MARK209 Records Live Album Inside Prison

MARK209 Records Live Album Inside Prison
MARK209 Records Live Album Inside Prison

NASHVILLE, TN – MARK209 releases new Live album recorded from inside a maximum security prison.

Titled, “Live From Inside”, MARK209’s latest CD was recorded live from inside the James V. Allred Maximum Security prison in Wichita Falls, Texas.  The audience was made up of inmates and prison guards and it gives the listeners an inside look at the raw energy of a MARK209 “Worship Experience”.
MARK209 tenor, Nathaniel Justice, explains, “We decided to record from inside the prison because we wanted the world to see that the men in this facility are on fire for God.  The first time we went there to perform, we expected to minister to the prisoners.  We were not prepared for what happened.  We were actually equally blessed by the prisoners themselves as they shared their testimonies and stories with us.  We have used many of their stories, when talking with youth groups and schools, about why not to ‘dance with the devil’.  Things that you think are innocent, many times will turn to bite you.  As the old Cathedral song stated, ‘Sin will take you farther than you ever wanted to go’.  We left the facility amazed at how we felt, seeing men that may never see the outside of those four walls be that on fire for God and willing to let Him use them even on the inside.  In an effort to share with those on the outside how these men worship, two songs by the Prison Praise Band have been included on the CD.”
The CD was recorded over several days and over multiple services at the prison, both morning and afternoon.  Since large recording equipment was not allowed in the Unit, the recording was taken straight off the board and remixed by Ben Harris at Spera Pointe Studio in Nashville, TN.   Included on the CD are MARK209 fan favorites, “Graceland”, “Tennessee Orange”, and “Have A Good Time” … plus other previously unrecorded favorites, “Say A Prayer” and “There’s Always A Place At The Table”, that are normally only heard at live performances … along with a New Kenna West song, “Praise Makes The Walls Come Down”.
The group is also excited to use this CD to help support the prison ministry that works within the James V. Allred Unit.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this CD will go to support the Horizon Communities in Prison Organization.
This exciting new CD is now available for pre-orders at a discounted rate at MARK209’s online store and will be available at live appearances later this month.
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