Beyond the Song: The Derrick Loudermilk Band sing The Hour I First Believed

Derrick Loudermilk Band

Derrick Loudermilk Band
Derrick Loudermilk Band

Beyond the Song by Jantina Baksteen

I heard an amazing song on the radio, by an artist with a name that caught my attention. I contacted Derrick Loudermilk to find out more about his band.

Let’s fire away, Derrick, as we share about your ministry with SGNScoops.

Jantina Baksteen: Please introduce yourself and the band to SGNScoops Magazine? 

Derrick Loudermilk: We are the Derrick Loudermilk Band. I sing lead vocals, my wife Gina plays bass. My brother in law Andrew McPherson plays acoustic guitar and auxiliary keys, he will also sing from time to time. Ted Arsenault plays keys/organ and directs the band, and Jordan Blanton plays drums. Our vision is that through music, song, and the word, souls are saved, hearts touched, and lives renewed.

JB: You all started in 2018. Please share your story about how this group was formed. How did God make it clear to you to form this band? 

DL: I was actually in the process of recording a few songs and I was working with Ted, who is a great recording engineer. I was asked to do a special singing service and I was talking with Gina about wishing I could put some musicians together so I didn’t have to use soundtracks. Ted called me about an hour after that conversation and said, “Hey if you ever sing out and need a piano player to tag along let me know.” I knew then It was a God thing.

JB: Can I ask where your last name comes from? Besides inherited from your parents of course. Is there a story about that last name? 

DL: I get asked this quite a bit. It’s a German name and apparently the story is the lautermilch’s (German spelling) were dairy farmers in Germany. I actually like the name because it is so uniques so you won’t forget it. As we are chatting, I just stumbled across some cool info. Apparently the region in Germany was Bavaria, Germany. The region was known for its fine dairy products. Because of religious troubles, many looked for new homes. They migrated into America through Pennsylvania.

The 1st census of 1790, you see the Loudermilk name living near Winston Salem, North Carolina. 

Derrick and Gina Loudermilk
Derrick and Gina Loudermilk

JB: Do you have a history in Gospel Music? 

DL: I sang with a local family group, The Harpers, based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, for about six years.

Ted traveled fulltime with singer Fred Johnson for many years.  Jordan and Andrew have both played with multiple local groups as well.

JB:  You brought out a wonderful CD entitled,  “Amazing Saving Grace.” Could you share how this project came together?  

DL: I got in touch with Eric Isbell of the Isbell family, who record with Chapel Valley, and he got me in touch with them. From the first phone call, I knew we would be able to make a great record. The songs that were sent were from great writers, we had amazing musicians and producers who took their time to make a wonderful project. The whole album is truly a story of God’s amazing, saving grace!

Derrick Loudermilk Band
Derrick Loudermilk Band

JB: Your song, “The Hour I First Believed,” is being played on the radio now. Please share with us about that song? 

DL: This song was written by Matthew Lawson, who is a extremely gifted writer. When I heard the demo, I stated to tear up and I was reminded of the moment Jesus saved me. I knew we had to record it. I believe this song has touched many, and pray that everyone who listens will be reminded of the place, the day, the hour, they first believed.

JB: Would you mind sharing your personal story of the hour you first believed and the age you were when God knocked on your heart’s door? 

DL: I was at Faith Church of God in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was around six years old. I knew I wanted Jesus in my heart and at that young age I felt the draw and knelt down at the altar and asked Jesus in my heart. I have made many mistakes and have had many failures in my life that I have had to go back to the altar for, but I’ll never get over that day as young boy when Jesus saved my soul.

JB: Please share your musical influences.  

DL: We all share a wide range of influences: The Crabb Family, Joseph Habedank, Brian Free and Assurance, Andre Crouch, and many from other musical genres.  

JB: In your short years traveling, you must have a funny road story to share. Please don’t hold back! 

DL: So, we have a song that I love to sing called “That’s God.” I always tell the audience how much the song means to me and how it’s my testimony song. Well, one night, I was really getting into how much this song means to me. I started to sing the song, and when I got to the second line of the song my mind went completely blank. Andrew, who has a microphone that only the band can hear in our in ears, says man, you really must love this song, so much you forgot the words! I had a very hard to composing myself after that!

JB: Why is that song so special to you?

DL: The song, “That’s God” talks about all the things we go through in life, and when we look back at all the times we felt hopeless and we could not go on another day,  but we woke up the next morning and kept pressing on; “That’s God!”

The second verse says, “when your body came out of sickness, that’s God.” We can all relate to that. In my own life and my family’s life, where the doctors give little hope, but we are still here today, that’s God!

JB: What is ahead for you as we are in the second month of 2021?

DL: The current climate has been extremely difficult to navigate, yet even through a pandemic, God has blessed and opened many doors for the ministry. We hope and pray that we can continue to move forward, put out new music, travel, and see souls saved. I don’t care if anyone knows our names, I just want them to know Jesus, that’s all that matters.

JB: You also have a road crew on board. Could you share how he helps when you go out traveling Does he help set up the equipment for a concert?

DL: My nephew, Bentley, (Andrew’s son), is a huge help for the band. He will help carry in and out equipment, wrap cables, help work the product table, and anything else we need. He has such a huge heart and loves to help and serve people. I believe God has big things in store for his life.

JB: My final question is what is the best way to get in touch with you, for church bookings, or to pick up a copy of your music?

DL: You can reach us by email or on the web Also on Facebook.  Booking Info: The Allegiant Agency, 865-804-5540.

We hope you enjoy hearing the David Loudermilk Band singing, “The Hour I First Believed.” 


Beyond the Song: Thank you, Derrick Loudermilk, for this great interview sharing your ministry with SGNScoops. May God continue to guide you, as you share His message of hope and salvation.

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