Jamie Streetman Exits The Perrys

To quote Aristotle. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit”. In all things in life, I try my best to strive for excellence in each and every thing that I pursue. During this pursuit however, I have often times found that I am incapable of achieving excellence, without the help of others. Iron, truly does, sharpen iron. My time with The Perry’s has come to a close. However, I am leaving here a SHARPER man than when I first arrived. It is all thanks to these wonderful people I’ve had the privilege of standing beside for this period of time. For that, I am forever grateful. Thank you!
I ask that you pray for them as a new chapter begins. With every page that turns, I ask that you be an encouragement to them along the way. Sharpen them, as they have done me.
Looking to the future, I ask for your prayers, as I enter into a different chapter of my own. One filled with its own set of circumstances both loving, exciting, and scary alike. I look forward to sharing these plans with you in the coming days.
Until then. Keep on, be brave, hold fast, have faith, pray hard, fear not, stay strong, and Keep on.