Rob Patz writes his Thanksgiving Prayer

Rob Patz writes his Thanksgiving prayer
Rob Patz writes his Thanksgiving prayer

It is hard to believe that it is already the month of November and almost Thanksgiving. By the time you read this, Creekside 2017 will almost be in the books. I want to invite you right now to make plans to be with us for Creekside 2018.

I was sitting here and pondering the month of November, the month with the holiday we celebrate here in the United States as Thanksgiving. I am thankful for many things throughout this year … thankful for health and the health of my family, for the many blessings that God has provided throughout this year in so many different areas of my life. I’m thankful for the country that I live in and the freedom that I have to write to you without fear of it being censored. I’m thankful for those that have the right to protest. I’m also thankful for those who fight for that right for those to protest and for people like me to write what is on my heart.

Rob Patz writes his Thanksgiving prayer
Rob Patz

In the society that we live in, we have to understand that the checks and balances that are there, are there for a reason. If we believe in freedom of speech, or the freedom of the written word, we also must allow those that don’t agree with us that same right to be able to protest or write about their feelings. I think if you asked anyone who has served this country, they would tell you they fight for everyone, not just those that they agree with.

I know that it’s popular right now to bash those who disagree with us. I find that to be very foolish. In any area of our life, if we don’t learn to love and accept those around us, how are we ever going to reach them with the message of the cross? I think it’s time that we stop making the world “us against them.” It will take all of us together to create an atmosphere of love, not hate.

As I sit here and write this, my Thanksgiving prayer this year is for each and every one of us to stop and agree to disagree. To disagree is only natural. Each of us has been raised differently. We come from different socioeconomic backgrounds. We even come from different churches, but I want to challenge you today to stop looking for the negative and start looking for the positive. Start believing in your fellow man and in the person that lives next door. The only way we’re ever truly going to be able to show Jesus to anyone is to first show them that we care.

Rob Patz writes his Thanksgiving prayer - pumpkin pie

I hope that each and every one of you have a blessed Thanksgiving. I know I’m already excited about the pumpkin pie, and I’m also excited about Southern Gospel Weekend in Oxford, Ala., from March 1-3, 2018. Come and be with us.

Publisher’s Point for November 2017 by Rob Patz

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