New Atlanta Based Marketing Company

ATLANTA, GA – Gospel Wise Marketing, an Atlanta-based marketing company dedicated to the Southern Gospel music industry, has just arrived on the scene and is unleashing an innovative hub of information and professional services.

On a mission to assist Gospel music artists, Gospel Wise Marketing has officially been launched online and is an all-inclusive source for informational marketing articles, music industry navigation, and professional services. As technology rapidly advances and introduces various new online marketing tools, it is crucial for the independent Southern Gospel music artists to stay informed and knowledgeable. Gospel Wise Marketing was developed to bridge the gap for the industry by ensuring that Southern Gospel music artists had a reliable source that could properly answer all their music industry and marketing questions, ensuring that they were fully prepared to develop their ministry.


Gospel Wise Marketing is the brainchild of entrepreneur Kyle Vickers, who has been an active business owner and marketing consultant more than ten years in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2006, his award-winning marketing strategies pushed the limits of creative conceptualization for work with the Atlantis Music Conference. During a recent research campaign for a southern gospel music artist client, Mr. Vickers was overcome with the realization that there were no professional organizations providing reliable marketing services or crucial information for these artists with God-given talent. This spurred an instant desire with Mr. Vickers to start a company, which can stand as a hub of information and resources aimed at giving back to all those that have given so much to their ministry.

Mr. Vickers stated, “These artists have such ambition and dedication to their ministry for the Lord; however, there is a lack of resources and tools currently available within the Southern Gospel music industry. I aim to change that by providing a professional resource hub designed to prepare these artists with the tools and knowledge that they need for success.”

As an information and marketing agency, Gospel Wise Marketing is dedicated to offering professional services, a constantly growing library of new articles, and the current development of the industry’s only comprehensive Southern Gospel music church directory booking resource. This creative new company is now online at and is looking forward to building relationships with the many talented Southern Gospel music artists out there.