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Sweet Water: Do you know Him or just know about Him?

Written by Staff on January 22, 2019 – 2:34 pm -

Amy Oxenrider introduces Sweet Water

Amy Oxenrider

Amy Oxenrider presents Sweet Water: Do you know Him or just know about Him?

Ninevah, a city in the ancient Assyrian Empire, was located in Iraq on the east bank of the Tigris River. The capital of this dominant empire, this city was one of the most prominent of its time. It is estimated that the population ranged between 100,000 to 120,000, not including those roaming in and out on a daily basis for trade/business. The Bible teaches that this city was guilty of bloodshed, full of lies, filled with plunder, and hoarded her spoil.

The infamous city was not always full of sin. Jonah, a profit of God, preached judgment would come upon them unless their hearts repented and they turned from their wicked ways. We find that the city heeded the words of Jonah and repented. However, sometime between the prophet Jonah and Nahum, the people of the city forgot about the God of Jonah and returned to such a sinful place it was compared to Sodom and Gomorrah, and its wickedness was brought before God. They no longer knew him, only knew about him.

Now let’s go back in time approximately sixty-two years. We find a group of three men by the names of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, which are probably recognizable names to many. King Nebuchadnezzar had taken the people of Jerusalem to the heart of Babylon and forced them to deny the living God for a god made by the hands of men.

The Bible says Nebuchadnezzar had a statue of gold created ninety feet high and nine feet wide. He then gathered all of his officials and instructed them to spread the word that all will gather and fall to their knees to worship when they hear the music played. If any refused the King’s command, he or she would be thrown into the blazing furnace.

The fiery furnace was most probably built on the side of a hill with an opening in the top and two on each side closer to the base. These side openings allowed one to see the inside of the furnace without getting too close to be harmed. However, on this particular day, the King had the fire heated seven times hotter than normal for the purpose of punishing rebellion.

When the music sounded, all the people that were assembled bowed down and worshipped as commanded, all but three. One must keep in mind that the people of Israel were those that had heard about the great exile from Egypt and the many battles and miracles God had provided for his chosen people. Even after God had told them on multiple occasions to be strong and courageous, they abandoned their commitment to God in the face of adversity.

The three Hebrew men took a stand for their God. They knew the God of the universe and were not ashamed to show their commitment. This infuriated the king. In a fit of rage, he demanded the furnace be heated seven times hotter than normal.

Nebuchadnezzar had Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego thrown into the blaze. When he looked into the furnace, he saw four men as opposed to the three that he ordered to die. He asked those sitting near, “Didn’t we throw three men into the fire? Why do I see four, and the forth resembles the son of a God?” For those familiar with this Biblical truth, we know that Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego walked out of the fiery furnace without any harm and they didn’t even have a scent of smoke on their clothing.

The difference between Nahum, Jonah, and the three Hebrew boys, when compared to the people of Nineveh and Nebuchadnezzar, is they knew God instead of only knowing about him. Can you imagine what Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego thought of the rest of the Israelites when they all immediately bowed when the music sounded? These three young men were wise and respected and were appointed as officials in the Babylonian Empire. They were not only respected by their own nation, but by many of the enemy nation that took them into captivity. These men were not only wise in the eyes of humans but apparently knew that true wisdom comes from the fear of God.

As they saw all of the Israelites bow, I wonder if they were looking around in amazement and disgust at their countrymen’s betrayal of the God of their fathers. It appears so many of them had transitioned from a state of knowing him to a state of knowledge about him.

The personal relationship Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego had with their Heavenly Father was so true and pure they took a stand. They told the king, “King Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we served is able to deliver us from it, and he will deliver us from Your Majesty’s hand. But even if he does not, we want you to know we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up.”

Although it seems they would be crushed by the governmental authorities, the one who holds all power and authority in Heaven and on earth was near and ready to save his faithful servants, the ones who know him and place all trust and confidence in his sovereignty.

How many of us have heard of Jesus Christ, know the miracles he performed, and know that he was raised from the dead? How many have heard that he has healed and saved people from sickness and tragedy?

Amy Oxenrider introduces Sweet Water

Amy Oxenrider

How many KNOW Jesus and walk with him daily? How many depend on him for all things in their lives. How many pray to him daily and read his word to gain wisdom and fuel for our everyday walk? How many are not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

So, the question to ask yourself is do you know about him, or do you personally KNOW him?

