Happy New Year from The Lore Family

The Lore Family

Happy New Year from The Lore Family!

A message from The Lore Family :

Happy New Year from The Lore Family!   As many of you know, our family has launched into a FULL-TIME, music-evangelistic ministry. 2015 has been an incredible year for our family ministry. We have watched God perform miracle after miracle. God has given our family protection, provision and power to do what we love. This year, God asked Darren to step out of the pharmacy. And, he said “Yes, Lord.” Our entire family felt confident that this was the undeniable will of God. Fayth and Samuel both began attending Ohio Christian University online. This decision was a God-send. We are so thankful for Dr. Mark Smith and the blessing that OCU is to our family. Through a generous donation, God provided our family with a brand new sound system! And, through another donation, we have purchased a new trailer for our ministry. Our 2004 vehicle has 254K miles on it. And, we are purchasing a new ministry vehicle. We are traveling to several new states in 2016, including Al, Fl, Mo, and Ks. And, we are praying for others to open! We have witnessed more lives converted in 2015 than in any year since beginning our family ministry. The altars have been lined with seekers, throughout this year. We have ministered in Youth Camps, Senior Retreats, Women Conferences, Determined Youth Conference, as well as, many revivals, concerts and special services. We can not express how thankful we are for your continued prayers and support. This is a MINISTRY that is determined to touch lives through Christ. We look forward to worshiping with you in 2016!


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