Jean Grady, co-host of Gospel Music Today, Releases Her First Book

Jean Grady, co-host of Gospel Music Today, has released her first book, entitled “. . . With Expression!”.  The book is comprised of forty music devotions intended for choir members, choir directors, singing groups or anyone who loves music.  The devotions include music terms and symbols with a definition of each, plus Jean relates the symbols to real-life experiences.  Scripture is used or referenced in each of the devotions.In creating the book, Jean states that there is nothing out there for musicians to use as devotions, whether in a rehearsal or perhaps as they leave out to sing for a weekend.  Jean was a music director in a church in Rhode Island for 17 years and also directed a large community chorus for 8 years.  She currently directs the Gloryland Gospel Choir at her church in Oklahoma.

Here is an excerpt from the book.Fermata – a pause I love these little bird’s eyes in music.  It gives the director the opportunity for expression to hold the note a little longer or maybe just to ignore the fermata.  In my hymnbook, there are six fermatas in the refrain of “Softly and Tenderly”.  Some we hold longer than others and sometimes, we just pass them all by.  It’s the director’s prerogative to decide what to do at these pauses.When I was little, there was a soda pop commercial that had as its caption, “the pause that refreshes!”    Do you have any refreshing pauses in your life?  God did.  In Genesis 2:2, it says “By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.”Look for refreshing pauses.  It may be a daily devotion time in your life or worshiping with other believers on Sunday morning.  For me, it’s the beautiful sunrises and sunsets that we see from our home each day.  These beautiful works of God remind me daily of his mercy and grace to me and his continual presence in my life.Grab a soda pop and have that pause that refreshes!

AT $5.00 each plus shipping, “. . . With Expression!” makes a wonderful gift for a choir member, choir director, singing group members or anyone who loves music.  The books are available at or you can email Jean at for information how to order.