him

54. Tim Lovelace- Choose Happy

55. Brothers Leave Your Sorrows

56. Greesons-I’ll Put On  A Crown

57.BloodBought– Gospel Plow

58. Jeremy Cato- Things I Know For Sure

59. Billy Huddleston- Miracle

60. 3rd Row Boys- Do It All

61. Jason Davidson- It Was The Cross That Got To Me

62.Diplomats– Nothing Less Than Grace

63. Hazel Parker Stanley- I’d Do It All Again

64. Curtis Hyler & Jubilation- When God’s All You Got

65.Porter Family- When I Lay My Isaac Down

66. 11th Hour- Power In Prayer

67. Mark Dubbeld Family-This Joy Is Mine

68. Frosts- That Which Cost Me Nothing

69. Sharps- Standing In The Storm

70. Jordan’s Bridge- The Bridegroom Cometh

71. Master’s Voice- Without You, I Haven’t Got A Prayer

72. Liberty Quartet- Til Mercy Sang

73.Dunaways– Somewhere Around The Throne

74.Bates Family- Rejoice

75.Millers– Going Where He Lives

76. Michael Combs- How Do They Do It

77. Joyaires– A Touch Of His Hand

78. New Ground- There’s Nothing He Can’t Do

79. Mylon Hayes Family- What An Anchor

80. Charlie Griffin- Rise and Shine

81. Songsmiths-The Best Is Yet To Come

82. Kendricks– Old Piece Of Clay

83. Jason Cooper-When I’m On My Knees

84. Eagle’s Wings- King Jesus

85. The Freemans- God Of The Storm

86. Dallas Rogers- It Should’ve Been Me

87. Austin and Ethan Whisnant– Should Have Been Three

88. Michael English- Love Is The Golden Rule

89. Michael Wayne Smith- Lead Me Lord

90. Perrys– Find Me Faithful

91. Steve Ladd- Living Water

92. Cana’s Voice- Same Hands

93. Jeff and Sheri Easter- Wayfaring Stranger

94.Sisters– Another Day

95. Purpose- I Know Me

96. Gaither Vocal Band- Jesus Messiah

97. Exodus- Open Invitation

98.Down East Boys- Pray

99. Carolina Boys- I Didn’t See Him Rise

100. The Nelons– Daddy and Son

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Exodus Announces The Departure Of Cole Watson

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on May 21, 2018 – 9:05 am -

Exodus Announces The Departure Of Cole Watson

Exodus Announces The Departure Of Cole Watson

The mixed group Exodus from Gadsden, Al announce the Departure of Cole Watson.
Cole will be filling a position with The Troy Burns Family. We love Cole  and pray for him as he enters this new position.

Exodus will be auditioning to fill the lead position starting immediately.

You can contact Exodus at Exodus – Southern Gospel
Or call Susan at 256 312 5639

Mary Scott Hannah Lanora Brady

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Congrats to the SGN SCOOPS TOP 40 Christian Country Songs

