Pastor Josh Franks and People’s Tabernacle Build Church Amidst Pandemic

In March of this year as COVID-19 began to shut down the world, things were actually starting to begin at People’s Tabernacle Church. This year marks the 60th Anniversary, as well as the opening of a brand-new church sanctuary. “Literally the week that our President ask us to go home and stay for 2 weeks and most of the country shut completely down, the same week, we saw construction workers, concrete, and the foundation of the church start” said Pastor Josh Franks. The growth of the church in the last few years brought on the decision to build a larger sanctuary. 2 years ago, the church was able to purchase the property directly  in front of them as well as a small piece beside of them. After succeeding to pay that off in just a few months, the church began the process of moving forward to construct the new sanctuary. Now in the middle of a pandemic, the church has been completed and opens today for Worship Services. The new sanctuary more than triples the size of the old sanctuary with larger facilities and parking. The old church will continue to be used for a chapel for youth and children. Pastor Josh added “Even though we have been in a crisis in this nation, we have followed the Lord. The Lord has blessed, and we are continuing to move forward”.

The church has several special services scheduled over the next several weeks as a celebration of the faithfulness of God. Homecoming Services will be Sunday, October 4th with Gaither Homecoming Artist, Angela Primm . A dedication service for the new sanctuary will take place on Friday, October 9th with world renown evangelist/pastor, Pastor Gabriel Swaggart, grandson of Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart, as seen on the SonLife Broadcasting TV Network.
The church will also host Gold City on October 11th and Evangelist Torrence Nash on October 18th. Soloist of the Year, Joseph Habedank will be at People’s Tabernacle on October 25th, and on November 8th,  the number one quartet in America, Triumphant Qt will be in service. You are invited to attend each special service!


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