By Amy Oxenrider


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Gordon Mote To Be Featured On Andrew Brunet and Friends

Written by Staff on January 22, 2019 – 9:51 am -

Gordon Mote

(January 22, 2019)  — Gordon Mote will be the featured artist on Andrew Brunet and Friends, airing internationally the weekend of January 25th.

On this program, we will sit down and chat with Mote, about his latest project which features many great songs such as “Love Is The Golden Rule,” “Set Your House In Order,” and the title track “Love, Love, Love.”

Many remember Mote from his touring success and extraordinary piano playing with the Gaither Vocal Band and the Gaither Homecoming Tour.

Gordon MoteMote released this statement about appearing with Andrew: “I had a blast doing the interview with Andrew! He’s got a great show, and I’m sure it will keep growing and growing! Make sure you join his Facebook page, and look for many great interviews in the future.”

Tune in dates and times:

Saturday, January 25th- 7:00 AM PST- RacMan Christian Radio

Sunday, January 26th- 10:00 AM CST- WLDX- The River

Sunday, January 26th- 1 PM EST – AM 760 WCIS

Sunday, January 26th- 7 PM EST- Star99 Radio

Monday, January 27th- 4 PM EST- Appalachian Gospel Radio

Wednesday, January 29th- 6:00 PM EST- RacMan Christian Radio

Wednesday, January 29th- 8:00 PM EST- WBNI Radio

To find out more information about Gordon Mote, you can visit his website.

To find out more information about Andrew Brunet and Friends, you can visit his Facebook page.

Andrew Brunet and Friends is a nationally syndicated radio show, reaching millions of listeners across the nation with the sound of Southern Gospel music. Our goal is to reach the lost and dying souls in the world with the message of hope and encouragement, to know that no matter what trial they face, Christ is with them and will supply their needs according to his riches in glory.

We have been honored to have awesome guests on our show so far such as: Paul Heil, The Martins, Les Butler, Bradley Walker, among many others.

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Gospel trio Avenue welcomes new baby, requests Prayer

Written by Staff on January 21, 2019 – 4:25 pm -

Avenue welcomes new baby: Kasey and Haley Kemp shown with new baby boy, Autry and big sister, Avaline

Avenue welcomes new baby: Kasey and Haley Kemp shown with new baby boy, Autry and big sister, Avaline

Hendersonville, TN (January 20, 2019) – The world of Southern Gospel has grown with the birth of Autry Clark Kemp.  Autry was born Friday, January 18, 2019, to proud parents Kasey Kemp of Avenue and Haley Kemp.  Big sister, Avaline is also proud of her baby brother.

Shortly following the birth, Autry began showing signs of respiratory distress.  As a precautionary measure, the baby was admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit at a Nashville area hospital.  Reports indicate significant improvement as Autry is breathing with little assistance.  Autry was delivered at 37 weeks to avoid diabetes-related complications.  Haley Kemp, a Type 2 diabetic, is recovering well following the Caesarian section delivery.

“We know that God has Autry in his hands.  Your friendship and love encourage us more than you will ever know,” commented Kasey Kemp.

Avenue gospel trio

Avenue gospel trio

Avenue and the Kemp family ask for continued prayers on their behalf.

The Southern gospel group Avenue is comprised of Kasey Kemp, who sings baritone; the lead part is sung by Jacob Lagesse, while the tenor part is carried by Corey Lackey.  Avenue expects to continue their ministry dates as scheduled.

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Pray for the family of Pastor James Wright

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on January 21, 2019 – 8:13 am -

Edna Wright, wife of Pastor James Wright, posted the following on Facebook, January 22, 2019:

“My precious Honey James Wright, passed away just moments ago. He has won the battle and his struggling has ended. Sweet Victory In Jesus!!! Please continue to keep our family in your prayers for the days ahead.”

Pastor James Wright, was the pastor of Redemption Christian Center and Chaplain of the Southern Gospel Promoters Association (SGPA). He had been battling cancer for some time.

Please pray for his wife Edna and all of their family.

SGNScoops extends their sympathy and prayers at this time.

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Happy Monday….

Written by scoopsnews on January 21, 2019 – 5:59 am -

“For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. On their hands they will bear you up, lest you strike your foot against a stone.” -Psalm 91:11-12

God offers His pure and selfless love through the use of His angels. According to the psalmist, God commands many angels to guard us. God commands those faithful spirits who are nearest to Him, who come from Him and are marked by Him to guard us in all our ways. God’s promise through the psalmist to Jesus applies to us as well.

