Jim Sheldon’s “I Belong To Jesus” Goes Viral

NASHVILLE, TN- Jim Sheldon’s music video “I Belong to Jesus” has gone viral with over 106,000 views and climbing since its YouTube debut on December 8.  Jim is currently performing the song for his 2012 tour.  The video is proof that gospel music is being heard, and seen, through all types of technology today. 
“Praise God! It proves people still respond to the Truth of God’s Word, when delivered in love, the way Jesus did.” Said Jim, in a response to the video on his Facebook wall. 
Viewers have been very supportive of Sheldon’s video.  “Can’t stop playing this song… is so lovely and comforting”  posted by ruthalix on the video’s YouTube page. 
Producer Scott Godsey believes the video is a way to reach a larger audience.  “It is encouraging that we can produce music and reach such a large amount of people in a short amount of time,” said Godsey. “We’ve now entered a time that we can speak to people with exciting new technology platforms.”  Those platforms are helping spread the gospel to a new terrain. 
See the video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t43KwQMYKcg.  For more information on Jim Sheldon, visit http://www.puttinggodfirstministry.com/.