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July 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 9, 2014 – 9:01 pm -

July 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

July 2014 SGNScoops Magazine

In this month of family vacations, celebrating freedom and enjoying summer, we hope you take a moment to see what we’ve done on SGN Scoops! We present to you a magazine filled with freedom, hope and all that is good in today’s Southern Gospel and Christian Country music!

July brings a whole host of features, including our cover story on America’s Favorite Gospel Music Family, The Hoppers. Craig Harris takes an in-depth look at the past, present and future of The Hoppers through the eyes of each of the family. Learn why Claude is smiling more these days and Karlye is studying hard. Read about Dean’s and Michael’s role in the group business and why Kim is humbled by her career. Take a close look at the ‘Mother’s Heart’ of Connie Hopper and why she smiles even more widely at the thought of what may be in store for Lexus. A terrific summer read!!

Dixie Phillips fills us in on another of Southern Gospel’s families, the Wilbanks; Marcie Gray tells us all about the Southern Gospel Music Associations’ Hall Of Fame and new contributor Dan Duncan interviews Christian Country artist James Payne. Speaking of Christian Country, don’t miss Natalie Taylor’s first-hand account of Red Roots’ appearance at Creation Festival NE 2014.

Jennifer Campbell shares her experience as part of a short-term missions trip to New York City. Lorraine Walker highlights Triumphant, who have just released a new praise CD, and Cross Pointe, whose new video can be seen on the right of the SGN Scoops website.

Don’t miss the activities of Lou Wills Hildreth as she shares her Love, Life and Legends column; David Staton’s ‘Can You Handle The Truth;” life moment devotions by Dr. Jeff Steele, Kelly Nelon Clark and Sherry Anne; and the must-read Younger Perspective by Erin Stevens who interviews Riley Harrison Clarke. Lorraine also brings us closer look at D.A. Callaway, the man behind Silver Dollar City’s Southern Gospel Picnic!

Other highlights include ‘Event Planner’, a concert review of the Karen Peck and New River Homecoming by Lynn Mills; super New Music reviews by our own Sandi Duncan Clark; and the new DJ Spotlight by everyone’s favorite southern DJ, Vonda Easley. And don’t miss Sandi’s “Letter From…” in the first part of the magazine.

Our publisher, Rob Patz, gets to the heart of things with a few thoughts on ‘Freedom’ in his Publisher’s Point. He also gets to interview his good friend, Pauline Patterson, in his column, ‘What America Wants To Know About…”.

Laurette Willis brings our thoughts back from summer sloth to healthy activities with her column, ‘Present Your Bodies.’

All this plus a Creekside Update, SGN Scoops Top 100 and much, much more! Read what is encouraging, uplifting, creative and gifted about our Christian artists and their ministries.

We hope you have time this month to put your feet up on your lounger, grab your iced tea (or coffee!) and open up SGN Scoops July magazine. You won’t be sorry!

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A Godly Heritage: The Mylon Hayes Family

Written by Lorraine Walker on July 24, 2014 – 10:38 am -

photo 1By Matt Baker

We’re seeing it now more than ever: second and third generation singers in Gospel Music. Look at the vast amount of young people that are singing or playing with their respective family groups: Madison and Morgan Easter, Austin and Ethan Whisnant, Jordan LeFevre, Amber Nelon Thompson and Autumn Nelon, and the list grows longer each year. Southern Gospel is alive with many of today’s youth, and I get to prove my point with these artists, The Mylon Hayes Family.

I must admit that this article was piece of cake to write. It was also very difficult to write. It was easy in the fact that I know this family well and count them as dear friends. There’s lots I can say about them. It was difficult in the fact that, well, I know this family well, count them as dear friends, and there’s lots I could say about them!

photo 2I spent some time with Mylon, Wendy, Conner, Bailey, and Kennedy at the Whisnant’s Homecoming in Morganton, North Carolina, last weekend, and this is what they had to say…

MB: Give us a brief history of your family’s heritage in Gospel Music, how you got started and how you started singing with your family now.

