His Choice Music Recording Artists, One Voice, Receive National Radio Attention

{Nashville, TN –FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE} “After years of ministering in song to crowds across the country, Marion, IL based Southern Gospel Trio “One Voice” has released their first Radio Single and is receiving rave reviews from people across the nation,” says Johnathan Bond, representative of HIS Choice Music. Bond goes on to say, “Their debut single, “Everybody Needs Jesus” is from their latest album “For All the World”, released with HIS Choice Music, earlier this year.” Matt Throgmorton, vocalist with the group states, “It has been such a blessing to see and hear how the message this song has to offer has touched so many people’s lives.” Matt Throgmorton, Bryan Cowling and Deon Baker make up the trio. They celebrated the release of their current album by performing in their home state of Illinois. They were joined by a live band and hosted a room full of fans, friends and media personnel.

With over 40 years of combined southern gospel experience, the members of “One Voice” have shared the stage with some of the industry’s most talented artists such as the Kingsmen, the Perry’s, Naomi and the Segos and the Lesters to name a few. Since the formation of “One Voice” in 2003, they have been ministering on the road and travel thousands of miles each year spreading the Gospel in music. Over the course of their ministry, they have had the opportunity to share God’s message to congregations from California to Florida and all across the Midwest. They are scheduled as a featured artist on the “Tune of the Sea” Gospel Music Cruise to the Caribbean departing in January, 2011.

For radio release information for “Everybody Needs Jesus”, please visit www.radioactiveairplay.com. For more information on “One Voice” or to find out how you can join them on the “Tune of the Sea” Gospel Music Cruise, visit their website at www.OneVoiceTrio.org. Contact: Matt Throgmorton, manager of the group, at P.O. Box 384, Marion, IL 62959 or by calling 618.922.9922