Erwins struck by COVID-19


The wonderful Erwin family who most of you have heard on the radio, have been hit by the corona virus.

Yesterday, Tiffany Erwin posted on Facebook:

I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the love, support and MANY PRAYERS that have been spoken for our family. My mom tested positive on Tuesday for COVID, then Kris went on Tuesday and tested negative. So, Dennis and Katie went Tuesday night and tested positive. All had symptoms, so they said to assume Kris has a false negative. Everyone was doing ok, till yesterday. It started with Kris waking up with fever and trouble breathing. Once his “episodes” were over mom called my sister in her room later with the same thing going on. She probably should have gone to the hospital, but doesn’t want to be alone (and I understand that). However, if she has to, we will have to do it. For now, we made it through the night. All seems quiet for now. My sister is taking care of us all, as I can’t leave my room (which is an excruciating, helpless feeling), and is exhausted. She got tested on Saturday, but we haven’t heard anything yet. Just as you think of it, pray for our family and so many others that are fighting this CRAZY VIRUS!! It IS REAL!! If you got a light case, THANK GOD…it’s not all that way!! Masks are a joke till it hits your family and loved ones…then it changes your mind. Thank you for the prayers!! Trust me, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to pray for you too. God will get us through this according to His Perfect Will!! Love you all!!

Dennis and Tiffany Erwin, parents of the singing siblings, the Erwins

Earlier today,Tiffany posted an update:

Hey everyone!! Just an update…Everything is quiet right now around here…guess that’s a good thing!!?? For those that have sent advice and information…y’all are AWESOME!! Trust me, we’ve seen and heard it all. WE are doing the vitamin regimen (zinc, Calcium & B3, etc) and have for a while. 3 of the 4 have been given the Hydroxychloriquin (sp?) and z-pak. We are diffusing oils, drinking lemon, ginger, turmeric, honey, etc….trying to do it all, in hopes that something will work and keep things calm around here. Sunday was rough, yesterday was calm (not well, but calm)…today…ONLY GOD KNOWS!! This is truly a “roller coaster” ride. Up one day and down the next. (sometimes it’s literally up one hour & down the next)! I truly believe, the only thing we know is that, WE DON’T KNOW! We are trusting the LORD and in the prayers of HIS PEOPLE!! (SIDE NOTE: Now, if you talk to Dennis, he says everyone is fine…and I truly love that man…but he literally travels from the room he’s sleeping in, to the office, and is pretty much taking care of himself. He has had it very mild, so far, yet sleeps all but about 6-7 hours a day…so he’s far from “normal”. Plus he’s not going CRAZY to get out of the house, and he has NOT stayed in one day since this stuff hit months ago…so he’s far from “normal”. He’s definitely a NOMAD…but this virus has stopped that pretty abruptly.)
I’m thanking God today for another day to live for HIM, a family that is still around me (though I can’t see them) and for a host of friends that care!!! WOW…we are BLESSED beyond what we deserve!! I pray you all stay safe and take this virus seriously!! Don’t buy in to the hysteria…but use your BRAINS!! I fully realize our FAITH & TRUST is in the LORD; however, that SAME GOD gave you a BRAIN!!! USE IT!! Love y’all!!

Please pray for all of the Erwins.