Daywind Writer, Dianne Wilkinson, Tops the Charts For the 2nd Consecutive Month

Hendersonville, TN (March 16, 2012) – Daywind songwriter, Dianne Wilkinson, recently had the honor of watching two of her songs ascend to the top of the Singing News Charts.  “Peter, James and John,” sung by Gold City, reached the #1 position for the month of March, with the Kingdom Heir’s “Tell Me Why” landing in the #2 spot: something Ms. Wilkinson had not experience in 40 years of writing.  “I didn’t know if ‘Tell Me Why’ would hit the top spot, but it did the next month, and I had never had that happen, either” shares the award-winning songwriter.


The song, “Peter, James and John,” centers on the night after the Last Supper, and the thoughts and actions of Jesus, Judas, Peter, James, and John.  As soon as the demo was completed, Daywind’s Vice President of Music Publishing, Rick Shelton, delivered the song to Gold City, in hopes that the solid lyric with a country gospel feel would find a place on their newest recording.  To Dianne’s surprise, not only did it find a place on the CD, but it also became their first single.  “They did a spectacular job on their recording of it,” Dianne says of the song. “And I was so happy to see it go to #1! It had extra special meaning to me because I had not had a #1 song on them since ‘He Said’ back in 2000.  It’s very gratifying that people have identified with this deeply doctrinal song that also has a nice ‘Gold City groove’.”


“Tell Me Why” tells the story of an unsaved man asking questions of his Christian friend, which leads to his acceptance of Christ.  Feeling as though the song fit the Kingdom Heirs exactly, the song was sent to them and put on hold for their CD, We Will Stand Our Ground.  The song became their first radio single as well, and landed in the #1 spot for the month of April.


“All I can say is that God will still bless and use his children in their later years,” comments Dianne.  “I’m humbly thankful that He is still allowing me to experience the joy of writing Gospel songs and that there are still groups who get the message I want to share out there to the people!”


“From the Cathedrals hit, ‘Boundless Love,’ her first #1, to ‘Peter, James and John’ and ‘Tell Me Why,’ Dianne Wilkinson’s songs are woven into the fabric of Southern Gospel music,” adds Rick Shelton.  “Because of songs, like these, that are simply prone to four-part harmony singing, she has been affectionately dubbed ‘The Queen of Quartet Music.’  The exceptional quality of her writing consistently conveys truths from the Word and encouragement for the saints.  Dianne is a well-loved member of the Daywind family and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her success!”


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