Homeland Inspiration Group’s Bev McCann Involved in Accident in Iowa this week

Nashville, TN- In the late hours of Thursday evening October 20th Homeland Inspiration Group’s Director of Artist Relations and Singer/Songwriter Bev McCann was involved in a serious accident just 20 miles from Des Moines Iowa.  McCann was traveling in the west bound lanes of Hwy 5 North and was approximately less than 25 miles from her destination as she was traveling from Nashville, TN to Des Monies to a Gospel Music Festival.  A large deer was standing in the middle of the roadway with numerous others off to the left of the road.  As McCann tried to stop there was not enough time to miss several of the deer.  

McCann recalls the moment  “I slammed on my brakes , all I remember is 3 very loud thud sounds… and the force of the contact of me and the deer.  My car was still running however it was coasting to a stop (not sure how far I coasted really.. for I do not remember much from the thuds to coasting of my car.. very strange actually ) and I was able to get appx 3/4 of the way onto the shoulder… I then realized that my air bags had deployed and my car was smoking…. it truly terrified me, because my car door would not open at first… and as i was talking to DJ on the phone I just had to get out of the car.. as I said oh Jesus.. and I was able to open the door…. my legs hurt so bad, and it was so cold outside, I made sure I didn’t see any fire or flames… then I ran back over to the car to grab my blanket out of the back of the car…..(Now I have to tell you… I do not normally take a blanket.. but for some reason I felt compelled to go back in my house and grab a blanket… )  and I was so glad that I did.. I would have been frozen like a Popsicle if I had not had it with me. God knew I was going to need that blanket.”  “Several cars passed me by and did not stop or slow down for that matter to see if I was okay, or they just did not see me.. not sure… but then this young man in his late 20 name is Lance and his wife stopped to help me. They were able to tell the dispatcher where I was exactly and they stayed with me till the officer and ambulance came and took me to the hospital. My husband drove all night and 1/2 the day from our home in Murfreesboro, TN to get to me and I’m so glad he was able to do so.  After all the test and ex rays and CT scans… I have not broken bones and anything else, but I have a very large bruised area on my leg and a smaller on on the other leg, “they say its from the airbag under the steering wheel “  my body is sore just about everywhere, but I’m so very thankful that I’m alive and in one piece…   The towing company and Insurance Company think that my car is totaled.  I am praising God for his protection during this incident. “ I thank God for the police officer, fire fighters, paramedics, hospital staff , the hotel manager and the New Covenant Trio to make sure that I arrived from the hospital safely. I was rather nervous to be so far away from everyone in case something happened, but I  feel so blessed to have such good friends and people that love me,  and a husband that would drive 12hrs to be by my side.”

Please continue to keep Bev McCann in your prayers as there is as she has some wounds and soreness from the impact of the accident. You can reach Bev by dropping her a personal note at bevm@homelandentertainmentgroup.com.