Elijah And The Whirlwind

Elijah And The Whirlwind

By: Christina Beightol

My dear Sis just had a dream about a blast from a tornado siren.

The first thing that came to mind was Elijah. So I prayed about it and began reading 2 Kings where Elijah was going from town to town, and the people kept rushing at Elisha saying, “Don’t you know he’s going to leave you today?” And each time (there were 3 times recorded) Elisha responded with “Yea, I know. Hold your peace.”

Each time Elijah moved, he asked Elisha to remain back, but Elisha wouldn’t be swayed. So he followed.

Then at the last place they went, Elijah asked Elisha what he wanted to which Elisha responded, “Double portion of your anointing.”

This is technically only God’s authority to give, but because Elijah was a genuine prophet and in alignment with God, he was able to acknowledge this request with a conditional if – IF you see me when I go, you shall have.

As they went on and talked, a chariot of fire appeared, and a whirlwind carried Elijah away. Elisha saw this and received.

When God gives warning, people must get ready and be watching for what He’s about to do. Eyes must remain focused on Jesus and not become distracted by outside gossip and whispers.

Elisha kept telling everyone who approached that he knew! And for them to hold their peace.

Oftentimes, chatter gets in the way and can become a distraction. Elisha wasn’t about to miss out on what God was about to do. He stayed focused and waited, not letting go!  

We should also keep focused on Jesus to the point that we are not distracted by all the outside noise. This way when the clarion call is sounded, we will hear and be ready!