Kelly Nelon Clark begins filming first lead role

Kelly Nelon
Kelly Nelon Clark

Kelly Nelon Clark has been acting for some time, as reported by SGN Scoops in the August 2014 edition of SGNScoops magazine, when Clark joined the faith-based film The Dancer. She told us in that issue, “I have always loved theater and film. If you look back to around 1980 you can see where I mentioned that it was a secret dream of mine. I have to give credit to a friend in Dallas, Georgia, who invited me to acting classes, Elizabeth Hale. I went with her the first time and I loved it! We all sat around with different scripts and each had our turn. It sounded really good in my head but when it came out the first time I felt heat come to my face. I didn’t quit; I just kept going back every week for that four-hour class. I’m still learning, but I’m loving it.”

Clark told her followers on Facebook today that she starts filming her first lead role on Monday. Author, publisher, screenwriter, actor, and producer of hardcore Christian books and Christian films, Donald James Parker says here, “I have cast her for the lead role in my next film, Old Rugged

The Nelons pictured with members of the Dallas, GA City Council along with Todd Nelon
The Nelons pictured with members of the Dallas, GA City Council along with Todd Nelon
Photo Cred Tim Gray

Cross, which will be shot in mid May of 2016. I truly think that Kelly can make the crossover very successfully and her fan base will be able to enjoy her talents in both areas for many years to come. I am confident Kelly will become a prominent player in the Indie Christian film arena. Who knows? Perhaps Hollywood will come calling someday with a faith based film that will allow Kelly to take a bigger stage. No one deserves it more.”

“Would you pray for me?” asks Clark. “Without sounding pretentious I start filming a movie, The Old Rugged Cross on Monday with Donald James Parker, Ken Dohse, Juli Tapken and more and these guys are professional and great at what they do. This is my first lead role with lots of dialogue. I’m new at this but I’m excited and ready for this journey. Pray that God will help me in every way to fulfill this role. My plate has been rather full lately but God won’t put you anywhere that He won’t provide what you need. Thank you to Jeff Rose who has coached me and encouraged me. You will never know how much I appreciate it. Thank you to Autumn Nelon Clark for going over my lines with me. I hope I make all of you proud!”

The Nelons Honored With GMA Hall Of Fame Induction
The Nelons Honored With GMA Hall Of Fame Induction

Kelly Nelon Clark also writes a column for SGNScoops magazine. See her latest “High Notes with Kelly Nelon Clark,” here.

Earlier this week, The Nelons were inducted into the GMA Hall of Fame. See that article here.

Congratulations Kelly from all of us at SGNScoops!!