MH: Dad and Mom were singing and playing in groups before they were married. In fact, they met at a singing. Mom was playing for a group and Dad was singing with another group. After their marriage, they started the Goodwill Quartet which was a combination of Dad and Mom’s families. This was in the late ‘50′s and ‘60′s. Then my sisters and I came along and Dad and Mom started singing with us in the mid-‘70′s as The Hayes Family. We made our first recording in 1978. God blessed us to sing together about 40 years. In 2011, Dad went home to be with the Lord. But even before his home going, Wendy and I, much like Dad and Mom, had a desire to sing with our kids. After Dad’s death, we felt the Lord leading us to start with our kids as The Mylon Hayes Family. So we were able to record our first CD in late 2011, early 2012 and we started singing in local churches at that time.

photo 3MB: Did you ever hope something like this would happen, or did the Lord just seem to work it out this way, for you to travel with your family and pass on the heritage?

MH: As I mentioned, we had the desire to do it and it seems that the Lord has done the rest. For sure, we have seen God’s hand working out the details for this to happen. He has provided everything from transportation to the sound system, financial arrangements for the recordings to opportunities to minister. We’ve just tried to be obedient and available. It’s really been all God and we praise Him for it.

 MB: What people or groups influence your family’s sound?

MH: Well, we do some things that are reminiscent of The Hayes Family. So that’s the biggest influence. The kids, Wendy and I love Convention-Style music and have studied it at various singing schools over the last several years. The kids have many groups they love to listen to as well and each of them would be an influence on the way they sing and interpret songs. Of course, Wendy and I were both influenced early in our lives by The Nelons, the Speer Family, The Lefevres, The Inspirations and others.
MB: Wendy, what does it mean to you to travel and watch your kids use their talents for Christ?

WH: It just thrills me to know that they want to. They could be out doing many other things but yet they have such a great desire to go each time we have the opportunity. They don’t complain about being gone on weekends. I can’t tell you the joy it brings to me to watch God use them even at this young age and to see Him work in their lives. Read more »

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Michael English Concert Review

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 24, 2014 – 10:17 am -

Michael English in concert

Michael English in concert

July 11, 2014: A few hundred lucky people were in the presence of a gospel music legend. Mr. Michael English blessed our socks off in St. Joseph, Missouri as part of a series of upcoming concerts at Brookdale Presbyterian Church.

soul harvestA local quartet, Soul Harvest, opened the concert with some great four-part harmony. Songs such as “I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before,” “I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary,” and “The Lighthouse” fed our desire for the classic Southern Gospel songs of yesteryear. Their rendition of a favorite by the Hoppers, “Jerusalem,” brought the crowd to their feet. And I’m sure somewhere up above, George Younce and Glen Payne were singing along with Soul Harvest as they performed the acapella version of “Wonderful Grace of Jesus.” These guys were wonderful and I personally am looking forward to hearing them at the next exciting concert in this series on August 23!

Steve Ladd

Steve Ladd

Next, the incredibly talented Steve Ladd took the stage. What a privilege to hear this talented artist belt out tunes such as “Everlasting God,” “One More River To Cross,” “Through It All,” and “We Shall See the King.” He also sang one of my favorite songs previously recorded by Michael English, “That’s What Heaven Will Be Like.” Steve’s enthusiasm is contagious, and if he ever comes to your area, I would highly encourage you to get yourself to one of his concerts!

Michael English….what can I say. There are no words. He is an amazingly blessed vocalist and I don’t feel like that description even remotely does justice to his talent. He started off with “I Don’t Want To Get Adjusted,” “Waking Up The Dawn,” “Let’s Make A Baby King,” and “Great Day.” Steve joined him in singing a toe-tapping, hand-clapping crowd favorite, “I’ll Fly Away.”

