The Murphys Release New CD

Nashville, TN- The Murphys of Monroe, NC have just released their latest recording with Heartwarming Records  (a div. of Homeland Entertainment Group).  The project contains 10 songs with a variety of new songs and some favorites that many listeners will recognize.  The group consists of Danny Murphy, his wife Max, their daughters Rikki and Barb and Rikki’s husband RC.  Together they deliver the powerful message of the gospel through word and song that engages audiences of all ages.  The new project not only reflects the music that they have been known for to this point, but also brings some soulful styles all the while staying with the traditional Southern Gospel vain, with tight nit family harmony and enthusiasm. “Catch on Fire” is available on ITunes and Amazon as well as many other online retailers.  The first single from the recording is now being played at radio titled “He Will Calm The Billows.”  You can locate more information about The Murphys at  or to hear an audio sample and The Murphys are online on Facebook as well.