Jordan’s Crossing is excited to announce that they have signed with Patterson Promotions, a division of Patterson Music Group, exclusively for their radio promotions.  They are excited to join its roster of accomplished artists.  Their first song to national radio, “The Reason,” is on the fall compilation, Volume 23. It’s a fun, upbeat song with a strong message, “No matter the trial you are facing, there is a ‘reason’ to keep pressing forward … and that is JESUS!”


Jordan’s Crossing is a Southern Gospel/Bluegrass trio from northeastern Alabama whose voices blend together with a unique sound and family harmonies.   The group consists of Tracy Furgerson and his children, Hunter, (19) and Sydney, (15).


Tracy has had a passion for music ministry for a long time, and has worked with several groups as singer/songwriter/pianist over the last 25 years.  As his children grew, he recognized their talent and decided to form a family group.


Tracy stated, “The original plan was to play straight Southern Gospel with me playing the piano.

The stringed instruments were never a thought; it happened almost by chance. We loved groups like the Isaacs & decided to try it. We slowly began to convert from the keys & Southern Gospel to make the crossover to a hybrid of Southern Gospel being done in an acoustic, bluegrass, style.”  In the spring of 2015, they released their debut album “Crossroads” consisting mostly of cover songs.


The legendary Phil Cross is producing their current project that will consist of originals written by the group as well as a few classics. He remarks, “I was fortunate to meet this wonderful family at a benefit concert in Alabama.  I was impressed by their musicianship, unmistakable family harmony, and songwriting.  As we talked and I got to know them, I was further inspired by their genuine love for the Lord.  Since that day, we have become friends and I’m excited to fully endorse them as an artist.  We are currently producing a new project for them and “The Reason” is their debut radio release.  It’s a great song that I’m sure will fit into many radio markets.  I believe Jordan’s Crossing has a great potential to make an impact sharing their songs.”


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