Kenny Gardner featured on SGN Scoops’ Fast Five!

Kenny Gardner
Kenny Gardner

Kenny Gardner is our featured artist on this edition of SGN Scoops’ Fast Five. Kenny G, as his friends call him, is a Preacher’s Kid from Columbus, Mississippi, who has been singing since the age of three. He was profoundly influenced by close friend, Kenny Hinson, and also comedian, Aaron Wilburn. Kenny began singing professionally with the Stalls Family, who were well known for the song, “Stepping On The Clouds,” written by John Stalls.

Kenny Gardner currently has three recordings available: Friends’ Requests, Strike Back and Christmas Everyday. He is working on a fourth project, scheduled to be released this spring. His smooth Country vocals will speak to your heart and the message in his well-chosen songs will bring encouragement to your soul.
Kenny and his wife of 39 years, Deborah, have one daughter, Ashlee, and two grandchildren, Landon and Jackson. Now read more about this Country gentleman:
SGN: Tell us about Kenny Gardner. What can we expect if we come see you in a concert or worship service?
KG: My prayer is that if you see me in concert or worship service that you don’t see me. I pray that you see Jesus! He’s the one that deserves all the Glory and Praise. I want you to remember it is Him at the end of the day who has your back. You will hear that over and over again when I am  ministering. I almost died at age five with respiratory difficulties and He gave me a great set of lungs and a desire to use them for Him. I hope I do see you in concert or worship service. Just let me know who you are.
Kenny Gardner
Kenny Gardner

SGN: Tell us about your current radio single and how you are seeing God use it in your services.

KG:My current radio single is, “Didn’t I Walk on Water?” I was blessed to see it go to number three on the Cashbox Country Christian chart. That is great and I am thankful, but to see the faces while ministering the song in concert and see God’s presence on them gives me the most pleasure. Then to hear some of the testimonies of how the song encouraged them or got them through a very difficult time, that is what it is all about. To God be the Glory!
SGN: When you are out on the road, what is your favorite place to eat?
KG: Well, my favorite place to eat while on the road is any place where there is good food! Just kidding! I love Ruby Tuesdays because of the salad bar and that bread. I love Olive Garden and anything Mexican. I told you – anywhere there is good food!
SGN: What advice would you give to a new artist getting started?
KG: My advice to a new artist would be to always put Christ first! We live in a very selfish world and it is not ever about THEM in singing Christian Music. It’s always about HIM! Another thing is to find the right producer that pushes Jesus and not their label.
SGN: How can we book Kenny Gardner and buy your product?
KG: Anyone desiring to book me or get my CDs , please email me at or go to Facebook and go to Kenny Gardner Music on Facebook. I’m sure you could go to MAC Records/Studio 115A as well; Dennis and Leslie McKay are the owners. I thank them tremendously for all they have done for me and their artists. I want to leave my phone number too: 662.251.4005
SGN Scoops thanks Kenny Gardner for participating in our SGN Scoops’ Fast Five! We enjoy finding out more about the artists who travel the roads, singing great music about Jesus. We hope that all of our readers will go to Kenny Gardner Music on Facebook, find out more about him, and thank him for all of his hard work as well as giving his talent to God. We need more like him!
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