Drummond Family Signs Booking Agreement with Judah Promotions

{EHA-Nashville, TN} The Drummond Family recently signed a booking agreement with
Judah Promotions of Florida. Elizabeth Youngblood McCormick is the contact person for the agency and can be reached by calling 850-774-8667 or email her at: elizabeth99@bellsouth.net. The popular group debuted on the Singing News top 80 charts this year with “Walk On” and also released “Grounded” that received positive nods from radio, as well. Promoters, pastors, and other persons interested in booking the Drummond Family can call the agency or still contact the group directly. The family group has won awards with the Country and Gospel Music Association at the national level and has continued to grow their Southern Gospel and Christian Country fan base with charting on Southern Gospel Times, Powersource Magazine, Singing News, and more. For additional info: www.drummondband.com