Lindsay Huggins, Troy Burns and Heaven’s Mountain Band on Harmony Road TV

This Week's Harmony Road TV Program to Feature Guest Co-Host Larry Gatlin
This Week’s Harmony Road TV Program to Feature Guest Co-Host Larry Gatlin

Includes Interview with Guest Co-Host Larry Gatlin, Songs about the Power of Prayer

Signal Mountain, TN (January 8, 2016) This week’s Harmony Road TV program, co hosted by Larry Gatlin and Les Butler, features videos showcasing the power of prayer. Songs include, “Praying Women,” from Lindsay Huggins, “I’m Praying for You,” by the Troy Burns Family, and Heaven’s Mountain Band with “I’ll Keep on Praying”. Gatlin also shares a story about how prayer and faith changed his life.

Lindsay  Huggins
Lindsay Huggins

Closing out this week’s program is a rousing rendition of “Power in the Blood,” from Les Butler and Friends. From the “Live at Dugger Mountain Music Hall” DVD, the instrumental features Ben Rochester, Anna Grace Shideler, Randy Miller, Matt Butler and Les Butler.

“We’ve been blessed to have a series of special programs co-hosted by Larry Gatlin,” said Roger Spears, Harmony Road TV Producer. “This week’s program, featuring songs about the power of prayer, is especially meaningful. We appreciate Larry Gatlin speaking of how prayer and faith helped him in a time of crisis. The episode also includes 3 excellent concept videos from great artists, as well as a classic, up-tempo song from Les Butler and Friends.” he concluded.

Heaven's Mountain Band
Heaven’s Mountain Band

This is the third of a series of programs including guest co-host Larry Gatlin. The episode was taped inside a log cabin at Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse Resort, in Monteagle, Tennessee.

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Allan Rhodes is the program’s technical director. More about Jim Oliver’s Smokehouse Resort is found at


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