Written by scoopsnews on May 20, 2018 – 1:58 pm -

May/June 2018

1. Chuck Hancock- One Pair Of Hands

2. Kolt Barber- Another Day

3. Trinity Wennerstrom- Shine Big, Shine Bright

4. Christian Davis- Every Scar

5. Tina Wakefield- Over and Over

6. Brent Harrison- This Side Of Sunday

7. James Payne and Bruce Haynes-Dancing In The Rain

8. Michael Lee- Ain’t That Just like Jesus

9. John Penney-In God’s Hands

10. Wade Phillips- Make Me More Like Jesus

11. McKay Project- Taking Me Home

12. Bruce Hedrick- Wingin It

13. Jamie Lynn Flanakin- Free

14. Terry Davis- Braggin On Jesus

15. BloodBought- Gospel Plow

16. Tonja Rose- When The Mountain Can’t Be Moved

17. Mike Leichner- Don’t Bring The Country Out In Me

18. Heather Van Derren- Come To The Table

19. Debbie Bennett- The Blood He Applies

20. The Reed Brothers- Holding On

21. Steve Warren- Forever Kind Of Love

22. Carol Barham- I Can’t Praise Him Enough

23. Caleb Howard- Live Like That

24. Kevin and Kim Abney- Broken Bread

25. Jonathan Dale- This Is Your Now

26. The Kendricks- I Could be Leaving Right Now

27. Charlie Griffin- Rise and Shine

28. Tommy Smith- Let’s March On

29. Kali Rose- What’s A Valley

30. Gil Magee- Climb The Sycamore Tree

31. Buddy Jewel- I’m There

32. Kevin Rowe- Heaven Above

33. Shellem Cline- This Thing Called Life

34. Mike Manual- The Country Side Of The Cross

35. Kolt Barber- Send The Rain

36. Bev McCann- Dash Between The Dates

37. Debbie Seagraves- I Still Believe In Amazing Grace

38. Gunner Carr- Take My Hand

39. Ava Kasich- Speak The Word

40. Tony Alan Bates- Numbered


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Rooted With Billy Huddleston

Written by scoopsnews on May 20, 2018 – 7:13 am -


John 3:16

“For God so loved the world (you),

that He gave His only begotten Son,

that whosever (you, me, everyone, anyone)

believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

The third grade is a wonderful time in a childs life. Its that time when little boys begin to notice little girls; when they begin to realize that theres something different about them . . . something wonderful. So, they begin to try to get their attention by pulling their hair and punching them in the arms. You know, to show them how special they are. Its how little boys express themselves.

It was certainly a memorable time in my life.

I was a student at Williams Avenue Elementary. And, as a little boy, I was now beginning to notice girls. Not thegirls my age. Instead, I had my eyes on a greater prize: Miss Parsons, the music teacher. She was smart. She was talented. She was kind. And, to top it off, she was beautiful. Childhood crush . . . she was my kind of woman!

Rhondas story was different. Because . . . well . . . Rhonda was different.

Rhonda lived around the block from me and was in my third grade class. She came from a home where life was anything but easy. Mom and Dad lived their liveswithout much regard for her. Or at least thats how it seemed. She was heavier than the rest of us and wasnt taught much about personal hygiene. She didnt have the nicest of clothes and often whatever she wore on Monday she would still be wearing on Friday. Needless to say, we noticed, and we let her know how different she was. Children can be cruel.

Life can be tough when youre different. Life was tough for Rhonda.

Not only did Miss Parsons notice, she cared.

We often had activities in music class that required a partner. Whether it was sharing an autoharp, dancing or singing a duet in our choir, the Melody Makers, wed have to partner off. Sometimes those partners were assigned, other times wed choose.

All the boys would line up against one wall and the girls on the other. From the first boy to the last partners would be chosen. That was a process that could be exhilarating. If you were in the front of the line you had the pick of the litter. It was a process that could be excruciating: If you were at the end of the line you were stuck with whomever wasn’t chosen. The process was humiliating. Rhonda was always that one not chosen.

Her body language began to tell the story. Wheneverit was time to partner off, shed take her place with the other girls. Shed stand at the end of the line with her shoulders slumped, head down realizing that she was going to hear Miss Parsons force the last boy to be her partner.

I cant imagine how that felt. Sure, there were plenty of times I wasnt first choice and I know at least once or twice I was chosen last. But, every time? I cant begin to understand what that would have done for ones self image at such a young age. Unwanted. Overlooked. Last choice. Rhonda.

I was helping Miss Parsons between classes oneschool day. (I always found a reason to be around Miss Parsons!) As I began to wrap things up so I could get tomy class she asked me to do her a favor. Of course! Id do anything she wanted me to do! Remember, I had my eye on her. But I wasnt ready for what she said next:

Next time we have a partner time in class, I want you to pick Rhonda to be your partner. Will you do that?

I couldnt believe my ears. Didnt she know what she was asking of me? Remember, this is the third grade. Little boys and girls are beginning to notice each other. If I partner with Rhonda that will be the end! How could such an ugly request come from such a beautiful mouth? No way, no thanks, Id never do that. I didnt really care for Miss Parsons anymore.