Michael talked about his father who recently passed away, and sang “Go Rest High On That Mountain” in his honor. He then went into an acapella version of “What A Day That Will Be,” and I’m not sure there was a dry eye in the place. “Blessed Assurance,” “In Christ Alone,” “Molecule of Faith”….I know I’m missing some of the songs that were shared because I think we all were caught up in the moment. He ended the concert with what I like to call his “signature” song, “I Bowed On My Knees.”

michael-english-twoMichael shared his heart and he shared his testimony; he’s been through trials that most of us cannot fathom. Yet, there he stood, still amazed by God’s grace, still loving his Master, still praising God for bringing him through each circumstance, still professing his faith and his reliance on God to take him through each day. Michael is a living, breathing picture of God’s grace. And Michael, if you are reading this, know that there are a bunch of people in this old town of St. Joseph, Missouri who love you, love your heart, and pray for you continually. You will always be welcomed back with open arms. What an impact this man has made on my life and the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Have you attended any of concerts that have been offered the past couple of years in St. Joseph, Missouri yet? If you have, you can testify to the blessing you received each and every time you walked through the door. If you haven’t, you’re missing out big time, to put it bluntly. For this next upcoming concert (and believe me, you will not want to miss it!) you can check the Brookdale Presbyterian Church’s website at, and scroll down to News and Events. A very special thanks to Scott Peek, of Speek Ministries, for organizing and promoting these wonderful southern gospel concerts in Northwest Missouri.

Until next time, keep on keeping on!

By Sheri Witt

For more concert reviews and artist features, see the current SGN Scoops digital magazine on


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Chuck Wagon Gang Joins New Haven Records Roster

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 24, 2014 – 7:13 am -

Chuck Wagon Gang

Chuck Wagon Gang

Legendary Group to Release New CD and Documentary DVD in October

Franklin, Tenn – New Haven Records, home to such award-winning gospel artists as Gold City, Gordon Mote and Chicago Mass Choir, is proud to announce the signing of the legendary Chuck Wagon Gang.

New Haven Records president Ken Harding states, “The Chuck Wagon Gang holds the distinction of being the oldest mixed gospel recording group still performing with ties to its original founder. After 8 decades and 40 million in record sales, we couldn’t be more excited about their past, present and future.”

Meeting In Heaven: The Chuck Wagon Gang Sings the Songs of Marty Stuart is a brand new recording of twelve gospel songs written and produced by Marty Stuart in the spirit of “Dad” Carter who instructed them to “Sing the old songs, and sing them the way I taught you.”

Accompanying the CD release will be America’s Gospel Singers, The Legacy Lives On, a full-length DVD documentary shot by world-renowned photographer Jack Spencer which chronicles the 75-year history of the Chuck Wagon Gang through rare family photographs, poignant personal stories, old recordings and new live performances. In addition to Marty Stuart and the Chuck Wagon Gang, the DVD features special appearances by Connie Smith, Merle Haggard, Eddie Stubbs, and the Oak Ridge Boys.

“The original group, which was started in 1936, could never have imagined their efforts would be so far reaching,” Shaye Smith, alto and owner of Chuck Wagon Gang reflects. “The journey down this current path is completed with New Haven Records. I have so much confidence in Ken and his staff at New Haven.  Our upcoming projects could not have found a better home. So here we are, ready to embark on yet another path that will further perpetuate this heritage.”


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Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 23, 2014 – 1:37 pm -

Cathedrals Family Reunion

Cathedrals Family Reunion

July 23rd, 2014—NASHVILLE, Tenn.—Gaither Music Group and Innovative Management and Consulting, LLC (IMC) have announced the release of an all-new CD and DVD entitled Cathedrals Family Reunion Past Members Reunite LIVE in Concert.

The recordings, which will be available on September 2nd, capture the historical concerts that took place on November 8th and 9th, 2013, in Fort Worth, Texas, at the MacGorman Performing Arts Center where five former members of the legendary Cathedrals combined voices to celebrate the group’s legacy and pay honor to its founders Glen Payne and George Younce.

The two-day event featured performances by tenor Ernie Haase and his GRAMMY®-nominated quartet Ernie Haase & Signature Sound; baritone Scott Fowler and Legacy Five (a group he co-founded after The Cathedrals retired); lead vocalist and piano player Gerald Wolfe and Greater Vision (the heralded trio he formed upon leaving the group); beloved baritone and bass player Mark Trammel and The Mark Trammel Quartet; and tenor Danny Funderburk, now a popular solo artist and household name among gospel music lovers. The recordings, an encouraging walk down memory lane, are a tribute to group members Payne and Younce, two patriarchs and mentors who were an inspiration to countless singers for many decades. “Doing these great time-honored songs in the studio was great,” described Haase. “We thought that was all there would be of the experience. Then to sing them ‘live’ with each other was beyond words. To have had that one special night captured ‘live’ on DVD & CD was truly a bonus blessing. Hardly ever can you capture heart, emotion and spirit the way it actually happens in a live setting. Well, I for one feel that is exactly what has happened. Get ready to laugh a little and cry a lot…I sure did.”

