‘Passion of the Christ’ Comes to TBN During Easter Week

LOS ANGELES,  The week leading up to Easter Sunday has always been a special season at Trinity Broadcasting Network, the world’s largest religious broadcaster and America’s most-watched faith channel. And for good reason: during holy week Christians around the world commemorate the Lord Jesus Christ’s suffering for us, His sacrificial death for us, and the glory of His resurrection, where death was conquered and eternal life through Christ Jesus is assured! To celebrate, TBN has selected movies and programs that will comfort, inspire, and challenge viewers throughout this sacred season.

For the second year during Easter week, TBN is featuring what has become a cinema classic for believers all over the world: The Passion of the Christ. Produced by Mel Gibson and starring one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, Jim Caviezel, The Passion follows the Savior through the final hours before his death, from his agonizing intercession in the Garden of Gethsemane and savage scourging at the hands of the Romans, to the final moments of his brutal crucifixion. Throughout this intense and emotion-packed film, Jesus is portrayed in all of his humanity while flashbacks of his life reveal his true divine nature.

Due to the overwhelming response to last year’s showings, TBN will air The Passion of the Christ throughout the week leading up to Easter Sunday, beginning April 4. Visit TBN’s Passion of the Christ web page (here) for specific broadcast times.

TBN will also feature a special four-day showing of the film April 4th through the 7th at Church of All Nations on the grounds of Holy Land Experience, the Orlando, Florida destination that brings the rich history and glorious heritage of biblical Israel to life for the entire family. For more information on this free live showing of The Passion of the Christ, call 1-800-447-7235.

Jim Caviezel, who has been a guest speaker at Holy Land Experience, said his decision to portray Jesus in The Passion was deeply influenced by his love of Scripture. “Throughout my professional life, I have always been drawn to truth when selecting projects,” said Caviezel, who also provides the voice of Jesus on The Word of Promise, a popular audio Bible produced by Thomas Nelson. “In the Scripture I find truth that has long been a source of strength and constant inspiration.”

In addition to The Passion of the Christ, TBN has a full line-up of special programming for the entire family during Easter week, including the mysterious and dramatic film The Road to Emmaus; the moving documentary Twelve Ordinary Men; the unforgettable Apostle Peter and the Last Supper; the stirring In Remembrance; and the classic Easter film The Robe.

‘We’ve been so blessed over the years to be able to air unforgettable and moving films, concerts, and programs reminding us of the awesome gift of salvation through Christ Jesus and His love and sacrifice for all of humanity,” said TBN founder Dr. Paul Crouch. “Easter Week is truly a special season for us here at TBN. Our prayer is always that our programming will present the life-changing power of Christ’s love for our viewers all over the world.”