Rayburn Lane Returns To Dixie Melody Boys

The Dixie Melody Boys are excited to announce that Rayburn Lane has returned to the Dixie Melody Boys.  Rayburn was the bus driver for the DMB’s for many years before leaving to drive for the Dove Brothers. “I am sad that my longtime friend Rayburn is leaving. He is leaving for a good reason. Ed O’Neal needs a driver and he taught Rayburn to drive. He us a Dixie Melody Boy again but if you real close you will still see some wings on his shoulders ” said McCray Dove.
    Rayburn is one of the best drivers in Gospel music and beloved by many fans across the country. “We are excited to have Rayburn back as a Dixie Melody Boy. He is like a son to Ed so its a blessing to have him on our bus.” Stated Matt Felts.
    Rayburn has already started with the group. Fans are encouraged to come to a Dixie Melody Boys concert to welcome Rayburn back.