Hope’s Journey Picks 5 Out Of First Audition

Hope's Journey Picks 5 Out Of First Audition
Hope’s Journey Picks 5 Out Of First Audition

Last night was the first audition for Hope’s Journey’s search for two vocalists.”It was an awesome night, states Vonda Easley.”

“We heard some great singers and I wish we could pick them all. .”
The group will be having a second audition next week. Folks are still signing up for that event. Of the ten that were heard last night, these folks were chosen to come back for a second audition..

Congrats Lauren, Hillary, Amber, Melanie, and Jordan.
When asked how they decided on the 5, Vonda responded.”We listened to their voices, and their stories.”

“I asked each one of them to fill out a piece of paper at the start and their hearts spoke from from the words they wrote down , Vonda adds.” SGN Scoops wishes Hope’s Journey the best during this exciting time. Can’t wait to hear the new lineup!

If  you would like to be considered for the upcoming audition please contact Vonda at 256 310 7892