Here is a song that talks about Angels watching over us by TaRanda…

Happy Monday!

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“The Gospel Jubilee Cruise 2020”

Written by scoopsnews on January 20, 2019 – 10:16 am -

Join The Dixie Echoes, The Chuck Wagon Gang, New Ground, The Bibletones, The Dixie Melody Boys, Mylon Hayes Family, Trevor Thomas, Children Of The Promise, and JP Miller on the 2020 Gospel Jubilee Cruise! Set sail on a 5 day cruise to Amber Cove, Dominican Republic, and Grand Turk. SAVE SAVE SAVE! From now until Valentines Day, Feb. 14th, get $50 off your total cabin price, PLUS your deposit will only be $150 per person. After February 14th, the deposit will be $250 per person. You have until November to pay off your cruise, so why wait?

Contact Sandy at 800-993-8785, and sign up with your favorite Southern Gospel Artist today!

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Weekend Word: Being Steadfast

Written by Staff on January 19, 2019 – 7:22 pm -

Weekend Word





A Reality Check on being Steadfast

I received an email letter yesterday and it was unlike anything I had received before. I didn’t know the sender personally, I only knew them through my association with Southern Gospel. However, that letter made all the difference in my day. It was a positive reality  heck that I needed.

Why did it make a difference? Because it showed me that I was doing things I didn’t realize I was doing, and others had noticed. In a good way! The words of gratefulness and encouragement were more than just something you would send to a business associate. The writer had let God use their pen to show me that I was developing characteristics that God wants me to have in my life.

Steadfast? Me?

In my Bible reading yesterday, Psalm 57:7, the writer said that his heart was steadfast. That made me stop and think. I know what’s going on in my heart and my head most of the time (though maybe not always) and I didn’t think the word steadfast really applied to me.

However when I got the email, I realized that the writer was saying the same thing that the psalmist was saying. Sometimes you have to hear it from someone else to realize how others see you, and how you need to see yourself.

How do you see yourself? Do you see all the good things? Or do you see only the negative things? If you are like me, the negative stuff is a lot bigger and more noticeable than the positive.

Take some time to read the word of God and to find out what God is telling you through His word. And if you can’t see yourself as He sees you, be humble enough to accept the good things that others say about you.

Lorraine Walker, editor of SGNScoops Magazine

Lorraine Walker, editor of SGNScoops Magazine

So how do you learn to be steadfast?

You just are steadfast… or you aren’t.

Decide today that you are going to develop habits that will make you more like Christ.

Read God’s word, pray, talk to your friends about your faith, and listen to what they say about theirs. Learn from each other and learn from your pastor. Listen to music that uplifts Jesus.

Most of all, take time to be in the presence of the Lord. He has placed some amazing gifts, talents, and characteristics within you. You just need to see them and develop them.

Keep aiming to strengthen your faith. If you listen to the Word and listen to the Lord, you will hear Him saying to you exactly what the human writer said to me: “You ROCK!”

By Lorraine Walker. First published by SGMRadio in 2016.

Read the latest issue of the SGNScoops Magazine HERE.

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Younger Perspective on Hutch Jordan of the Jordan Family Band

Written by Staff on January 19, 2019 – 9:53 am -

Younger Perspective on Hutch Jordan of the Jordan Family Band

Younger Perspective on Hutch Jordan of the Jordan Family Band

Musicians make the world go ‘round…or at least they provide a catchy tune as it turns. Whether you are a musician or you have friends that are, you will know right off the bat that musical folk are just plain quirky, and definitely a breed all their own. Making music is a language unto itself, and today’s guest speaks it quite fluently. A newer addition to the Southern gospel world, Hutch Jordan of the Jordan Family Band joins us today for a little pickin’ and grinnin’.

Hutch Jordan of the Jordan Family Band

Hutch Jordan of the Jordan Family Band

Erin Stevens: How old were you when you chose your first instrument? What was it and can you tell us a little about those early days?
Hutch Jordan: I was eight. My poppa bought me my first drum set for Christmas. I went through a plethora of sets through the years, but I’ll always keep that set, as it is the sole thing that began my passion for music. I’m pretty sure the people in the neighborhood I was living in at the time got tired of hearing me bang on them every day after school.

Stevens: If you had to pick only one instrument to play the rest of your life, what would it be?
Jordan: Definitely guitar. That’s such a hard choice, though. I love playing everything else just as much.

