Jeff Duffield and brothe
Jeff Duffield and brother

Wayne Duffield, brother of keyboardist Jeff Duffield, entered into his eternal reward today.  Below is a Tribute to Wayne:

“The well known Dr……….Seuss to be exact, said this: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”.

This afternoon, Wayne Duffield, my “big” brother, protector from neighborhood bullies for many years, (How would you like to have an older brother 50 lbs heavier than your friends?) Took that big step that all of us will someday take.

He was referred to as “Special Needs.”  Perhaps. To me, he was just Wayne, my brother.  Born 2 calendar days after me, but 6 years before me, I never really thought of him as “needy”.  I will tell you though what he was: the most unconditional, kind, giving, loving person I have ever met. IF…….you took five minutes to get to know him and show him any attention, you had a friend for life. I can give you names of people who did just that: Ronald Hensley, Duane Nicholson Neil Enloe among others, who although he had not seen them in many years, still recalled their names instantly.


When I wanted to learn how to ride a bicycle, he did also, and figured it out ON HIS OWN before the so called “normal” one did. And he could write down with great accuracy the starting lineup of the Philadelphia Phillies. Can you do that? I can’t…….


So………IF we believe what we’ve been taught in Church these many years, (and I do) Guess what? He’s as normal (?) as I am this afternoon, no restraints in logic, no limitations on hand to eye coordination, no delay in learning new skills. And, he’s talking with Mom………I envy that today……  A big part of me is gone, but only for a while. I love you Wayne……. Gotta stop typing, can’t see the screen………”


Jeff Duffield is a well-loved and sought after keyboardist with over 45 years experience in studio recording and stage performance.  He and his wife, Sue, travel in ministry together.


Artists and ministries he has worked with include: Jimmy Fortune, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, Canton Junction, John Hagee Ministries, Ann Downing, Ben “Cooter” Jones, Doug Oldham, The Cathedrals, Three Bridges, Sammy Hall, The Nelons,