Pray for family of Jimmy Reno of Mark209

Jimmy Reno
Jimmy and Christa Reno

Jimmy Reno, vocalist with Mark209 and writer for SGNSCOOPS, lost his father last night. Jimmy posted the following on Facebook:

“My Dad had been talking about going home…and not his earthly one. He wanted to see my brother again…he wanted to see his brothers and sister again….his parents again.

Father of Jimmy Reno
Father of Jimmy Reno

Last night we lost him and he was reuinted with our family that had gone on before him.

He was a good man. He knew men could show affection…always told us all how much he loved us…and showed that when he worked hard over the years to support us.

Jimmy Reno of Mark209He was the most gifted guitar player Ive ever known. He could play anything with strings on it.

R.I.P. Daddy, we love you.”

All of us at SGNScoops extend our sympathy and condolences to Jimmy Reno and all of his family. We are praying for you.

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