HighRoad on Today In Nashville, April 6 at 11a.m.

Channel 4 - Today In Nashville at 11AM, featuring the outstanding Country/Bluegrass sounds of HIGHROAD.
Channel 4 – Today In Nashville at 11AM, featuring the outstanding Country/Bluegrass sounds of HighRoad.

Nashville, Tenn. (April 4, 2017) Don’t miss this Thursday morning, April 6th, Live performance on Channel 4 – Today In Nashville at 11AM, featuring the outstanding Country/Bluegrass sounds of HighRoad.

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About HighRoad

In a world where conformity is king and following the crowd is practically a survival instinct, the women of HighRoad, an award-winning Appalachian gospel group from Nashville who just happen to be the best of friends, too, have always preferred the road less traveled.

Sarah Davison of HighRoad at 2016 Diamond Awards
Sarah Davison of HighRoad at 2016 Diamond Awards

The group was awarded the 2015 AGM Female Group of the Year and worked with Grammy Award winning producer, Ben Isaacs.

And so it’s fitting that the trio’s album, which also features the girls’ inventive instrumentation, would bear the same name. Filled with the beautiful, harmonic melodies and vocals that have been the group’s hallmark, Sarah Davison, Kinsey Kapfhammer, and Kristen Bearfield, feel the songs from Somewhere I’m Going reflect their personal journey of being set apart.

September 2016 SGNScoops Magazine
September 2016 SGNScoops Magazine

HighRoad in SGNScoops Magazine

HighRoad was featured in the September 2016 issue of SGNScoops Magazine. Justin McLeod wrote: “Already a well-known hit in Bluegrass and Country Gospel circles, HighRoad is quickly gaining popularity and momentum in traditional Gospel circles. “We don’t try to fit into any genre,” group founder Sarah Davison says. “We just want to be HighRoad. We love Country, Bluegrass, Southern Gospel, and Country. We hope that listeners will hear all of those genres in our music!” For more from this feature, read the September 2016 issue of SGNScoops Magazine here. 

Erin Stevens interviewed HighRoad member Kristen Bearfield for her Younger Perspective column in the SGNScoops Magazine October 2016 issue. Here is a sample of their interview: “Erin: For those that don’t know your miraculous story of healing, please share with the readers how the Lord touched your body. Kristen: Several years ago, I was in a terrible car accident that could have taken my life. During the wreck, I suffered a

October 2016 SGNScoops Magazine
October 2016 SGNScoops Magazine

severe neck injury that affected my spinal cord, and as a result, many doctors told me I would soon require wheelchair assistance and eventually be unable to walk. The neck injury also lead to my inability to sing and play instruments for a period of time. There were certainly days that I didn’t understand why this was happening, but there was never a moment that I didn’t feel God’s hand on my life. In fact, I can honestly say that I physically felt God’s arms wrap around me as my car flipped end over end through the air! I know undoubtedly He was there with me in that car, and I’ve never felt His presence more strongly than I did during that very moment…” For the rest of this interview with Kristen Bearfield, click on the October 2016 issue of SGNScoops Magazine here.

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