GREAT DAY Reaches National Booking Agreement with THE COVENANT AGENCY!

Great Day
Great Day

The Covenant Agency was created to serve others with a promise!! God has given us a covenant by allowing us to work with some of the most talented gospel artists in The United States. By working together both The Covenant Agency and its gospel artists are on a mission to see others come to know Jesus Christ through testimony and their musical talents. We are blessed to work with some of the most ministry-minded artists anywhere.

Our Lord God Jehovah has granted The Covenant Agency to now work with a wonderful family from the state of Florida. We would like to announce that Great Day from Mount Dora Florida is now a part of our blessed family here at The Covenant Agency.

Bill Ferguson, owner of Great Day and William “Bill” Evilsizer, CEO of The Covenant Agency have worked together in the past where that relationship has blossomed into another Great Day for The Covenant Agency. We are so happy to bring Bill, Brenda, Lisa Ann, Sara Lynn and Steven Ferguson to our blessed family of gospel artists.

Great Day is the Ferguson Family from Mount Dora, Florida……. a gospel music ministry dedication to serving the Lord and spreading the Word of God through song. Great Day is a family ministry made up of husband and wife Bill & Brenda Ferguson and daughters Lisa Ann and Sara Lynn, and son Steven. Based in Central Florida, Great Day was called into the ministry in 2005 and has been ministering throughout the Southeastern United States for the past 10 years. Great Day provides a wide range of music, from old quiet standards, to fresh new arrangements from some of gospel music’s most prolific writers. Great Day has experienced years of growth and great blessings and the ministry is expanding. As the reach of our ministry has expanded across the country, out concert schedule has grown and doors continue to open for new avenues across the country. Know God has truly blessed Great Day with a clear vision to serve HIm; we look forward to 2015 and are humbly approaching what God has planned for Great Day.

Here is what award winning, Producer, Musician of the Year, Grammy and Dove award nominee, Jeff Stice, has to say about Great Day!!

“Honestly, there is no better feeling than to hear a group sing and just know they’re special!!
To hear them and to think to yourself, “I love to hear them try this, or sing that, or do that this way”, then actually get the opportunity to produce them. Such is the case with Great Day!! Bill, Brenda, Lisa Ann, Sara and Steven became dear to me through our projects because they “want” this!!

They want to share their music with people who need to be encouraged and hear the Good News of Jesus Christ!! They tried and succeeded in doing everything that I asked of them. Bill and Brenda have such a wonderful blessing in their daughter Lisa Ann! Never have I seen a young lady, her age, understand music the way she does. Whether be in the style of Bluegrass, Blues, Country, or good ol’ Southern Gospel! SHE GETS IT!!

As a family, there is not better blend anywhere. Want some advice? Listen to this group, embrace this family, tell people about them ….. and a word to the really “wise” promoters out there. BOOK THEM!! So without further delay, sit back and prepare to be blessed beyond measure as you listen to GREAT DAY!!

Blessings, Jeff Stice

To book Great Day please feel free to call The Covenant Agency at 812-292-0069 or by emailing us at To listen to Great Day please do so by going to their website at

Its another Great Day at The Covenant Agency!!!