Beyond the Song: Mark Dubbeld Family sings Heavenly Music

Mark Dubbeld Family


Mark Dubbeld Family
Mark Dubbeld Family

Beyond the Song by Jantina Baksteen

I got in contact with Mark Dubbeld of the Dubbeld Family because they have great family harmony  and a terrific song released to radio, entitled “Heavenly Music.” But there’s another reason I wanted to share their story, as you will find halfway through way the interview. As not all readers may know, I‘m not from the United States.

Jantina Baksteen: Please share how a family from Virginia made it’s way in Southern Gospel?

Mark Dubbeld: Our family has loved gospel music since coming to America in 1908 from the Netherlands. As a boy, Mark grew to love the harmonies of gospel music and would sing around the piano at family gatherings. When Mark was 14 years old, he started in singing every weekend for bible school quartet. He traveled for three and a half years and graduated from high school in 1986, then on to college to study music in college. Mark and Janene were married in 1988, and went on to finish college and go straight into full music evangelism and local church ministry. In 2011, after making the family’s first cd, the Mark Dubbeld Family went full time on the road singing gospel music. 

JT: When and at what age did your three kids come onboard, making you a singing family?

MD: All of the five children of the Mark Dubbeld Family started singing with the family in 2011.

Our children: Vincent, the oldest son, is now music director of First Baptist Port Charlotte in Florida and married to Heather. 

In 2020, their first baby was born and Mark and Janene are proud grandparents of Tori. What fun it is to be grandparents!

Our second son, Leighton and his wife Sierra, live in Virginia and are expecting our second grandbaby in June 2021. Leighton is developing his own studio and doing music as well. 

Elena is a gifted vocalist and song writer. Channing loves arranging and producing new music. Britton is the life of our party and enjoys singing and connecting with people in our concerts. They all are part of the Mark Dubbeld Family and play an active role in singing, and running the ministry.

Mark Dubbeld Family
Mark Dubbeld Family

JT: You have an album out called “Changeless,” which also contains a song by the same title. What’s the message of that song ?

MD: In a year when we have seen so much change in our world, we can rest in the fact that we serve a Changeless Christ, and he will be with us through the storms of life. He is faithful! 

JT: One of your recent radio releases is ‘Heavenly Music’. Please share us all about that song?

MD: Janene Dubbeld wrote this song and It simply says “I’m hearing the music of a different land and marching the rhythm of the heavenly band. I am not living for this world, Heaven is my home. 

Mark Dubbeld Family
Mark Dubbeld Family on the Gospel Greats with the late Paul Heil

JT: Please tell us what part each member of the group sings.

MD: Mark Dubbeld is lead/tenor, Janene Dubbeld is alto, Elena sings soprano, Channing is lead/ tenor and Britton sings his first solo on the project “Changeless.”

JT: You’re also great song writers. Are all songs on this project self written?

MD: “Heaven’s Music,” “Changeless,”  “One More Time,” “Each Time I Sing,” and “Just A Simple Thank You,” are written by Janene Dubbeld

Mark Dubbeld FamilyJT: Who are your music influences?

MD: The Cathedrals Quartet, The Perrys, and The Greens were all impact players in our music inspiration and influences.

JT: Have any of your children shown song writing skills? 

MD: Yes, both Elena and Channing love to write music and lyrics.

JT: For me personally, there’s something special. Your last name is Dutch related. How far back does your family history go to the Netherlands? Do you remember where your ancestors came from?

JD: Mike shared he was originally from a place called Middelharnis, and his grandfather was from there, and my grandmother (was) from Sommelsdijk. And in 1908, they immigrated to the United States to start a whole new life there.

This information is fun, because the place is only 30 minutes away from where I grew up.

JT: Do you have a couple Dutch words you understand and speak? 

MD: We do not speak Dutch. Would love to!

JT: What is your message of hope you share on stage for those who have no hope, specially in this time where this pandemic hits hard world wide?

MD: We are blessed to carry the gospel message in song and love to share life and love to our gospel music listeners. The song “Changeless,” really is a message of hope to the hurting and those that need a Savior. During this pandemic, we are so blessed to say the call of God on our lives has never been stronger. We say it like this: “Cancelations + Cancelations = Confirmation.”  We have a song to sing, a word to write and a call to answer. 

JT: You recently recorded a Christmas album. Could you share a bit about what’s on there?

MD: Traditional or new written songs! We are calling this five song EP, “Christmas Is Here,” with the song “Sweet Redemption Tune,” written by Elena Dubbeld and two songs written by Janene Dubbeld, and one classic song, “We Are The Reason,” This album can be ordered at 

JT: How can we get ahold of you for information or bookings?

MD: We would love to be a blessing to your church or your event! Contact us at

We hope you enjoy the Mark Dubbeld Family singing “Heavenly Music.” Please click on this picture:


Mark Dubbeld Family, thank you for sharing your ministry with SGNScoops Magazine. May your ministry be blessed beyond measure in 2021.


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