Hearts of Faith to appear at the Tom Burress Memorial Concert

imageThe Tom Burress Memorial Concert will be held on the exact day two years ago that Tom Burress went to glory. The singing will take place on Friday night, May 22nd, 2015 at 6:00 PM in New Carlisle, OH, the city and state in which Tom lived and passed away. Guests include Hearts of Faith, The Knight Family, Ron Brewer, Allen Coleman, Ron Cheney and Divine Destiny. Each artist has recorded or sung Tom’s songs and nothing else will be sung but Tom Burress’ songs. Stories and memories will be shared about Tom, including contributions from his wife Vonda and their daughter Amber. Come out and pay tribute to Tom Burress. For more information contact Vonda Burress at 937-308-9210.

For information on the ministry of the Burress Family visit their website HERE. See their facebook page here.