Stevens: What does a normal practice session look like for JFB?
Jordan: Most people might assume chaos, but in all reality, when mom, dad, and Alex get together with me playing acoustic, everything flows so naturally.

Hutch Jordan of the Jordan Family BandStevens: When did you get into studio session work?
Jordan: I came into the overdub world about two or so years ago. But it was early this year when producers started hiring me for tracking day at different studios.

Stevens: Which do you enjoy more, playing on stage or in the studio?
Jordan: I enjoy both, but for different reasons. I love the energy of the stage, and I love the creativity in the studio.

Hutch Jordan of the Jordan Family BandStevens: If you could hand pick your favorite musicians to play with on an album, who would make up your dream team?
Jordan: I think I’ve already done so. I’ve worked with so many great players including Mark Hill, Gordon Mote, Rob Hajacos, Jeremy Medkiff, Garth Justice, Stone Carter, Scott Sanders, Wanda Vick, Andy Leftwich, and many, many more.

November 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

November 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

Stevens: Is there talk of a Hutch Jordan solo CD in the future?
Jordan: I’ve given that a lot of thought. I will definitely do an instrumental record sometime in the future.


Stevens: Could you see yourself teaching private lessons someday down the road?
Jordan: Actually, yes. I would love to start Skype lessons, or something to that effect. I think it would go well.

Stevens: Knowing your talents come from God alone, how do you give glory to him through your musical abilities?
Jordan: I try my best to take what he has given me to wherever he wants me to go. I know I couldn’t ever give him enough praise for what he is allowing me to do, so, I’ll just accept it, and let him guide me.

Closing thoughts from Erin Stevens…
Sometimes it’s hard for us to just ‘accept it.’ We fight it, kick against the grain, and try to do our own thing. But really, the Lord gave each of us unique abilities, specifically designed to fit our very unique callings. Maybe you have been running from what or where he is calling you to. May Hutch and I urge you to simply ‘accept it?’ Do that crazy thing Christ is nudging you towards, take that job, return that phone call, take that leap of faith. Accept the calling, accept the Master’s plan, and just do it.

And that’s my take on it.

Until next month, Scoops fans.

Connect with Erin via Social Media:
• Blog:
• Instagram: @erincolleenstevens & @photosforkeeps_byerin
• Twitter: @photosforkeeps


By Erin Stevens

First published by SGNScoops Magazine on November 2018

Read the latest issue of the SGNScoops Magazine HERE.

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Lindsey Graham Performs At Swedish Conference

Written by Staff on January 18, 2019 – 7:58 pm -

Lindsey Graham Performs At Swedish Conference

Lindsey Graham Performs At Swedish Conference

Estero, FL  – Popular Christian singer and musician, Lindsey Graham, was invited to sing for a New Year’s Conference which was televised throughout Sweden. Channel 10, the only Christian network in Sweden, covered the full two-day conference, with a special event to ring in the New Year.


The conference, held in Värnamo, was hosted by Pastor Tommy Liljas and well-known, popular Swedish evangelist, Tommy Dahlman. Both men preached throughout the conference, and several other guest ministers also spoke. A conference house band, comprised of various special guests, led the congregation in corporate worship all three days.


The event was created to encourage and cheer people who may be unable to spend the holiday with a church family or friends.  It was the hope that anyone feeling lonely, without the means to leave their homes, might still enjoy the festivities via television. The pastors mentioned several times that the event was especially focused on this segment of the population.


Lindsey said of the tour, “My highlight was being invited to lead the congregation in ‘Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus’ as the countdown led us into 2019. The conference theme was ‘Every Eye on Jesus.’ What a rich privilege to sing to Jesus and point others in His direction at the start of a brand new year.”



New Year’s Eve ended on a high-energy note with the song, “I Wish I Could’ve Been There.” Graham concluded the three day event with “Jesus, You’re Everything to Me” from her reflective EP, Still, My Soul, Lindsey’s newest project.


Still, My Soul, is a devotional EP that features seven beautifully crafted songs designed to bring the listener into a quiet moment with God. The EP package also includes a journal, bag, and pen —  available for a $20 bundled price.


Lindsey stated, “Journaling is such a rich part of my personal walk with the Lord. I’m easily distracted in my thoughts but journaling keeps me focused, and allows me to capture evidence of the hand of God. It’s a blast to go back and read previous journal entries because it helps me remember the small things. God is ALWAYS in the small things. Please consider journaling as part of your walk with the Lord this New Year.”



