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The Anchormen reach all ages with project “Believe”

Written by SGN Scoops on February 16, 2012 – 8:39 am -

Nashville, TN – Homeland Entertainment Group announces the anticipated release of The Anchormen’s “Believe” project.  Listeners can expect to hear a fresh, professional quartet sound in the new album.  The project features classics such as “Just as I am” and reflective tunes like “The Day Nobody Praised Him.” 
The Anchormen quartet consists of Karl Rice (Tenor), Dale Forbes (Lead), Terry Carter (Baritone), and Paul Harkey (Bass).  “They all have a way of connecting and ministering to every age group,” said Manager Tim Bullins, “It really works well.” 
Ministry is the main focus of The Anchormen.  The versatile group is able to entertain and sing, but it is evident that ministry is their mission.  Lead singer, Dale Forbes served as a pastor for fourteen years.  “We want to be a part of seeing the whole family come back to gospel music,” added Bullins.
Homeland Inspiration Group gladly welcomed The Anchormen to the label last year.  “Homeland’s ideas and our vision really clicked.  As a group, we felt this would be good for us.  We shared direction in music and ideas of their future and ours.  Everything we needed they had the answers for, and everything has followed through,” said Bullins. 
Listeners can expect to hear strong ballads, praise songs, and melodic quartet worship tunes on the new “Believe” album.  “So many songs are geared toward the Christian, but not so much towards the person hurting with today’s problems,” said Bullins, “We want to reach a new generation.  Today is a whole different world with new problems to minister to.”  Concert goers can expect an experience of good gospel music, strong lyrical messages, and uplifting ministry when seeing the Anchormen live.  
Check out The Anchormen “Believe” project here:
For more information about Homeland Inspiration Group:


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Jim Sheldon’s “I Belong To Jesus” Goes Viral

Written by SGN Scoops on February 10, 2012 – 10:40 pm -

NASHVILLE, TN- Jim Sheldon’s music video “I Belong to Jesus” has gone viral with over 106,000 views and climbing since its YouTube debut on December 8.  Jim is currently performing the song for his 2012 tour.  The video is proof that gospel music is being heard, and seen, through all types of technology today. 
“Praise God! It proves people still respond to the Truth of God’s Word, when delivered in love, the way Jesus did.” Said Jim, in a response to the video on his Facebook wall. 
Viewers have been very supportive of Sheldon’s video.  “Can’t stop playing this song… is so lovely and comforting”  posted by ruthalix on the video’s YouTube page. 
Producer Scott Godsey believes the video is a way to reach a larger audience.  “It is encouraging that we can produce music and reach such a large amount of people in a short amount of time,” said Godsey. “We’ve now entered a time that we can speak to people with exciting new technology platforms.”  Those platforms are helping spread the gospel to a new terrain. 
See the video:  For more information on Jim Sheldon, visit

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Written by SGN Scoops on February 10, 2012 – 9:08 am -

CHATTANOOGA, TN- Ernie Dawson, lead singer of Heirline, announced that he was released from ICU at Park Ridge Hospital in Chattanooga early this morning and will be undergoing surgery today. 
Dawson was placed in Intensive Care after suffering from a light heart attack over the weekend. 
“Finally out of ICU, having surgery this morning on my foot, say a prayer for me,” Dawson said.  To leave a prayer or comment on Heirline’s Facebook page, visit:  Heirline’s Facebook Page. 
Originating from Jasper, TN, Heirline has been ‘Pressing On,’ in the gospel music industry and blessing audiences across the country.  The group members:  Ernie Dawson (lead), Eric Dawson (Baritone), Jackie Lamb (tenor), with special appearances from Ernie’s wife and son, Linda and Landon.  Their new Homeland recording “25 Years And Pressing On” was released in May 2011, with the radio single, “Press On (Morning’s Coming).”
For more information, visit, or

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Mark Brown Nominated for “New Artist of the Year” USAGEM

Written by SGN Scoops on October 10, 2011 – 3:44 am -

{EHA-Nashville, TN} Homeland Entertainment/Monteagle Records artist, Mark Anthony Brown was recently placed in the top nominations for “New Artist  of the Year” with the Nashville-based, USAGEM. Brown’s new project, “His At Calvary” features songs like, “Witness” that hit #2 on the Radio Active Airplay chart. The awards for his nomination will be announced November 19 at the Texas Troubadour Theatre during the USAGEM Annual Convention. For more info on Mark Brown:

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Exciting Changes for Homeland Entertainm​ent Group

