Lore Family Ministries Continues Busy Summer of Songs, Sermons and Seminars

Lore Family
Lore Family

Family Participated in 23 services in June, Begins Production of New CD Project, Top Five Finalist in Diamond Awards

Portsmouth, Ohio (July 18, 2016) The Summer of 2016 has been a busy, productive and blessed season for The Lore Family. During June, they participated in 23 services. Not only did they minister in song but preached 21 of the services. Also, they began production of a new CD project, “Generation Now”, which will feature Fayth and Samuel Lore.

The Lore Family were also featured artist on the nationally, syndicated radio program, “The Gospel Greats”.  They are also a top five finalist in the 2016 SGN Scoops Diamond Awards, nominated for Sunrise Artist of the Year, and Sunrise Quartet.of the Year.

When asked about the month of singing, preaching and ministering, Darren Lore said, “We had a very busy but blessed June, ministering in 23 services. This included two camp meetings, a revival, concerts and other evangelistic efforts.”  During the CYA in the Morehead, Kentucky region, each family member shared the Word through singing, teaching, devotions or preaching. At least 20 souls were converted during the youth camp! The following week, The Lore Family began an eight day, open-air, old-fashioned camp meeting. Although it was hot, the crowd was very responsive. There were as least six more souls saved at the Six Mile Turn Camp!”

Lore Family
Lore Family

The Lore Family is also spending time in the recording studio. Darren Lore said, “We are currently working on a new project. I made two trips to Nashville, in June, to co-write with Joseph Habedank, Donna and Zane King. And, a third trip to cut the tracks and begin vocals. ‘Generation Now’ project will have eight originals and two cover songs.”  He continued, “This project will feature Fayth and Samuel Lore. Fayth had the inspiration for ‘Generation Now’, and co wrote the title cut, her first recorded original song. ‘Generation Now’ will include fantastic originals penned by such writers as Lee Black, Marcia Henry, Sue Smith, Joseph Habedank, Darren Lore, Matthew Lawson, Donna and Zane King,” he concluded. “Generation Now” will bridge generation gaps while crossing over into other genres The Lore Family is excited about this project and the impact it can have on the younger generation who need to hear this message now, more than ever.

Donna King is the producer of ‘Generation Now’. She had this to say about the Lore Family and the new album, “I am so excited to be producing this new project for the Lore Family featuring Fayth and Samuel. The world needs to see young people, not only embracing their faith in Christ, but taking a stand against the direction the world is going and offering a new road to this generation. God has called them and they are answering His call.” King continues, “And, to make it even better, they are so very talented. I believe their voices will be heard and this album will have a powerful impact on their generation, as well as those who came before them and those who will come after.”

Also, The Lore Family received the news that ‘Trace the Grace’ climbed to #14 on the Singing News August charts. And, their current single, ‘World of Hurt’ is beginning to grow nationally. And to top it off, July is looking busier than ever, with production of the “Generation Now” project and ministering in 25 services which include three camp meetings and Samuel preaching a VBS, revival. The Lore Family feels blessed as God continues to shower them with his favor.

For more information on the Lore Family, go towww.thelorefamilyministries.com.  To vote in the 2016 Diamond Awards, click http://www.sgnscoops.com/2016-diamond-awards/

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