If you would like to interview Lindsey Graham contact AG Publicity at


To purchase Lindsey Graham’s music go to her website or these links:


Itunes.gif     GooglePlay.jpgamazonmusicicon.png


To connect with Lindsey Graham just follow her on social media or her Website:


Facebook Round.png  Twitter round.png   Instagram.jpg  Spotify.png  Youtube round.png  


To book Lindsey for your church, concert or event contact Dominion Agency 828- 454-5900.

Lindsey Graham

About Lindsey Graham


Lindsey has shared the stage with many Gospel greats including The Crabb Family, The Booth Brothers, Triumphant Quartet, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, The Isaacs, The Dixie Echoes, The Stamps, The Blackwoods, Kevin Spencer, Dennis Gwizdala, and Larry Ford. She participated in the 2007 Gaither Homecoming video Amazing Grace. Lindsey recently traveled full time with a southern gospel group, The Taylors. They made many appearances in North America, including NQC Mainstage 2012, as well as Sweden and Northern Ireland.


Through her continued classical vocal studies, Lindsey performs for the Naples Opera Society of Naples, Florida. In 2011, she traveled to Europe as a guest soloist of the Bach Ensemble of Naples, Florida. For three consecutive seasons Lindsey sang the National Anthem and the Canadian Anthem for the Boston Red Sox spring training games in Ft. Myers, FL. Lindsey is a studied pianist and flutist, incorporating both into her ministry. A 2005 graduate of Belmont University in Nashville, TN, she received a Bachelors of Music and was also inducted as a member of the Pi Kappa Lambda National Music Honor Society based upon GPA and staff member recommendation. Lindsey completed a Masters of Arts in Religion with an emphasis in Worship Studies from Liberty University in 2012 and in May of 2018 she received her Doctorate of Worship Studies from Liberty University’s School of Music.


Singing Christian music is extremely vital to Lindsey as she is eager to uplift and excited to share the love of Jesus with others. Her ambition is “to reach the lost and encourage believers in the Lord.”

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Dreams come true: a look at Ivan Parker

Written by Staff on January 17, 2019 – 7:47 pm -

Ivan Parker

Dreams Come True: a look at the ministry of Ivan Parker

Ivan Parker has had a long, storied career in the Southern gospel music field having sung with several popular groups. He has also been a staple of the Gaither Homecoming videos. Parker currently travels and ministers as a soloist, and is experiencing great success. From an early age, Parker always knew he wanted to sing. He has been blessed to be able to do what he loves and spread the Word of God through song.


Gospel music has been a major part of Parker’s life since the beginning. Parker, while at his father’s church, gave his heart to the Lord at nine years old and from that point, knew he wanted to sing.


“I started singing weekends with my brothers when I was 13 years old,” says Parker.. “My dad was a pastor so I grew up in church. Being from a large family of seven kids, we all learned to sing early in life. My first full time position came in 1982 with the Singing Americans. Then I started with Gold City in 1983 and traveled with them for 10 years. I immediately started my solo career in January 1994, and also started with the Gaithers doing a few tour dates in February of that year, which continued for years on video and concert dates.”


Parker’s unique and powerful lead voice is easily recognizable. His great sound and style was influenced by several of the great pioneers of the Gospel music field.


Parker states, “Through the years of loving Southern gospel music, there are many influences. I have always loved the crooning vocals and personality of Jake Hess, the smooth lead singing of Duane Allen with the Oak Ridge Boys.” He is now a part of that long line of incredible vocalists.


Gold City recorded some of its most popular hits during Parker’s tenure, including: “In My Robe Of White,” “I Think I’ll Read It Again,” “John Saw,” and “Midnight Cry.” The latter song became Parker’s signature.


November 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

November 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

Following his departure from Gold City, Parker embarked on a solo career in 1994. He has been nominated for, and received, several national gospel music awards. Parker’s music has resonated with audiences all over the world and captures beautifully the message of Christ. His latest mainline release “Dancing In The Rain” features his latest radio single which conveys a timely message.


Parker explains, “The latest radio single is called ‘Take Me To The Cross,’ written by Rodney Griffin. I had been looking for a song that was a mix of patriotic with a Christian message. Without Rodney and I talking, he emailed me this song and I knew God intended this song for me. It was the perfect blend of the two messages that I was wanting. I absolutely love this song!”

Read more »

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