The sold-out event marked the first time these five acclaimed vocalists had joined together to perform some of the most loved hits by The Cathedrals, whose career spanned over 35 years. The concert brought back countless memories for the singers and the audience alike, and the stories they shared left the congregation moved and inspired…and wanting more. The overwhelming response has resulted in a national tour in six select markets organized by IMC in association with Showcase Management. The tour will start this November in Akron, Ohio, the birthplace of the original Cathedral Quartet where it all began.
As with the original reunion event, each weekend will focus on celebrating the legacy of the iconic Cathedral Quartet, featuring music from each of the current artists as well as performances by this special Cathedrals Family Reunion line-up. The weekends will also feature memorabilia displays, special matinees, a behind-the-scenes Q&A session, a chance to tour “Silhouette” (the last tour bus The Cathedrals used) and more.
Produced by award-winning producer/songwriter Wayne Haun, the Cathedrals Family Reunion Past Members Reunite LIVE in Concert CD contains classic hits such as “Wedding Music,” “Yesterday,” “Somebody Touched Me,” “Step into the Water,” “Oh, What a Savior,” “Champion of Love,” “We Shall See Jesus” and more. The companion DVD, produced by IMC’s Landon Beene, contains 17 songs including additions “Oh, Come Along,” “We Shall Be Caught Up,” “Search Me O God” and more.

The new CD and DVD will be part of a tv special in September, airing on Dish TV, DirecTV, AT&T Uverse, GaitherTV, TBN, RFD, FamilyNet, CTN, UPtv, GMTN, Guardian, Liberty, TCT and TLN. It will air in Canada on Vision TV, CTS, The Miracle Channel and Hope TV, and the projects will be featured in HOMECOMING Magazine.
Cathedrals Family Reunion, Past Members Reunite LIVE in Concert will be available for pre-sale on Monday August 4th at and at
The releases will be distributed by Capitol Christian Distribution and will available at retail and digital outlets worldwide including iTunes, Amazon and For more information on the event and/or to purchase tickets or product please visit

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Classic Song, “Through The Fire” In The Spotlight

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 23, 2014 – 12:39 pm -

Jason Crabb

Jason Crabb

Ripley Mississippi, July 22, 2014- Fans of the huge CBS hit, Big Brother, got an unexpected “Jesus lesson” on Saturday night. During the 24/7 live feed of Big Brother on, houseguest Caleb Reynolds, was involved in a conversation with another member of the house when fans heard him talk about a song by Jason Crabb – a “huge gospel singer” as he described, and the Crabb family.

After quoting the lyrics to “Through The Fire,” the 2005 GMA Dove Award Song of the Year, Reynolds explained what the song meant to him personally. “It’s basically saying, it doesn’t matter if your relationship or marriage is perfect, it’s going to get rough. It’s going to go down, it’s going to go up, and that’s what the song represents to me when I hear it,” Reynolds said. “He {God} never promised it was going to be picture-perfect forever, but at the end of the day, He’ll show up in time and take you through it- whatever it is.”

The song, “Through The Fire” was initially released to radio February of 2000. It held the #1 spot on the Singing News Chart for 3 consecutive months and was named “Song of the Year.” After receiving the BMI Award in 2001, the song made a come-back on the Crabb Family’s DRIVEN album with special guest, Donnie McClurkin and was named the Traditional Gospel Song of the Year at the 2005 GMA Dove Awards. After being re-recorded on the Crabb Family’s LIVE AT BROOKLYN TABERNACLE, with special guests, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, “Through The Fire” received the 2006 Southern Gospel Song of the Year at the 37th Annual GMA Dove Awards.

