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February 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on February 7, 2018 – 8:42 am -

February 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

February 2018 SGNScoops Magazine

We are happy to present you with the February issue of SGNScoops Magazine. In honor of the month of love, we feature the story of Morgan Easter Smith and her husband, Landan. These best friends made their relationship “forever” last fall and tell us about that day.

Read all the great features like Poet Voices by Justin Gilmore, author Donna Sparks by Fayth Lore, Herb Henry Family by Derek Simonis, Amber Eppinette of 11th Hour by Erin Stevens, Mercy Rain by Rob Patz, and New Year wishes by Craig Harris.
Our Christian Country section features a look at Chuck Day’s anniversary, artist Shelly Wilson and the Top 40 chart.
Don’t miss the articles by David Staton, Dusty Wells, Selena Day, Roger Barkley, Jr., and Joan Walker. Randall Hamm reviews new projects, Vonda Easley shines the DJ Spotlight, and we also bring you event updates.
All this and more in this issue of SGNScoops Magazine. We also hope you will find the love and light of Jesus Christ within our pages. If you have any questions or comments please write me at
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Did You See This? Way To Go Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

Written by scoopsnews on February 25, 2018 – 1:02 pm -

Way to go Guys!

The National Anthem live from the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500, only on NASCAR on FOX! We love our country!!

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“Rooted” With Billy Huddleston

Written by scoopsnews on February 25, 2018 – 6:36 am -

Blurred Vision
Mark 8:23b

“And when He had spit on his eyes and put His hands on him,
He asked him if he saw anything.”

It was a journey in the darkness.
Jesus took the blind man by the hand and led him out of Bethsaida.
So many, when they felt the touch of Jesus – or, even just heard His voice – were instantly made well.
But, not this time.
He was still completely blind.
So, it was a journey in the darkness.
Eventually, every journey comes to an end.

Last week, we thought about the distance that Jesus and this blind man walked. We just don’t know. All we know is that the journey started and eventually stopped. I’m still amazed at the trust of this man to go where Jesus was leading . . . All the while, still completely blind. I want to trust Him like that, don’t you?

Let’s jump back into the story . . .

At the beginning of verse 23, Jesus leads this blind man out of Bethsaida. At the end, they stop walking. And, this is where the story gets humorous for me. I want you to picture it – there is no conversation, no warning, no explanation – Jesus just spits on this man’s eyes.

Did you catch it?
He SPITS on his eyes!

They don’t do that at LensCrafters! I guarantee, if the next time you go to the eye doctor, you’re placed in the chair, they lean you back and lean over you, then he or she begins to clear their throat . . . Well, you’re out of there. You’ll go to Pearle Vision, Walmart, Sam’s Club, anywhere! You don’t spit in people’s eyes. But, Jesus did. I don’t know why. But, He did.

Then Jesus asks a question,
“What do you see?”

We must be careful not to simply quickly read past this question. It’s an important question. So important that it’s found (in one form or another) in verses 27 and 29. It’s a question that we are all confronted with in our journey; one we all must answer. And, the response will determine so much.

This is probably a good time to share some things that I believe about God:
• He does things completely
• There is a work He’s doing in me (and, in you too)
• He will finish what He started
In other words, He doesn’t half do it!
He longs to do a complete work in our lives.

What do you see?
I can only imagine how the conversation went:

“It’s better, Jesus.
I mean, before it was dark and now I see light.
There’s a blue sky. I see brown dirt.
I can see men, Jesus! But, they look like trees.
And, I’m pretty sure men aren’t supposed to look like trees.
But, it is better.”

Don’t you just love his honesty in this moment? You realize he could have just exclaimed, “I can see!” and gone on with his life. Because, the truth is, what he had now was better than what he had before. Before, he was in darkness. Now, he’s in light. Before, he had no sight. Now, he can see – just not clearly. His vision was blurred. So, he could have just said, “I can see!”, but he would have died thinking men looked like trees. He would have died never seeing clearly. He would have died with blurred vision. Instead, the man was honest.

May I ask you a question?

Why would you settle for less than God’s best for your life? So many of us settle for better when He has a best. Maybe I should express it like this: Why choose blurred vision when He has promised a brighter day? It doesn’t make sense does it?

There comes a time that we all have to be honest with Him.
The blind man was, and it made all the difference.

“I see men like trees, walking.”

Because of his honesty, Jesus touches him again. And, in that touch complete restoration came! Aren’t you thankful that we have a God that does things completely?!? In His touch the blurred becomes focused. He sees everything clearly. But, it came through his honesty.

So far, in our journey with this blind man, we have seen:
• We live in a blind city
• Most choosed to live in a blurred state
• Jesus came to offer a brighter day
And, if we believe that He does things completely we can see clearly now. But, it requires honesty before Him.

So, what do you see?

How is your vision?
Are you living in a blurred state?
Settling for better when God has a best?

Will you get honest with Him today?
Confess that wrong attitude.
Give Him that struggle that is dragging you down.
Deal with the negativity that keeps you defeated.

Whatever it is . . .
Get honest with Him so your vision can clear!

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Weekend Word From SGN Scoops

Written by scoopsnews on February 24, 2018 – 6:25 am -


Weekend Word

Psalm 46:10

Be still, and know that I am God.

David experienced trouble. He survived by trusting in the Lord.

David also wrote. “Meditate within your heart on your bed, and be still” (Psalm 4:4)

Many of us have lost the ability to meditate on God.

When we lay down at night, we toss and turn and worry about our problems instead of calmly meditating and trusting God.

We need to trust God. Trusting Him gives us strength to face each day with confidence…

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The Needhams announce the release of their brand Album

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on February 23, 2018 – 2:52 pm -

The Needhams announce the release of their brand Album

The Needhams announce the release of their brand Album

“The Needhams announce the release of their brand new recording Burden Bearer, celebrating 20 years of touring professionally in Christian music. Ten original tracks penned by sibling songwriters Dave Needham and Diane Needham Mummert represent a high water mark for the band. Bonus content includes an interview with original band members David and Eileen Needham, along with a recording from 1976. The Needhams’ album is being kicked off with a West Coast tour beginning March 1, in Oklahoma, then heading farther to Colorado, Nevada, California, and Arizona, before coming back to the East Coast. More information, scheduled tour dates, and music can be found at, as well as on iTunes, and streaming on Spotify and Pandora.”

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Do You Know Tony Alan Bates? Check This Out!

Written by scoopsnews on February 23, 2018 – 10:11 am -

Do You Know This Guy?

Tony Alan Bates is a gifted communicator with the ability to connect with audiences in a variety of venues and genres. But perhaps Tony is most known for being the guy with no fingers who can flat wear out a piano!

Tony was born with stubs for fingers and after praying for the gift to play the piano, 7 days later he was playing!

Tony is one of those artist who can sing and play any style. He has experienced national chart success in Christian Country Music with his first 2 singles, “Living Right” & “Ordinary Joe” peaking at #13 and #12 respectively. Tony Alan Bates has shared the stage with many household names in gospel and mainstream country music.

**Tony in an Ordained Minister and serves as Sr. Pastor at My Church in Woodstock, VA. He is in the pulpit on most Sunday mornings. Select Sunday morning dates are available and is on a first come first served basis. Sunday evenings, revivals, corporate, and concerts dates are available otherwise. Call us today to check available dates not listed on the website.

More about Tony: HERE

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Pat Barker Joins The Guardians

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on February 22, 2018 – 1:49 pm -

Pat Barker Joins The Guardians

Pat Barker Joins The Guardians

StowTown Records recording artists, The Guardians, have announced a transition from a trio to a quartet as occasional guest bass vocalist Pat Barker has joined the group on a permanent basis.

“Pat’s bass voice is unsurpassed in this industry,” states The Guardians’ Dean Hickman. “When he’s made guest appearances with this group in recent years, he always brought such excitement, energy, and true professionalism to the stage. Not only is he a remarkable bass singer, Pat also has a sincere heart for ministry and proclaiming the Gospel. Pat represents the quality and goodness the future of Gospel music holds.

“I am so honored to be an ‘official’ member of The Guardians,” says Pat Barker. “I have known and loved these guys for many years, and, likewise, I’ve followed their musical career during that time. I’ve been blessed to have the occasional opportunity to sing with them in many concerts and church services, so I’ve learned first-hand that the fellows in this group are truly remarkable men who love God. I’m very thankful to be joining their ministry on a full-time basis.”

The Guardians’ transition from trio to quartet is effective immediately. To learn more about The Guardians, including the group’s tour schedule, visit

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A Powerful Word From Gabriel Swaggart

Written by scoopsnews on February 22, 2018 – 1:01 pm -

When the going gets tough, stand. When the storm clouds are rolling in, stand. When the waters are flooding your boat, stand. When Satan comes at you as a roaring lion, stand. When the enemy floods your life with negativity, stand. When you don’t know what to do, stand. Having done all, stand. Problems will come and problems will go, but one thing that remains is Christ. We dare not stand on our own, but we stand in the liberty where Christ has made us free. We stand knowing that Christ has and will deliver us in our darkest hour. No matter what, keep standing!

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The Steeles at Southern Gospel Weekend

Written by scoopsnews on February 22, 2018 – 10:15 am -

The Steeles will be singing at Southern Gospel Weekend in Oxford , Alabama on Friday March 2nd. Make plans to attend this great event  March 1-3.

Ticket info: 256-310-7892

(Over 30 artists)

Check out this great song written by Jeff Steele and son Brad…….


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Congrats To The Top 100 SGN Scoops February 2018

Written by scoopsnews on February 22, 2018 – 6:32 am -

SGNScoops Top 100

SGNScoops Top 100 FEB (March Magazine)

1. Guardians- Present in the Presence of the King
2. Steeles- Prodigals
3. Karen Peck & New River- Hope For All Nations
4. Triumphant Quartet- Thankful, So Thankful
5. Brian Free & Assurance-He Can Take It
6. Gold City- I Will Stand
7. Perrys- Moses and Elijah
8. Kingdom Heirs- The Last Big Thing
9. Isaacs- If That’s What it Takes
10. Hoppers- Song of Moses
11. 11th Hour- Doin What’s Right
12. Joseph Habedank-Just When You Thought
13. Kingsmen-Hear The Word of The Lord
14. Collingsworth Family-You’re About to Climb
15. Gaither Vocal Band- Hallelujah Band
16. Erwins-Clouds
17. Whisnants-He’s Never Moved
18. Sunday Drive-11:59
19. Susan Whisnant- I Prayed Through It
20. Wisecarvers-Plain and Simple
21. Bowling Family- I Believe He’s Alive
22. Mylon Hayes Family- The Coming Of The Lord
23. Jeff and Sheri Easter-Sing It Again
24. Old Time Preacher’s Quartet-I’ll Ride This Ship To The Shore
25. Akins- Dying To Be With You
26. Hyssongs-I Tell Them Jesus
27. Debra Perry & Jaidyn’s Call- Somebody Pray
28. The Littles- Whole Lot of Heaven In The House
29. Josh & Ashley Franks- While My Tears Are Falling
30. Zane & Donna King- Hallelujah & Amen
31. Day Three- Might Go Home Today
32. Bates Family- You Are
33. LeFevre Quartet-Let The Church Rise
34. Billy Huddleston- Freedom, Oh What A Word
35. McKameys- Living For Eternity
36. Shellem Cline-Getting In The Word of God
37. Hazel Stanley- People Get Ready
38. Greenes- Send A Little Rain
39. Second Half Quartet- During The Rapture
40. Coffmans-Know So
41. BloodBought-In The Eyes of Man
42. Music City Quartet-I Wanna Be Somebody
43. The Walkers- Holy Spirit Flow Through Me
44. Pruitt Family- Bless His Name
45. Mercy’s Well- When We Make It To The Others Side
46. Dean- Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk
47. Allison Speer- Out of Here
48. MARK209-I Can Call Jesus
49. Battle Cry-You’re All I Need
50. Pine Ridge Boys- Sail On Over
51. CT Townsend- My God Delivered Me
52. Summit Trace- What God Looks Like
53. Chandlers- He Does
54. Inspirations-We Are Christians
55. Page Trio- God Will Fight The Battle
56. Exodus- Behold The Lamb
57. Kendricks- Old Piece of Clay
58. Griffith Family-That’s Who He Is
59. Ivan Parker-A Little More Like You
60. Three Bridges-Jesus Saves
61. Covered By Love- I’ll Lay My Crown
62. Lore Family-Asking, Seeking, Knocking
63. Abby Pasvan- Anchor To The Power Of The Cross
64. Psalm 101-Don’t Let Me Miss The Glory
65. Lear Family-Too Far From Home
66. Michael Combs-How Do They Make It
67. Rochesters-Bow The Knee
68. Down East Boys- Pray
69. Michael Wayne Smith- Lead Me Lord
70. Heart 2 Heart-He Is There
71. Dysart Family- Jesus Loves You
72. Steve Ladd-Since I Laid My Burdens Down
73. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound-Clear Skies
74. Aaron & Amanda Crabb- Restore Me
75. Blackwood Brothers Quartet-The Love Of God
76. Rick Webb Family-Jesus, Only Jesus
77. Lauren Talley- Our Song Will Be Jesus
78. Ball Brothers-Let Your Light Shine
79. Chris Golden- Less Of Me
80. Taylors-For What I Don’t Know
81. Steve Warren-Forever Kind Of Love
82. Ferguson Family-Living For The Call
83. The Farm Hands-The Bible In The Drawer
84. Michael English- Love Is The Golden Rule
85. Browns- Know You Now
86. Adam’s Voice-Come, Sit On The Porch
87. Just One- If Not Jesus, Who?
88. Browns- Aim Higher
89. Masters Voice-Without You, I Haven’t Got A Prayer
90. Tim Lovelace-Living In A Coffee World
91. Mark Bishop-The Other Room
92. Primitive Quartet-The Shephard Became The Lamb
93. Austin & Ethan Whisnant-Should Have Been Three
94. Dixie Echoes-Sweet By and By
95. Ascension Quartet-Salvation Is Found On A Cross
96. Christian Davis- He Can’t Stop Loving You
97. Bilderbacks-Take Away The Cross
98. Nelons- You Can’t Make Old Friends
99. Judith Montgomery & Family- There Is A Remedy
100. Mark Dubbeld Family- This Joy Is Mine

