Patterson Promotions Releases Volume 7 Radio Comp

EHA-Nashville, TN} Pauline Patterson of Patterson Promotions announces the release of Vol. 7 radio comp disc. The following artists signed with the agency and their songs are available for download at:
1. I’m Gonna’ Sing The Porter Family
Dave Wilford / BMI
2. Plans To Leave David Patillo
David Patillo / BMI
3. Little Wood Frame Church House Brenda Whitlock
Brenda Whitlock / BMI
4. Down On My Knees Isaiah’s Cry
Carol Ann Jarrells / BMI
5. My Ship Can’t Go Down Providence Qt.
Newt Kelly / BMI
6. Stand By The River Great Day
Dottie Rambo / ASCAP
7. Gloryland Train Tim Ooten
Diane Gillette / BMI
8. I’ll Fly Away Randy & Wendi Pierce
Public Domain
9. Just Pass The Cross Jack Freeman
Bill Burns / BMI
10. Take My Hand Ascending Son
Roy Anderson / BMI
11. Stones Ava L Kasich
Kent Holland / BMI
12. The Present Darrel Grimes
Darrel Grimes / BMI
Patterson notes, “I’m excited and honored, once again, to get to represent such a wonderful group of artists. Our mission remains the same; to continue promoting the Gospel through song, and our bottom-line continues to focus on “souls.” Contact Patterson at: