The Hullenders

The Hullenders

By: Chris Wells

Many Southern Gospel music fans look at regional artists as being on a different level as national recording artists. Take it from me, this is not always the case. There are some very good regional artists that work regular jobs during the week and then deliver unexpectedly awesome programs wherever they are booked.

One of these regional artists calls Ringgold, Georgia, home. The Hullenders consist of Jeff Hullender, who spent some time playing bass for a little group out of Gadsden, Alabama, called Gold City. He is joined by his daughter, Emily Hullender Padgett, and Brandon Crowe. Each one of the group’s members could easily have a successful solo career if they so chose.

The Hullenders routinely participate in benefits, civic events, and of course, church services. You will hear the same message at any of these events. Their demeanor, their delivery, and their determination are always geared toward winning souls to the Lord. I’ve shared the platform with these folks, and I have been in the audience as they were singing. Each time, they have blessed my soul, and I go see them as often as I can.

As regional artists go, The Hullenders are the cream of the crop. In talking to Jeff, he looks at their ministry as a local group, but their preparation is that of a full-time national group. When they come to your church, you will see three of the kindest people you will ever meet. You will immediately feel their love for the Lord and their desire to spread His word. Then you will experience their God-given talent. Look these fine folks up on Facebook, and contact them to come be a part of your next event.

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