Davis Family Music Ministry Featured in Missourian Newspaper

{EHA-Nashville, TN} The talented Davis Family of Washington, MO was recently featured in the Missourian Newspaper. Their story from the beginning of the group that started with David and Rosemary Davis has been a lifelong calling and continued to present. Rosemary’s book about the family musical journey has been well-received and is a touching account of a passion to sing Southern Gospel Music. The group was named “New Artist of the Year” at the Annual USAGEM Awards show in the Fall. The group has received positive feedback on their latest CD project and making plans for a new one to be announced soon. They performed at Barbara Mandrell’s restaurant in Nashville for a Christmas Gala organized by the Music City Christian Fellowship, headed up by Lynn Fox. For more info on the Davis Family: 1-314-420-7068  For a free comp disc/press kit: Office@EHA-Nashville.com