SGN Scoops Top 100 for October 2014  


1     Karen Peck and New River       Everybody’s Going Through Something

2     11th Hour       How Will You Plead

3     Whisnants       Not Afraid To Trust Him

4     Hyssongs       I Was Blind But Now I See

5     Old Paths       Love Them To Jesus

6     McKameys       There Is Jesus

7     Hoskins Family       God Is Big

8     Talleys       Hidden Heroes

9     Browders       Listening For The Shout

10    Bowling Family       I Know Enough

11    Brian Free and Assurance       Say Amen

12    Shellem Cline       Dinner With Jesus

13    Carolina Boys       Watch And Pray

14    Perrys       I Can Trust Him

15    Dunaways       Church In The Kitchen

16    Kingsmen       Oh Yes I Am

17    Gordon Mote       Ain’t It Just Like The Lord

18    Joseph Habedank       Never No Never

19    Barry Rowland and Deliverance       He’s Still God

20    Gold City       Never Too Broken To Belong

21    Dixie Melody Boys       That Story Is Mine

22    Ernie Haase and Signature Sound       Water Walking God

23    Zane and Donna King       If There Was Any Other Way

24    Mark Bishop       Love’s Gonna Get You

25    Booth Brothers       If God Didn’t Care

26    Social Security Boys       I’m Not What I Was

27    Gaither Vocal Band       God Leads Us Along

28    Soul’d Out Quartet       Hey Everybody

29    Tony Burchette       We’ll Soon Be Gone

30    Greater Vision       For All He’s Done

31    Legacy Five       Christ Is Still The King

32    Dennis Cook       Crying In The Chapel

33    East Ridge Boys       He’s Leaving His Throne

34    Pauline Patterson       I Fell Down

35    Collingsworth Family       How Great His Love/Love Found a Pardon

36    Calebs Crossing       What I’m Made To Be

37    John Lanier       Look For Me

38    Kingdom Heirs       I’ll Know I’m Home

39    Bev McCann       Thunder

40    Red Roots       Great Big Yes

41    Shellem Cline       Look Up

42    Debra Perry and Jaidyns Call       Coming After Me

43    Inspirations       God’s Word Will Stand

44    Charles Surrate       Just Stand

45    The Gospelaires       Miracle

46    Jim Sheldon       Even After

47    Jeff and Sheri Easter       I’ll Take It

48    Martins       If We Ever Needed The Lord Before

49    Mylon Hayes Family       Prayer Meeting

50    Adam Crabb       Hey Now

51    Ball Brothers       Who’s Gonna Stand In The Gap

52    Shireys       Praying And Waiting

52    Lori Jonathan Trio  What A Precious Friend

54    Risen       When He Said Live

55    The Murray Family       Near To Thee

56    Georgia       We Have A Hope

57    Tina Wakefield       Foot On The Rock

58    His Mercies       Bound

58    Scotts       I Won’t Let Go Of My Faith

60    Steeles       We’re All Human

61    Gann Family       This Blood

62    Doug Anderson       Love With Open Arms

63    Pine Ridge Boys       He Is Mine

64    Paul’s Journey       One Foot In Egypt

65    Amber Nelon Thompson       Falling

66    Brothers Redeemed       If It Had Not Been

67    Collingsworth Family       Show A Little Bit Of Love And Kindness

68    Jesse Reece       My Life

69    Bledsoes       That’s What’s So Amazing

70    Dave’s Highway       Jesus, Messiah

70    Wilbanks       Song Of Thanksgiving

70    Kirsten Alting       Unlikelies

73    McKameys       Hill Worth Dying On

74    Mark Trammell Quartet       Your Walk Talks

75    Higher Hope       All The Way

76    Ernie Penley       Jim Got Saved Tonight

77    Primitive Quartet       Empty Me Lord

78    New Vision       Faith Steps Out Of The Boat

79    Freemans       The Last Time I Looked

80    Legacy Five       He Is To Me

81    Watts, Rowsey and Bean       Waste Another Day

82    Mountain Faith       I’ll Be Gone

83    Ernie Haase and Signature Sound       That’s Why

84    Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver       He Made The Tree

85    His Mercies       You Backed It Up

86    Karen Peck and New River       Revival

87    Heavenly Sunrise       Jesus Is Coming

88    Erwins       When Justice Called Mercy Answered

89    Canaan’s Crossing       His Unchanging Hand

90    Steve Ladd       Heaven

90    Phillips Family       Somewhere In The Shadows

90    Mark Trammell Quartet       To Know He Knows Me

93    Balsam Range       Stacking Up The Rocks

94    Heather Thomas Van Deren       What Love Really Means

95    Adoration Quartet       Stepping Into The Light

96    Master’s Voice       He Saved Me Anyway

97    Beyond The Ashes       No Sin Greater Than God’s Grace

98    Wilburn and Wilburn       Help Me

99    Akins       Heaven Is A Lot Like This

100  KC and the Elk Valley Boys       The Dream