I turned to storm out of the room as she continued:

“But Billy, its what a Christian would do…

I knew she was right. She knew I knew. I came from a church going family. But, to be honest, I didnt care.

Time passed. I dont know how long. Eventually it was time. Today in music class we would have a partner activity. Miss Parsons lined all the girls up along the wall. Rhonda took her place at the end of the line, head down, shoulders slumped. Then, she lined the boys up along the opposite wall. And, for some reason, today was my lucky day. I was right in the front. I was first. Id have first choice.

I heard her voice: “Billy, pick your partner.

My heart was pounding as I looked up and down theline. I saw Lisa, Lori and Lana. I saw all the girls whom I wanted to choose as my partner and was trying to figureout whose day I was going to make.

Then, I saw Rhonda.

Head down, shoulders slumped and my heart beganto pound faster. So, I made my choice:


Do you know how special you are to Him?

I want you to remember this today . . .

God looked across time and spoke your name.

How will you responded?

You’ve been chosen.


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Please Pray for JoyAnna!

Written by scoopsnews on May 18, 2018 – 8:22 am -

JoyAnna Bragg is a Beautiful 8 year-old girl in need of a miracle. She was diagnosed with Bone Cancer in November 2017. After undergoing rounds of chemotherapy to reduce the cancer, she had her femur bone replacement over Easter break. Since then, she has had numerous, severe complications from the surgery. She has contracted C. Diff, and there have been numerous days in which she was unable to eat. There are sores all over the inside of her body and she is coughing up blood and other fluids which has caused her to lose too much weight and physically weakened her. She has had constant fevers, several infections, and her immune system has been compromised; her blood count is 0. Her body has rejected the femur implant, and today (5-18-18) they are performing surgery no matter her physical state. Please stand with us for her miracle!

Pray Pray Pray!


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Gospel Music’s Newest Male Trio- “Avenue”

Written by scoopsnews on May 18, 2018 – 6:22 am -

Nashville, TN recording label Song Garden Music Group and premier Booking Agency, the Dominion Agency, are excited to announce the signing of Gospel Music’s newest male trio, Avenue. While the group is new, you might recognize a couple of its members. This team consists of Kasey Kemp, Corey Lackey and Jacob Lagesse.

Kasey states, “I am honored to be working with Corey and Jacob. Not only are they great talents, but wonderful Christian young men. We, as Avenue, feel blessed to be working with industry leaders Song Garden and the Dominion Agency.”

Michael Davis of the Dominion Agency says of Avenue, “I am so excited to be exclusively representing AVENUE- one of Gospel Music’s newest and most talented artist!  Kasey, Corey and Jacob have a great sound and a BIG heart for ministry.  I look forward to a very long scheduling relationship with these fine young men.”

Gus Gaches of Song Garden says, “It’s a joy to be working with Avenue. As I have said in the past, we at Song Garden Music love finding people with a heart for ministry, and we have experienced that heart first hand with Kasey and Corey.  With the addition of Jacob they are poised and ready to share the greatest message there is with their incredible gift of music, and we are thrilled to be partnering with them!”

For more information please visit

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Q&A with Coach G.F. Watkins Author of “Test Me: The Malachi Mystery”

Written by Staff on May 17, 2018 – 2:24 pm -


G.F. Watkins

G.F. Watkins

Q: What prompted you to write the book “Test Me”?
 I read a study in Barna Research that said only 4% of Christians actually tithe. But in Malachi 3, God clearly says that those who give a tithe will receive His provision and protection. I’ve been tithing for over three decades, and I have seen God do incredible things in my life. While I was a pastor, I would counsel with people who were struggling with various problems in their lives and I began to ask them, “Do you tithe?” The answer was almost always no, and I began to see a correlation. If we are not tithing, we are not under protection and provision which basically means we are choosing to be under a curse. People say they are crucified with Christ yet their actions don’t represent that fact. Everyone has the ability to tithe because whether you make a lot of money or very little, the tithe is a percentage, not an amount. God will always move through the people that love Him. God has hidden a mystery in Malachi, not from the people of God, but for the people of God. I talk to so many pastors who say they don’t have enough provision for their vision. Yet, the provision for the work of the church is contained in the Holy tithe.  Tithing is like a thermometer. You can tell where you are with God by your willingness to give.