Written by SGN Scoops on August 23, 2011 – 4:04 am -

Nashville, TN-   Homeland Entertainment Group is pleased to announce some exciting changes on the horizon for our family of labels, President and CEO Bob Jones announced today. “After much thought and prayer, we feel like with a constant changing society, our focus should maneuver more away from the term entertainment and convey more of a ministry concentration through our label group as well as the product that we produce. That is why we are announcing effective September 1st, 2011 Homeland Entertainment Group is changing its name to Homeland Inspiration Group.   We are confident that God is leading this name and focus change.  As we enter into new dimensions of the Christian Music Marketplace our desire is to spread this message more than ever as the coming of our Lord draws nearer.” Vice President and General Manager of Homeland Scott Godsey echoes that statement but additionally says “ I am persuaded to believe that with this change will come new windows of opportunity and heightened excitement levels for our company and roster of artists.  God has allowed us to align ourselves with artists that possess the same initiative and vision of what God is leading us into together.  As time progresses we know that still amazing things will occur.” Also the announcement comes today that Homeland Entertainment will be relocating offices in the immediate future.  Our former offices located at 266 East Main Street in Gallatin, TN will relocate very close to the new location at 2105 Cages Bend Road in Gallatin.  This office building currently is home to Laverne Tripp Ministries and Family Room Studios.  Homeland Entertainment will be sharing the offices with the current ministry building and all future recordings from the label will be produced at Family Room Studios.  Homeland’s telephone number and other pertinent information will remain the same.  More details will be announced as time progresses.  You may visit or check us out on Facebook for further information.  Homeland will also be changing the website to reflect the new name changes as well.  That announcement and new web address will be announced at a later date.

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The Murphys Release New CD

Written by SGN Scoops on August 20, 2011 – 4:28 am -

Nashville, TN- The Murphys of Monroe, NC have just released their latest recording with Heartwarming Records  (a div. of Homeland Entertainment Group).  The project contains 10 songs with a variety of new songs and some favorites that many listeners will recognize.  The group consists of Danny Murphy, his wife Max, their daughters Rikki and Barb and Rikki’s husband RC.  Together they deliver the powerful message of the gospel through word and song that engages audiences of all ages.  The new project not only reflects the music that they have been known for to this point, but also brings some soulful styles all the while staying with the traditional Southern Gospel vain, with tight nit family harmony and enthusiasm. “Catch on Fire” is available on ITunes and Amazon as well as many other online retailers.  The first single from the recording is now being played at radio titled “He Will Calm The Billows.”  You can locate more information about The Murphys at  or to hear an audio sample and The Murphys are online on Facebook as well.

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Heavens Highway Continues Winning Streak at Radio with New Single

Written by SGN Scoops on August 17, 2011 – 4:26 am -

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Powerful Country/Southern Gospel group Heavens Highway continues their winning streak at radio this month. The group’s new single, “God Has a Champion,” has become their lastest to be one of the most added songs at Southern Gospel radio.
“God Has a Champion” ranked #7 on the upcoming September 2011 edition of the Singing News Magazine’s Top 10 New Releases Chart. That particular chart highlights the biggest new singles to hit Southern Gospel radio during the reporting period.
“We are so excited to see that radio has gotten behind this song,” mentioned Heavens Highway’s David Timms. “Southern Gospel radio has been so kind to us, and we are so grateful for the response we have seen all over the country at radio.”
“God Has a Champion” is the debut single from the group’s much-anticipated Homeland Entertainment debut album – Revived. The single was written by Dove Award-winning songwriter Gerald Crabb.
The group’s four previous singles have also had strong runs at Southern Gospel radio. “Longing to Go” broke the Top 40 on both the Singing News Magazine Top 80 and Top 40 Chart. “When God Makes a Promise,” “Set Me Free From Me,” and “Back On Top Again” were all regular charting singles on the Top 40 Weekly Chart.
Heavens Highway’s debut for Homeland Entertainment will be released in the coming weeks.
For more information on Heavens Highway, visit their website at .  You can also visit the band on MySpace at .
About Heavens Highway
Heavens Highway is one of the most powerful Country/Southern Gospel Groups in North Mississippi. Heavens Highway ministers to literally thousands each year in churches and benefits. For over seven years, their primary goal is to see lost souls saved and the lonely, hungry and misguided people of this world find peace in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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New Covenant Releases New Project with Heartwarming Records

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on August 13, 2011 – 9:32 am -

Heartwarming Records ( a division of Homeland Entertainment Group) has just released a new project for New Covenant from Daniels, WV.

