Jerry “JT” Tinkle in new group Open Heart Quartet

Open Heart Quartet with Jerry "JT" Tinkle
Open Heart Quartet with Jerry “JT” Tinkle

Message from Jerry “JT” Tinkle:

Hello there!  It has been awhile since I sent out any emails concerning my music ministry.  So, I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am “On the Road Again” , singing southern gospel music, the best music on Earth!

 The name of my new group is Open Heart Quartet, based out of Bedford, IN. The group has a presence on Facebook as well as a website: I trust that all reading this email are doing well in the Lord, and I look forward to seeing you all once again at some point down the road!

 May God bless you all!  Jerry “JT” Tinkle,  Baritone for Open Heart Quartet


Open Heart Quartet consists of Chris Begarly, Mike Atchison, Gary Craig and Jerry Tinkle, based out of Bedford, Indiana. Their Facebook bio states: “We started as a group several years ago. There have been a few changes in the group members. But the sound has remained. The first and foremost goal of Open Heart is to minister about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We sing in 4 states at the moment, and are adding more along the way. If you would Like to schedule Open Heart for you Church service Contact Marcella Reed at 812-239-3302 or .


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