Q&A with Coach G.F. Watkins Author of “Test Me: The Malachi Mystery”

Q&A with Coach G.F. Watkins
Author of “Test Me: The Malachi Mystery”

Q: Why is tithing a neglected subject?
 If it is not taught it won’t be practiced. The atheist magician Penn Jillette tells the story of a businessman who handed him a bible one time. Penn said that if Christians truly believed what they say they believe—that without Jesus people are going to hell— then they should be shouting that from the rooftops. In the same way, if a pastor believes the word of God and yet does not inform his congregation about the whole of the bible, including the importance of tithing, they are missing the boat.  I understand a lot of people have abused giving. That turns me off too. But we’ve thrown the baby out with the bath water when it comes to tithing.

Q: What d0 you believe would happen in the United States if all Christians tithed?
Let’s do some simple math. The median U.S. household income is $53,647. If we take the number of professing Christians in America, which Gallup says is 75%, it would equal 243 million people. Let’s divide that by 3 to calculate the correct family ratio and we get 81 million Christian families. If we multiple 81 million by the average income, then we have an annual combined Christian income in the U.S. of approximately $4.35 trillion dollars. Divide this by 10 for the tithe, and we see $435 Billion dollars that should be in the American Christian storehouse. No offerings, just the tithe! The total cost to eradicate world hunger is $30 Billion. The total cost to eradicate homelessness in the U.S. is $20 Billion. We should still have $385 Billion to solve other problems each year. If we feed people and make sure everyone has a home, do you think they might be open to the gospel? God’s strategy works. This is how God designed his Word to win the world. 


Q: How has the “Test Me” book affected churches that have used it?
  We have presented this book and program in several churches over the past few months, ranging from 140 to 4000 members. Some churches doubled their tithing in just the first week. We have seen a 30 to 90% increase of people tithing in each instance. If 100% of people tithe, you never need an offering. Everything a church would need, they will get from the Holy tithe. According to Malachi 2:7, the pastor is supposed to teach his flock what God says because most people are simply ignorant of God’s ways. What we are trying to do is come along beside pastors and offer them the tools they need to educate their congregations. The results have been astounding to date.

Q: You have done a lot of work in men’s ministry and wrote a book called “The Alpha Male and the Women who Get Them”. Talk about what you have learned working with men.
: Edwin Louis Cole is considered the father of the Christian men’s movement, and I was privileged to have him as my mentor. His book “Maximized Manhood” rocked my world. In churches today, the ratio is usually 80% female and 20% male. Yet we know that when a mom is the first to be saved in a family, the chance the rest of the family will be saved is 13%. But when the father is first to be saved, the percentage increase to 95%. We teach men to be “Alpha Males” ——men who take responsibility, grow up, and lead their families. If a man loves God he will always love his wife. If we know our roles, we can reach our goals.

Q: You make some controversial statements about ADHD in “The Alpha Male” book. Talk about that.
I come from a family of educators and have a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology. Testing in our schools for hyperactivity or ADHD is biased and based on what current trends determine to be “normal.” The fact is the majority of teachers in elementary schools are female. They classify young men as ADHD and they are often medicated with drugs like Risperdal which causes female breast growth in young men. We are literally medicating masculinity out of our young men. As a former high school football coach and having a father that coached as well, I watched his remedy for ADHD on a daily basis. When young boys wouldn’t sit still in class, the teachers would send them to Coach Watkins’ office. Dad would take the boys outside and make them run and do bear crawls. Once they were able to extinguish a little testosterone, they were able to go back to the classroom and focus. And yes, they were a little winded and sweaty.