These three men consisting of Tenor Larry Rowley, Lead Rick Campbell and Baritone Howard Vest have over 30 years of combined experience in singing Gospel Music.  New Covenant orgainized in 1983 and left the road for a brief period of time, but after much prayer and God’s direction regrouped in 2007 and most recently have increased their national exposure through radio airplay with their current single “Everything Is Starting To Change” from the pens of Chris Binion and Marty Funderburk,  and through appearances at numerous national events.

The recording “God’s Got A Plan” features a plethora of songs from writers such as Stephen Yates, Jeff Steele, T.J. Mauldin, Terry Wilkes, Lyn Rowel and others of today’s premier writers in Gospel Music.  The goal of New Covenant is to raise a standard through Southern Gospel Music and to glorify God in every facet of their ministry.

You can find more information about New Covenant at or

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Heartwarming Records Releases Debut Release of Patsy Mayo

Written by SGN Scoops Staff on March 27, 2011 – 5:03 pm -

Nashville, TN – Heartwarming Records artist Patsy Mayo has recently released her debut project on the label “I Believe” along with a companion DVD from the Homeland Entertainment’s Brush Arbor Jubilee Television series.  The majority of the recording which includes Patsy’s requested radio single “Your Love Is All I Need”, is original material written by Patsy and her mother Pearlie Mullins.  Patsy has also been a regular featured artist on the national Television Gospel Music series “Brush Arbor Jubilee”.

Born in Columbus, Ohio. Raised along with her three brothers by her parents, Bethel and Pearl Mullins. The backbone of Patsy Mayo’s life is her strong belief in God. That faith, combined with her natural musical ability, guided Patsy’s lifelong dream to become a Gospel singer. One of the blessings from God Patsy is thankful for is the gift to write songs. She wrote her first song, “I’ll be Alright”, when she was 12 years old, which is the title song to her first CD that was recorded in 1999. It featured original compositions by Mayo, as well as “The Lowest Valley” , a song written by her Mother. When recorded by The Isaacs and The Wilburns,  “The Lowest Valley”  hit the virtually every national gospel chart.  Also in 1999, Patsy won the Ohio statewide competition for Female Gospel Vocalist. She later represented Ohio at a national competition in Tennessee, where she was recognized as “Most Promising Female Gospel Vocalist”. Patsy’s self titled CD made its national debut in 2003. Her first national releases from it were called, “I Think I’ll Run” and “You Rescue Me.”  With the new release on Heartwarming records Patsy has been introduced to even a larger audience as she travels into new areas bringing her refreshing style of music to audiences that appreciate Southern Gospel with a country Flair that reaches all ages.

You can locate more information about Patsy Mayo at or  Be watching for Patsy on future Brush Arbor Jubilee programs.  You can find broadcast schedules that Brush Arbor Jubilee airs by going to

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Shine On Trio To Set Sail In January with the Brush Arbor Jubilee’s Gospel Music Cruise

Written by Rhonda on November 24, 2010 – 3:07 pm -

CHAPIN, S.C. – (November 24, 2010) – South Carolina mixed group Shine On Trio is excited to be a part of Brush Arbor Jubilee’s Gospel Music Cruise. The cruise is set to depart on January 24, 2011.

“We are so excited about being a part of this amazing cruise,” mentioned Roger Troutman of Shine On Trio. “It’s always a fun experience to travel abroad, but we get the distinct pleasure of traveling with our record label family – Homeland Entertainment.”

The Gospel Music Cruise is a six-day, five-night trip through the Caribbean – departing from Tampa, Florida on the 24th of January and returning on the 29th of January in 2011. The cruise features stops in the Cayman Islands and Cozumel, Mexico.

The Brush Arbor Jubilee’s Gospel Music Cruise features many of the top names in Gospel music and Homeland Entertainment artists like Heirline, The Toney Brothers, Southern Sound, Songfellows, Northmen, Ascension Quartet, and many more in addition to hit-makers Three Bridges and Shine On Trio.

“This is an amazing trip, and we hope that everyone who can join us will,” mentioned Roger. “This trip is going fast, so if you’re interested in going with us, be sure and contact us!”

For more information on the trip, visit Shine On Trio’s website or by emailing Roger at .

Shine On Trio will be entering the studio in early December to record their debut release for Homeland Entertainment. More information on that release will be announced at a later date.

Until Shine On Trio’s new site is unveiled – you can find out more information on the group by visiting .

About Shine On Trio
The Shine On Trio is based out of Chapin, South Carolina and consists of Roger and Cathy Troutman, and Cathy’s sister Brenda Quick.  While the group may have a relatively short history, they share a story of God’s grace and timing at their ministry events. The trio has one recording – Let the Son Shine.

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