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In this edition of SGN Scoops’ Fast Five, we talk to Linda Foster and Charlie Sexton, one of Creekside’s favorite Gospel music couples. From Atlanta, Georgia, this lovely duo also releases singles to radio as well. Linda’s most recent releases include “That Day Is Almost Here” and “Please Tell Me Again.”

Be sure to catch the duo on “Enjoying Life With Dr. Jerry and Lil’ Jan,” on WATC TV, Atlanta GA, Saturday December 5th at 4pm and Thursday December 10th at 9am. The show is also available online at

Listen into the conversation as SGN Scoops talks to Linda Foster and Charlie Sexton…

SGN (to Linda): Tell us about your background and why Charlie calls you ‘Foster’…

LF: Well, Charlie calls me Foster, because that’s how he was first introduced to me. Because of that, most folks in the Gospel Music world now know me as ‘Foster’, too. It’s funny, because sometimes, he is in a position where etiquette calls for him to properly introduce me as ‘Linda’, but the truth is, he never ever really calls me that!I love it!!!

I grew up loving Gospel Music, and remember singing songs out of The Red Back Hymnal. My favorite was ‘Victory In Jesus’. My mama, Janice, taught me that one! Of course, I always loved watching ‘The Gospel Singing Jubilee’ TV Show on Sunday Mornings. Charlie shares often that while he loved The Happy Goodman Family, he secretly watched to see if his heroes, Wendy Bagwell & The Sunliters were gonna be the special guests on the show. But, as for me, now, I was always a die-hard Hinson fan. I loved their songs, their sound, their style and especially their spirit. Kenny, Chris, Larry & Ronny were very influential in my formative years, and Mama would often take me to the All Night Singings at the Atlanta City Auditorium to hear them.

What fun that was!!! Last year for Christmas, Charlie surprised me with a pen and ink drawing of The Hinsons done in 1977 by Adina B


enton Bowman. It’s one of my treasures. It’s absolutely stunning!


SGN (to Charlie): You produced Linda’s latest CD. Tell us about where yourecorded it, and why you chose the musicians and background vocalists that you did.

CS: We went to Kingsport, TN to Lasting Sounds Studio to make this


record. I met Steve Benton and his wife, Karen, and her Dad, Brother Lyons Smith, a long time ago, when I was with Liberty. We had recorded a few things there, so I was already acquainted with the warm sound they get there. See, they still use 2” tape, and record on an old 24 track analog machine. They also used a vintage Neumann U87 microphone and a spring reverb unit on Foster’s vocal. She sounded absolutely heavenly. It ‘s so reminiscent of the classic sound produced by the legendary Nashville rooms like Soundshop, Bradley’s Barn and RCA’s famous Studio B. Because this CD is, in part, a tribute to our musical heroes, we wanted to replicate that sound and the style that we grew up listening to. Steve and Karen and their staff drummer, Jonathan Presnell still play that style as good as anyone I know. Then, taking it over the top for us, Karen expertly booked in David Johnson to play – and play he did! It was incredible. Then, on BGV day, Karen lent her beautiful vocals along with our friend, American Idol finalist, Bryan Walker, formerly of The Perrys and Dixie Melody Boys. On some songs, I opted for more of a trio sound, instead of a soloist with BGVs. I think it turned out splendid. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the entire process.

SGN (to Linda): You have had a great year on the national airplay charts. Tell us about the current song, “One Prayer At A Time”.

LF: The first time I heard it, the message just resonated and settled in me. I guess I relate to it because that’s truly how I do make it… one prayer at a time. It was as if Sister Kyla Rowland knew my heart, when she put pen to paper. See, The Father really does hear my prayer, because I am His child. There’s not a doubt about that.

I’m just on a journey here, but one day, I’ll find myself at the edge of The River, and as the song says, I’ll step into ‘forever’, and when He welcomes me home, I’ll cry “I made it, One Prayer At A Time”. I love to encourage folks with that thought!!

SGN (to Charlie): Tell us what our readers can expect when they come to see you and Linda in person.

CS: Not long ago, a preacher referred to us as Gospel Music’s “Captain & Tennille”. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing, or not, but, I think I know what he meant. Foster does the majority of the singing, and I play the piano, run tracks and sound, and emcee. I do sing a little, but she carries what we do, vocally. It’s hard to fill a stage with just one or two people, but I think we have a decent presentation.

We laugh and tell stories; I play an instrumental or two and she sings the Glory down. It all leads up to us giving the folks an opportunity to come to Jesus. If we don’t point folks to Him, it is worthless.

SGN (to Charlie and Linda): So, what does 2016 hold for you two, in regards to ministry?

CS: That’s easy. More of the same! Unlike most artists, we don’t pursue a full schedule, but we do try to prayerfully walk through any door that opens. I emcee  several events throughout the year, and Foster usually gets to ‘open’ with a couple of songs. Then, we do some ‘fill-in’ work for other groups, as well as for some Minister of Music buddies. We are just as comfortable doing a song or two before a sermon on a Sunday Morning as we are a full concert on Saturday Night. Listen, I’m not a sports enthusiast. I hardly know anything about any kind of ball game. But, what I do know about is Jesus, Church, and Gospel Music. That is MY ballgame! You want to see me get fired up? Start telling me about how many folks got saved in your service last week! Well, Glory!

LF: We are looking forward to starting a new year, and of course, we are excited about the ministry opportunities that God has in store for us. We love where we are in the season of life, and would love for our path to cross with yours in the coming year!

Charlie and Linda may be contacted through her website at or by calling his office at (404) 210-5478.

Thanks so much, Charlie and Linda, for joining us on the Fast Five. We look forward to see what the future holds for you! We also encourage all of our readers to check their schedule and attend one of their concerts. You will be sure to get a blessing.

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