Q: You actually created what you call “Man Church.” What is that exactly?
If you want people to change they have to go deep. When men are in a group together, and a woman walks in, they shut down. The same dynamic also happens in a group of women. There has to be trust in a group of men. Instead of having a normal Wednesday night service, we do church for men on Wednesdays and church for women on Tuesdays, and have had great results. Our meetings begin over a meal, and then we start talking about the evening’s subject such as courage, sexual integrity, being a better husband, fatherhood,  how to be a leader, etc. We have over 1oo men each week at our church and many groups that meet monthly outside of church. Many of the churches we coach now host their own Man Church.

Q: What would you say is the most important concept for men to understand?
 Men need to understand who they are. Genesis 1:28 says that God created man to subdue it and have dominion over it. In God’s perfect world, He made man to rule and reign with Him on earth while He is the Lord of Heaven. When man sinned, the keys to this earth were handed to Satan and man gave up his authority to Satan. Nothing on earth was contrary to God until sin entered into the equation. We were created to rule, yet most men don’t know that. Dr Cole used to say being male is a matter of birth, but being a man is matter of choice. Heroes act on a need greater than themselves. We need more men willing to sacrifice themselves and become heroes to their families and communities. Affirmation is a father’s most powerful tool. Men need their fathers’ affirmations in order to reach their destiny.

Q: Talk about the Jordan Ranch and how it came about.
 As a pastor of a large church for many years, I became frustrated when I noticed that, although we were gaining membership, people were not growing in Christ. We decided to go on an “Encounter God” weekend, and it was life-altering. It is 3 days of intensive ministry about the delivering power of the cross. And just like Jesus took twelve men to the cross and then He left, I have watched men bring needles, condoms, cocaine, pot, whiskey —things they brought with them not knowing what the weekend would bring— and they laid them at the cross. It became so popular with our church that small retreat centers couldn’t hold us anymore. I felt like the Lord said we need to build a facility to not only accommodate our church, but many other churches and organizations. We wanted Jordan Ranch to be an excellent place of refuge and retreat for people. In the past 9 years we have hosted all kinds of groups at this $10 million dollar, 65,000 square foot rustic elegance retreat center that sits on 86 acres. With 23 rooms, the ranch can accommodate groups as small as two and as large as 73. Our dining room and conference room can seat up to 120 guests, and our executive chef cooks everything on-site with a variety of menu choices. Chick-Fil-A’s Winshape Foundation has partnered with us to offer a retreat free of charge for high school coaches in Texas. We have an annual Intense Men gathering which is the largest campout in Texas with over 1600 men attending this year. We believe in top-down ministry in everything we do—training leaders to train others. Churches send their kids off to summer camp, but then they come back to dysfunctional leadership. If we can get the leadership in our churches and in our families correct, everything else will fall into place. 

About G.F. Watkins:


G.F. Watkins is an international leader, author, speaker, and church planter. He is the founder of Jordan Ranch retreat center and has planted churches in Texas, Africa, and Peru. As the founder and leader of he now oversees and trains ministry leaders worldwide. A one-time All-American athlete and coach, he has used the principles and patterns learned in athletics to encourage, motivate, strengthen, and mobilize thousands. He is considered an authority in the area of Men’s Ministry and on the topic of fatherlessness. He is the husband to Rose, for 31 years, a father to 3 adult sons, Cole, Grant, and Dayne, and a mentor to many. For more information visit

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Gerald Wolfe’s Gospel Music Hymn Sing Embarks On Spring Tour

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on May 17, 2018 – 5:46 am -

Gerald Wolfe's Gospel Music Hymn Sing Embarks On Spring Tour

Gerald Wolfe’s Gospel Music Hymn Sing Embarks On Spring Tour

Hendersonville, TN  –The acclaimed Gospel Music Hymn Sing is gearing up to kick off its highly anticipated Spring 2018 Tour, beginning on May 17th.  Led by Gerald Wolfe, this revival of classic gospel songs & beloved hymns of the church will make its way to Hudsonville, MI, Van Wert, OH, and Hilton, NY before concluding at a live DVD recording in Indian Trail, NC.

