Please pray for Mike Moran of the Torchmen

Torchmen Quartet
The 2020 Torchmen Quartet: (l-r) Sandy MacGregor, Eric Lovell, Mike Moran, Jon Hisey

Many gospel music fans know Mike Moran of the Torchmen from Ontario. He has been singing for 50 years, telling thousands about the love of Jesus and living his faith with everyone he meets. Now it’s our turn to pray for this man of God who has given so much to so many.

Torchmen Quartet. Mike MoranThe Torchmen posted the following:

For over 50 yrs, Mike has been faithfully serving through gospel music, but this week we need to keep him in our prayers. He’s scheduled for surgery on Wednesday to remove a mass from his kidney. He’ll be off the road for a bit, but thankfully due to the pandemic, he won’t miss too many engagements, but Mike doesn’t like to miss any.

Please pray for Mike this week!

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