SGN Scoops’ Fast Five with The Schofields

The Schofields
The Schofields

Welcome to the SGN Scoops’ Fast Five! This week we chat with The Schofields, a husband-and-wife team that were named Favorite Duet by the Christian Voice Magazine at the 2015 Gospel Music Fan Awards this past spring.  Early in their marriage, Danny and Phyllis travelled with the Schofield Family Singers, then entered a period of pastoring and studying, beginning a ministry in Jamaica and once again increasing their music ministry on the road, singing Gospel music.

Meet The Schofields on today’s SGN Scoops’ Fast Five!

SGN: How long have each of you been singing Gospel music?

Danny Schofield: Phyllis and I have been in Gospel music as long as we can remember. We each sang with our family groups when we were kids and we were both singing in church by about age four.


SGN: Tell us all about your radio single?

Danny: “Diamond in the Rough,” was written by a friend of ours, Tom Clenney, whose mother told him once that he wasn’t perfect but was a diamond in the rough. That line inspired him to write the song which climbed to # 18 on the Christian Voice Chart in 2015.


SGN: Where did you and Phyllis meet?

Danny: In church. I sat behind Phyllis and pulled her pigtails at age 10. Phyllis was singing with her family group and by then I was the bass player for my family’s group. It was in a little Baptist church in Moodyville, TN, where both families had been booked to sing at a revival. After that we kept meeting at other churches at singings and homecomings and began dating when we were older.
SGN: Phyllis, will you share your testimony with us?

Phyllis: When Danny and I were in our early twenties we lost three infant children, all boys. I was diagnosed with Eclampsia Toxemia and almost died with each of the children. After the third time I had to have surgery and was told I could not have any more children. We were devastated after trying so hard and going through so much grief and loss,  and now we were told that the dream of having children was over for us.
During the next few years I became more and more depressed and finally reached the point where I tried to commit suicide. I thought my life was over because I couldn’t have children but there at that moment God had other plans. Thank God for a precious pastor’s wife who was my friend. She was praying that morning and God showed her what I was doing. She came to my house and ministered to me. It took some time but God provided the healing that I was so desperately in need of. He replaced my grief with peace and I was able to begin enjoying life again.

It’s funny how the devil never wants to admit that he is defeated. The next thing that happened was that I began to have seizures. I had had seizures during each of my pregnancies but this was different. They started slowly and as time passed they grew in intensity. Medication helped but did not completely control them. It was during this time that Danny was called into the ministry.

the schofieldsIt’s easy to look back now and see how the enemy tried to stop us from going into the ministry God had for us. The loss of our children, the depression and then the sickness and limitations that came from the seizures severely hindered us for years. If we were in multiple services and I got really tired, I would have a seizure. The seizures usually happened in church or on the way home from church. It was hard for Danny to even keep his mind on what he was doing in the services because he was always worried about me. This went on for several years but once again God brought deliverance from the enemies attacks. He healed me and I haven’t had a seizure in years.

You would think that was enough but during that same time that I had seizures I was diagnosed with cancer. This time the doctor was amazed when I went back for more tests. He said we know the cancer was there because we have the pictures. The new tests showed no cancer at all because God had already done the healing.

We have been trough a lot but this one thing I know, if you will be faithful to God, He will always be faithful to you.

SGN: What are some future goals for your ministry?

Danny: We plan to continue doing the ministry we have been doing as a duo for 23 years, singing, preaching at churches, doing revivals, camp meetings and traveling to Jamaica each year on mission trips. We also participate in several Gospel Music events each year such as SGM Fanfare in Somerset, KY;  Christian Country Expo and Creekside in Pigeon Forge, TN, and the Victory Voyage Gospel Cruise.


Creekside 2015
Creekside 2015

We are planning to do a new cd in 2016 and as always will follow God’s leading as He opens new doors. We love what we do and there is so much variety in the different types of ministry that we never get bored.

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The Schofields will be part of the 2015 Creekside Gospel Music Convention in Pigeon Forge TN, November 2nd-5th at the Smoky Mountain Convention Center. Click here for more information and here for free tickets.