Jordan Family Band Goes to Nashville

Jordan Family Band Goes to Nashville
Jordan Family Band Goes to Nashville

Nashville, TN (August 4, 2016) – The Jordan Family Band of Calhoun, GA, recently traveled to Nashville to spend time sharpening their ministry in anticipation of their newest release, Joshua 24:15. The band met with business and marketing consultants in Salem Communications offices. Salem Communications is the parent company for Singing News Magazine and the Singing News Radio Network.

Josh Jordan said, “It is important that our heart for the Gospel of Jesus is heard as we minister. Our children are being raised as the next generation. My wife, Randa and I wanted to invest in teaching them to do ministry with integrity.”

As the matriarch of The Jordan Family Band, Randa Jordan is determined that their boys are prepared for the future. “We know that they will face new challenges, both in ministry and in business,” Randa commented. “What we learned during our Artist Consultation with Singing News should equip them as our ministry grows,” Randa continued.

During their time spent at Singing News in Nashville, the Jordan Family Band conducted a radio interview with host Greg Goodman, which will be aired at a future date. The day also included sessions on marketing, the most effective use of print, radio and social media and how to utilize those pieces to grow a music ministry.

The Jordan Family Band will be releasing their new project, Joshua 24:15 this September. Produced by respected session ace and producer, Jeremy Medkiff, the Jordan Family Band says they truly feel this is a groundbreaking project for them and the first project they have ever entrusted fully to a producer. Each song features all members of the family band, including sons Hutch, Alex and Grant.

Singing News magazine and the Singing News Radio Network will be presenting a full marketing package for the project as part of the consultation program.

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Singing News offers the Artists Consultation Service to any group looking to reach the next level. The program is offered by invitation to artists who have a passion for ministry and have a commitment to achieving greater opportunities to grow their ministry.

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