Makinsey Kelley New Alto for Gold Harbor

Makinsey Kelley entered an audition for the renown vocal group gold harbor from Nashville, TN late last fall. They had 17 ladies try out for the top harmony part. After seeing 40,000 hits on their website in just three days, it was obvious that many of the ladies who sought this position could sing with any number of groups. An unusual feat that took place, Makinsey Kelley received every vote online. It was so overwhelming at the time that JR Richards, the manager of Gold Harbor, did not secure her to the group. The reason was that the applications just kept coming in days after the voting was over. It was so obvious this world class soprano Makinsey Kelley would be singing as an alto with Gold Harbor.  When Makinsey sings everyone listens. Welcome Makinsey to a long career with Gold Harbor.