After learning of Reynolds comments, the legendary, multi-award winning songwriter, Gerald Crabb stated, “It really blessed me to hear that ‘Through The Fire’ had been mentioned in this way. It never ceases to amaze me how this song just keeps showing up and touching lives. When I hear testimonies of how the song has reached so many people, I am reminded that it was truly a God-given song. I’m glad He allowed me to hold the pen.”

Jason Crabb added, “I am also continually amazed by the way God uses this song my father wrote so many years ago. Over and over it seems to find a new audience, giving life and hope to those who hear it. I am honored to be a part of the legacy of this song.”

Caleb Reynolds’ remarks came at a time of significant career expansion for both Jason and Gerald Crabb. In addition to writing other hit songs, Gerald along with partner, Alisa Asbury launched a new record label, A&G Entertainment in May of this year. Gerald just released a new album, BACK PORCH MISSISSIPPI in July 2014 and has written a book, THROUGH THE FIRE, containing personal testimonies regarding the song. Gerald’s schedule is filled with concert dates as well as preaching engagements.

Grammy award-winning, Jason Crabb just signed with a new record label which will help him expand his music to new audiences. His latest music video, “Love Is Stronger” grabbed attention from both Christian and mainstream press debuting on He is the author of TRUSTING GOD TO GET YOU THROUGH as well as the author of a new children’s book series. In addition to a full tour schedule, Jason pursues acting in movies and songwriting.

Gerald and Jason Crabb team up a few times each year for special concerts. By audience request, the song “Through The Fire” is usually if not always performed. Jason is scheduled to appear at the Gerald Crabb Gospel Fest onThursday, August 28, 2014 in Dalton, Georgia. For more information about Gerald Crabb, visit For more information about Jason Crabb, visit

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A Writer’s Home Announces Signing Nathan Woodard To Exclusive Agreement

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 23, 2014 – 8:32 am -

Nathan Woodard

Nathan Woodard

Wylie, TX (July 22, 2014) A Writer’s Home is pleased to announce an Exclusive Writer Agreement with Nathan Woodard. Nathan writes various genres of music (Worship, CCM, and Country) and although he is a newer writer to the Southern Gospel industry he has quickly established himself as someone to watch with two of his songs already charting in the Singing News Top 80.

According to Chris Binion, co-owner and Vice President of A Writer’s Home, “His country flattop feeling songs are not only well crafted but he has quickly been recognized by other writers as a strong lyricist. He is co-writing with some of the best writers in the industry and we are always excited to hear the work tapes that come from those sessions.”

A Writer’s Home is administered by Capital Christian Music Group and has multiple publishing companies one of which, Binion Music Group, just received its 1st BMI Award.

Chris continues by adding, “It has been a good year for us. We were honored with a BMI Citation of Achievement, a #1 song with “Long Live The King”, and now we are signing our first Exclusive Writer’s Agreement with Nathan… “Wow!… God has always been good to us but now he just showing off! LOL!”

For more information on songs written by Nathan Woodard, please email Chris Binion at .

You can learn more about Chris Binion and A Writer’s Home at or

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Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 22, 2014 – 3:25 pm -

 Joseph Habedank's Welcome Home on Daywind Records available today, Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Joseph Habedank’s Welcome Home on Daywind Records available today, Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Daywind Records Releases Highly Anticipated Debut Solo Project
Iconic Legendary Vocalist Russ Taff Makes Special Appearance
Nashville, TN – Joseph Habedank’s highly anticipated debut solo record, Welcome Home, was released today by Daywind Records. The project is available at all physical and digital retailers. Welcome Home features Habedank’s current radio single “Never No Never” written by Habedank along with Tony Wood and Lee Black. The song is poised to open new doors for the vocalist and remind fans of the voice they came to love during his tenure with long-time fan favorites, the Perrys.
For Welcome Home, Habedank joined forces with longtime friend Ricky Free as his producer and arranger. Free is quickly becoming one of the most sought-out musical producers and arrangers, effectively producing a fresh sound, while keeping the traditional at heart. The album, born of personal trials, triumphs and stories, is one close to the heart of Joseph.
“I feel like my very heart and soul is presented on this project,” Habedank says of the songs on the release. “I am excited for people to hear this record with the themes of hope, trust, forgiveness and mercy abounding! I hope people enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.”
A particularly memorable moment for Habedank was the guest appearance of the legendary Russ Taff, who lends his voice to the track “Empty,” written by Habedank and Benji Cowart. “I LOVE Russ Taff,” Joseph exclaims! “He has always been one of my heroes and has become a dear friend to me. To have him appear on my first solo project is a thrill that no words can explain.”
Along with Habedank, the project features songs penned by Kenna Turner West, Michael Farren, Chris Binion, Keith Hill, Sue C. Smith, Joel Lindsey, and Matthew Holt.
Joseph is appearing on select solo dates in support of Welcome Home. For more information and tour dates, visit
For more information on Daywind Records, visit
Connect with Joseph Habedank