Featuring some of the top talent in Gospel music, including Greater Vision, Mark Trammell Quartet, Jim Brady Trio, and Mylon Hayes Family, as well as exceptional musicians such as Stan Whitmire, Sandy Payton, and Stone Carter, the Gospel Music Hymn Sing engages the audience in the joyful sounds of congregational singing. Sparked by the overwhelming request for hymns at Greater Vision concerts, in just a few short years the Gospel Music Hymn Sing has developed into a wide-spread movement to preserve the hymns of the church for future generations, and resulted in three live full-length DVD/CD recordings and concert events across the country.

For more information on dates and tickets for the Spring 2018 tour dates, visit

DMG Concerts is a division of Daywind Music Group that promotes Southern Gospel music through elite concert events.

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Wacky Wednesday asks Bob, Pat, Clayton, Josh and more about fruit and jobs!

Written by Staff on May 16, 2018 – 1:05 pm -

Wacky Wednesday titleWacky Wednesday with Gospel Artists is back with another question. Special thanks to our friend Jantina de Haan for collecting all of these great answers, and to all of you for your overwhelming response to the return of Wacky Wednesday!


Gerald Wolfe

Gerald Wolfe

As you know, Wacky Wednesday features questions that you might not find in regular artist interviews and answers that you might not see printed anywhere else…And do you know the word for the fear of taste? Keep reading!


Today we hear responses from Josh Jordan of the Jordan Family Band, Gerald Wolfe of Greater Vision,

Wendy Hayes of the Mylon Hayes family, Corey Pearson of the Diplomats, Bob Sellers, Pat Barker of the Guardians, Clayton Inman of Triumphant, Josh Townsend of Legacy Five, and

Legacy Five with Josh Townsend

Legacy Five with Josh Townsend

Jaquita Lindsey of 11th Hour.


This week’s questions are: what is your favorite fruit and what was the first job you held? See if you can tell which answer is which!

We will let the men go first again:

Josh Jordan: Oranges and pouring concrete

Gerald Wolfe: Demonstrating Baldwin organs and pianos. I was in high school and strawberries

Jordan Family Band

Jordan Family Band

Corey Pearson: Cutting grass and watermelon and strawberries

Bob Sellers: Tough one. I love all fruit! I’d have to say watermelon and Housel hardware store in Gordo Alabama. I was 15.

Josh Townsend: Oranges and the pianist for the Old Paths

Pat Barker: Choir director and Of The Looms…

Clayton Inman: Banana and day camp counselor


Let’s hear from the ladies…

Jaquita Lindsey: Bananas and Tasty Freeze

Wendy Hayes: Roses department store and strawberries, watermelon, oranges

Clayton Inman

Clayton Inman

Were these answers what you expected? We hope you enjoyed this Q&A and perhaps it shed a little more light on your favorite artists. And did you know that fear of taste is “geumaphobia“? The Bible says, “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” He’s better even than bananas! “Taste” here means “experience” or “enjoy” or to take into your heart and let Him give you the nutrients your soul needs. He is good!!

Wendy Hayes

Wendy Hayes

Stay tuned next time for another Wacky Wednesday, when we will ask the question everyone wants to know: would you rather have a grizzly bear or a whale as a pet? (Is this the actual question that has been asked? Stay tuned…)

Do you have a question for our artist panel? Send it to SGNScoops today!

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Jaquita Lindsey

Jaquita Lindsey


Pat Barker

Bob Sellers

Listen Online To The Best In Todays Gospel Music HERE

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Fayth Lore announces June cover feature for SGNScoops featuring Karen Peck and New River

Written by Staff on May 16, 2018 – 7:42 am -

Fayth Lore talks to Grant Gibson, Kari Gooch of Karen Peck and New River

Fayth Lore talks to Grant Gibson, Kari Gooch of Karen Peck and New River

Fayth Lore of the Lore Family is a writer for SGNScoops Magazine and often does our cover features. She has been working hard on the cover for the June 2018 edition and gives us a brief scoop on what it contains!

You may have heard that Karen Peck and New River recently underwent a personnel change. Their new vocalist is Grant Gibson, formerly of 11th Hour. Fayth went indepth with this congenial tenor and his new group. She will share all the minute details in the June edition of SGNScoops.

Be sure to watch for the June edition of SGNScoops Magazine.

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