Scott Nelson: Questions for 2021

Scott Nelson

Scott Nelson
Scott Nelson

In my time with the Lord this morning, God spoke to my heart to share these things. As we look back over the past year, we need to take a look at ourselves right now, and make an examination upon two things.

In what ways have we allowed our own thoughts to control how we portray the Word of God? Have we portrayed God in such a way that has truly spoken life into the heart of the believer or have we portrayed God in a more selfish way that pushes people away?

When you speak the Living Word into someone’s heart, and see a change as a result of the Holy Spirit, it is truly humbling.

But when you speak the Living Word selfishly into someone’s heart, and hope to see a change as a result of your own words, it becomes a hindrance to the Holy Spirit, causing the person you chose to share with to push further away from not you, but God.

This is something that we all will be held accountable to God for, and I truly feel this gives meaning to the Scripture when God says He will wipe away every tear. Has this happened to you?

As we look upon this year, I’m challenging myself and others that are ambassadors of Christ, to step off the stage of your own podium, your heart, and let Jesus take full control of what He wants said this year considering others.

This stage has been too long empty, and the Holy Spirit is waiting to speak life into hearts right now; in other words, we must be a reflection of who  Jesus is, right now.

The Holy Spirit is speaking still I know, we all know, but we have to learn to listen, and walk beside each other. Unity in the Body is needed now more than ever to bring about a great revival in hearts that are yearning. We must hear His call right now.

And for some, as we look back, we see a season that is empty because we have forgotten that we are the Body of Christ.

Have you been down this road?

What has changed in your perspective of the Church of Jesus Christ?

Have you become okay with where we are right now, or do you have a yearning to do more for the name of Jesus Christ?

These are important questions to examine our hearts right now. This year we have an opportunity that’s so big. This opportunity is simply to follow Jesus, and learn to listen to His Holy Spirit and act upon what His Word says to do, bringing words of life to the lost.

Jesus tells us that His Church is not a building or any structure that is manmade, but rather, His Church are the people who He knows and calls His Children.

Jesus paid a price for each believer that is far more than anything we have to offer, and for us to put that on a shelf and abandon His true call is wrong; it evens brings more light to the end of the church age.

People need the Lord; including myself, my wife, my son, my family, my church family, my lost friends, and those I don’t know. The simple fact is, it’s too big of a sacrifice to push away from the Body of Christ right now.

We need to examine our hearts right now and walk beside one another; listen to the Holy Spirit, reflect who Jesus is by letting Him take the stage, be the body of Christ, speak the living Word, and most importantly: love one another as He loved us.

I hope this post reaches many in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So, examine and reflect on what you will do right now for Jesus. Ultimately, it’s your choice right?

Scott Nelson: What will God judge in you?

Scott Nelson

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