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The Singing Byrds Release New Song

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 22, 2014 – 1:00 pm -


The Singing Byrds

The Singing Byrds from Danville, Kentucky have released a new song to radio. It was sent to radio on Patterson Promotions compilation ~ Volumn 15 {in the independant Artist section} and can also be found at
The song “Gonna Run On Home Now” a Spencer Family classic, written by Barbara and Kevin Spencer from Mansfield, Ohio,  is the second release from their current project, “Homesick” which was recorded at Family Room Studios in Nashville with Pastor Robb Tripp.
To book this Minisrty or to order product, you may contact: Jeanie Bailey at 859-236-7740, or e-mail,

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Tune-In Alert For Music City Show Featuring The Hoppers

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 21, 2014 – 5:44 pm -

Music City Show

Music City Show

Nashville, TN (July 21, 2014) Don’t miss this exciting new season of The Music City Show airing Thursday, July 24th at 7PM CST featuring the ever popular family group the Hoppers. Known for their appearances on the Gaither Homecoming videos and winning several Gospel Music awards they will be sharing the program along with Host Tim Lovelace and The Positive Cowboy Jim Sheldon. The Music City Show is viewed weekly on the RFD-TV channel.

The Positive Cowboy, Jim Sheldon, is one of the most popular regular features on the program. His hymns and patriotic songs uplift and inspire the audience. The humor and variety of host Tim Lovelace keeps the show interesting and entertaining.

The link below will give you a preview of this next exciting show:

The Music City Show is a series based in Nashville, TN – America’s favorite music city. The show has many elements of Nashville that people love, namely a live band, talented artists and comedic entertainment. It is likened unto The Tonight Show, with comedy segments, a guest host, and a beautiful cityscape backdrop.

RFD-TV’s channel’s name is a reference to Rural Free Delivering, the name for the United States Postal Service’s system of delivering mail directly to rural patrons. Production and uplinking facilities for RFD-TV are located at Northstar Studios in Nashville, TN while the channel’s corporate and national sales office are based in Omaha, Nebraska

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Gospel Music Today For July 21st On

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on July 21, 2014 – 7:33 am -

July 21 Gospel Music TodayRoyce Taylor is the guest on Gospel Music Today for the week of July 20. Ken and Jean Grady host southern gospel news and concert updates, the Feature Group is The Riders, and Jean reviews a new recording by Carla Bragg.  An article entitled “We Have a Question ” is the subject of this week’s Singing News Notes. The show includes a new music video by Noah Hinshaw, exclusive video of Abundance Quartet, recorded by Gospel Music Today’s cameras at the Southern Gospel Worship Gathering, at The Assembly, in Broken Arrow, OK,, and a visit to the Gospel Music Today Archives for an exclusive concert video of The Booth Brothers at Gospel Singing Time, in Bixby, OK. In the News segment, Jean tells news about The Collingsworth Family, the Nelons, the McKameys and Ken wishes Chris Freeman a “Happy Birthday”.
The show is on KWHB TV47 in Oklahoma every Sunday at 4:30 PM, and on Roku on FFE TV Monday at 8:00 PM and AllNations TV Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:30 PM. Check local TV schedule for Beaumont, TX, Tyler, TX. Atlanta, TX, and Morrilton, AR.
The current edition of Gospel Music Today is online now at the Gospel Music Today website,

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