Day to Day by Selena Day: Seeing differently

Chuck Day and Selena Day
Chuck Day and Selena Day

Chuck and I have taken the year off from traveling overseas due to our daughter’s wedding. It’s been a year of planning and dreaming, waiting expectantly for her big day to arrive.

I think this day is more meaningful to me than my own wedding, because I have been unconsciously dreaming of this day her whole life. I had the wedding of my dreams, so I have always wanted to give each of our girls their dreams as well.

I have been thinking recently about the mother’s heart and how we tend to think of God only in a male form, but there are many scriptures that talk about his love for us in a maternal way.

Selena Day and daughter
Selena Day and daughter

During this year of planning, I have wanted to move heaven and earth so that my daughter’s dreams can come to pass. As a mother, the joy hasn’t been in only giving her what she desires. It has been having the experience of watching her as she tried on the many wedding dresses to find just the perfect one. It has been the moments when I have needed to give her a pep talk to trust in God’s plan, when inside I was struggling to believe it for myself.

I am reminded of God’s heart towards us and how He not only loves us as a Father but like a Mother as well. He holds us close to Himself and cares about every tiny detail in our life.

This past year, no wish my daughter has expressed has been too insignificant to me. I have listened to her wishes and expressed my thoughts, and we have discussed the best outcome. But in the end, it has been whatever she has wanted that we have tried to make happen.

In every phase of my children’s lives, I have learned more of how God sees us and how He delights in watching us and bringing our dreams to pass for us.

Selena DayI will never forget the first wedding dress she came out in … it took my breath away. The emotions that it stirred inside of me, it was better than the day I saw myself in a wedding dress. The wedding dress she chose was the one she fell in love with the first day we looked at them, and when I was able to pay the last payment and hand it to her, my heart swelled as she pulled it close and hugged it thanking me for making her dream come true.

On Aug. 18, Chuck will walk her down the aisle, and we will all be watching her as she stares into the eyes of her love and pledges her promise to him.

I am so thankful that God allowed me to be a mother and to experience seeing my child in the way He sees me. A mother’s heart is fierce toward her children. I am pretty laid back in most cases, but when it comes to my children, I will fight any giant to protect my girls.

Chuck always says that he would gladly lie down and let someone run a truck over him to protect his girls. I think a mother’s heart would be to take a stick to that truck and beat the life out of it.

If we are created in the image of God, I believe that God has those same feelings towards us as His children.

I personally believe that it is beneficial for us to see the maternal side of our Creator in our life. He cares so deeply for us, and His love is boundless.

Chuck and Selena Day on their wedding day
Chuck and Selena Day on their wedding day

After 28 years in ministry, one of the greatest obstacles that I have seen people encounter over and over again is the belief that God loves them. When you struggle with that fact, you struggle believing that God is good, that God is for you and that every day God’s desire is to give you all that you desire.

My prayer for you today is that you can see through any pain or rejection you encounter, to see the love our God has for you, and that just as we have worked hard to give our daughter all that she has dreamed of for her special day, God wants to work that hard for you and your dreams.

By Selena Day

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First published by SGNScoops Magazine August 2017.

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