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Jesse Reece Joins M.A.C. Records

Written by scoopsnews on February 22, 2018 – 4:16 am -

Jesse Reece Joins M.A.C. Records

By Leslie McKay

M.A.C. Records is pleased to announce that Christian/Country artist, Jesse Reece, has joined the M.A.C. family.

“We are excited to welcome Jesse Reece to the M.A.C. Records family. We have been watching Jesse’s career for the past 4 years. He’s proven that he lives what he sings. He is a positive role for the younger generation and we wanted to be able to reach them with music they can relate to. Jesse fits that and more with music that speaks to everyone – young and not so young,” said Dennis McKay of M.A.C. Records.

Jesse Reece is not a “newbie” when it comes to Christian/Country music. He started writing songs and singing and playing guitar about 8 years ago after a terrible car wreck that almost took his life. Jesse says that God started opening his eyes to the things that really matter and since then he has given his life completely to serving Him in all that he does.

Jesse released his first album, “Finding My Way” in 2013 followed by his second album, “Brand New Start” in 2015.  Jesse is an award winning artist that has been recognized in the industry for his talents. He was awarded the 2014 Christian Voice Magazine Male Horizon Artist of the Year and the 2014 AMG New Artist of the Year, as well as the 2015 ICGMA Crossover Artist of the Year.

From a personal standpoint, the last couple of years have been full of changes for Jesse.  He has a great family that supports his music career and that family grew just a little bit bigger when he married the love of his life, Emelia, in June of 2017. Not only did he get married, but in the midst of everything that goes along with preparing for a wedding they built a new house and now make their home in Ethelsville, AL.

During the last couple of years, Jesse also took time to step back from the music scene and reflect on who he is and who God wants Him to be as an artist. He’s now ready to go. His first step was to look at creating a new project that is 100% Jesse Reece and that is where M.A.C. Records came into the mix.

“I decided to sign with M.A.C. Records (Dennis and Leslie McKay) because they are a reputable company. I have worked alongside them for the past 3 years and they have always been quick to offer assistance in any way while never pressuring me to sign with them. I feel that M.A.C. Records has great leadership and character. It is the right fit for me,” commented Jesse Reece.

With Heath Elliott as engineer and Dennis McKay and Jesse Reece as producers, the finishing touches are being put on a new project scheduled to be released in the next few weeks. This project will feature all original songs written or co-written by Jesse. When asked to describe what makes this project different than the others, Jesse said, “In the past, I kinda got lost and found myself going in a direction musically that just wasn’t who I am. I am very confident after hearing the new record you will feel like you’ve personally met me. That is what separates it (this project) from the rest in my opinion…100% Jesse Reece.”

In addition to releasing a brand new project, the first radio single, “Deeper”, will also hit the airwaves in the next couple of weeks. This is a really special song to Jesse because he had the honor of co-writing this song with one of the most well-known songwriters in Christian music and someone Jesse describes as “my songwriter hero” – Gerald Crabb. The song talks about going deeper with God and making it about more than just going through the motions.

For more information about Jesse, go to:

Facebook: Jesse Reece Fans & Friends

Instagram: @jessereecemusic


For more information about M.A.C. Records, go to:

Facebook: @musicstudio115a


Phone: 662.889.2829 (Dennis McKay)

Dennis McKay and Jessie Reece






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